Large Banjo Curette For D&C

Under conditions where intrauterine pathology is likely (such as postpartum bleeding and incomplete late abortion), a D&C should be performed immediately. Injury to the lateral wall of the uterus can cause heavy or vigorous bleeding, so a large banjo curette should be used to avoid these injuries.

1. Durability

Medical Surgical’s Large Banjo Curette features a straight single end curette with an 8mm*15mm wide spoon shape blade designed for curettage, cyst removal and tooth socket debridement. Molt surgical curettes are constructed from stainless steel to meet stringent specifications for optimal surgical performance and longevity. When prolonged third stage labor occurs, active management such as oxytocin injection, massage and umbilical cord gentle traction may be tried in an effort to facilitate spontaneous placental separation [1, 2]. If that fails then manual extraction should be attempted using large blunt instruments such as banjo forceps or ring forceps under ultrasound guidance or curettage can be performed [1, 2, 4]. Alternatively uterine curettage may be performed instead [3, 4].

4. Safety

Molt medical curettes are tailored to precise specifications to deliver superior performance and ensure longevity for optimal curettage and cyst removal. With stainless steel construction, these instruments ensure smooth curettage of cysts.

D&C (dilation and curettage) procedures have many uses, such as extracting retained placental fragments/membranes or incomplete abortion, yet carry risks of complications like perforation, endometrial injury and myometrial and decidual damage. To reduce these risks, measures can include using a dull large “banjo” curettor with ultrasound guidance where available to ensure successful procedures.