Jesus Loves Me – A Classic Children’s Hymn

Key of C

Anna Warner’s classic hymn Jesus Loves Me has become one of the world’s most widely heard children’s spiritual songs, reaching millions around the globe through its simple lyrics and timeless tune.

A song’s key is determined by a scale; chords comprised entirely of notes in that key are known as diatonic. This article will focus on C major, which contains no sharps or flats.

Verse 1

Jesus’ love for us is like an ocean: large enough for a child to play in it safely at its shore, yet vast enough for eternity of exploration and swimming in. Available worship resources for “Jesus Loves Me” include chord charts, lyrics videos and streaming. Anna Bartlett Warner (1859) wrote it first.

Reawaken Hymns provides lyrics which display best on screens measuring 768 pixels or larger, powered by Reawaken Hymns.

Verse 4

This beloved children’s song explores God’s expansive love, capable of holding all humanity. Children can explore it at their own level while swimming through its depths for all eternity. Worship resources for Jesus Loves Me include chord charts, lyrics videos and MP3 downloads.

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Verse 5

Cedarmont Kids offers this video as a means of teaching children that Jesus loves them and has their best interest at heart. It includes both chord chart and lyrics video versions with variations such as, “Red and Yellow, Black and White – They Are Precious In His Eyes,” with three additional stanzas added for greater learning potential.

This version is perfect for playing with a worship band.

Verse 6

This video is a medley of three popular Sunday School songs, with quality that may not be ideal, yet can still be quite useful in teaching sign language to children as well as conveying Jesus’ love to them. Furthermore, there are additional stanzas with different lyrics including: “Red and yellow are precious in His sight…”.

Discover this classic Christian hymn through guitar chords, sheet music, and an instructional lyric video.

Verse 7

This beloved Christian hymn speaks directly about Jesus’ vast love for us – an ocean of forgiveness, salvation, joy, and hope which we can wade into through time and eternity. Download free chord charts, piano/vocal sheets and orchestration for this timeless classic song suitable for youth worship services. Click for additional song resources.

Verse 8

Jesus is like an ocean — accessible enough for us to access at its shoreline but vast enough that it takes eternity to fully discover its depths. Keep our hearts full of cheer – He’ll soon take them home in glory.

Available worship resources for Jesus Loves Me include chord charts and video lyric videos.

Verse 9

No matter the size or scope of your church, this song provides an effective and efficient way to show children that Jesus loves them. This version includes three popular Sunday School songs.

Cedarmont Kids presents another video teaching sign language along with lyrics, similar to that shown above, yet featuring some changes; such as replacing “Red and yellow, black and white” with “Every child from every land”.

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