Listen to Heavy Metal Music on SiriusXM

heavy metal music on siriusxm

Heavy metal fans can find many channels on siriusxm that cater specifically to heavy metal music, including Liquid Metal, Octane, Hair Nation and Ozzy’s Boneyard.

Jose Mangin, an avid Metalhead and fan of science/medicine alike, founded Headbang for Science as one of his many accomplishments. This scholarship award for Heavy Metal fans also benefits science/medicine scholarship awards – it represents one of his proudest moments!

Liquid Metal

If you enjoy heavy metal music, then Sirius XM channel Liquid Metal may be for you. Offering an eclectic blend of hard rock and metal tracks, this radio station has quickly become a hit among metalheads as it also features interviews with well-known bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, and Lamb of God among many more.

Sirius XM Radio is an American satellite radio company known for their wide selection of musical genres. Offering more than 150 channels in your car and over 155 for streaming on devices, this provider boasts over 150 music channels as well as sports, news, talk radio, entertainment and talk programs to choose from – making Sirius XM a top pick among truck drivers!

Sirius XM offers new subscribers a free trial period that gives them a taste of its services before committing. They can use this trial period to listen to any Sirius XM channel they desire – selecting from over 500 popular ones with no advertisements to interrupt their listening pleasure!

SiriusXM Hard Rock Channel Liquid Metal will feature songs that combine hip-hop and metal during Heavy Hip-Hop Week on SiriusXM hard-rock channel Liquid Metal. These could range from nu metal bands playing rap music or heavy collaborations between hip-hop artists and metal musicians; making this event an engaging way to experience both genres simultaneously! It’s sure to provide an unforgettable musical journey!

Rachel Steele’s estimated net worth is an estimated $230,000. She is an American radio and TV host whose shows can be found on numerous stations including SiriusXM, Fox News and MSNBC – she hosts “The Resistance” show weekly for MSNBC as well as regularly appearing as a guest on Fox’s The Five show. Steele graduated from University of Chicago.


Octane is one of five hard rock and metal channels offered on SiriusXM. A spinoff from SquiZZ that featured DJs Bohdi and Grant Random, it also airs Big ‘Uns, which provides a weekly countdown of 15 songs of popular hard rock tunes that makes Octane an excellent option for heavy metal enthusiasts.

Octane features active rock music from both emerging artists as well as established active rock acts, making it one of SiriusXM’s most-liked channels (over 200,000 likes on Facebook) with influences including classic, progressive, and alternative rock genres as well as modern alternative. You can find Octane on SiriusXM satellite radio channel 37 and DirecTV channel 6037 uncensored; thus containing explicit music/language.

Aspiring musicians may find submitting music to SiriusXM daunting. Knowing who the right people are is key in the submission process; having your tune featured could have significant ramifications on your career, and therefore deserves all your efforts and patience. Getting playlisted could have significant repercussions and so it is worth waiting!

SiriusXM provides more than music – they also have news and talk channels as well as sports programming that can serve as great sources of information and inspiration, though their ratings may shift over time so it’s wise to monitor them regularly.

As a starting point, select a genre you enjoy such as classic rock or hard rock and then discover which SiriusXM channels specialize in that genre, such as Octane or Hair Nation. Feel free to try various channels until one best meets your musical tastes and preferences.

Hair Nation

Hair Nation is a SiriusXM station dedicated to hair metal music. This playlist brings back memories and gets adrenaline pumping with tunes from some of rock’s biggest acts like Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Guns N’ Roses and Motley Crue. Tune in now!

If you love hair metal music, Eddie Trunk hosts an entertaining and informative show that should not be missed. As one of the iconic figures of hard rock and heavy metal industry, Eddie made history when he launched the very first metal radio show ever made available online in 1991 and also managed artists under management with parts of a record label under him. Eddie truly represents rock ‘n’ roll culture through his shows!

Hair Nation’s high energy show is perfect for outdoor festivals, private corporate events, bars or clubs – they can play up to three hours of high-energy music that will capture audiences and keep them dancing all night long!

The band boasts an engaging sound that’s both catchy and enjoyable, featuring their trademark style of 80s rock at every performance. Their performances span all 50 states from east coast to west coast; even appearing at House of Blues Las Vegas!

This year, they are planning on taking their show to a whole new level by undertaking a national tour! Make sure you follow them on social media to stay up-to-date on any latest updates – they’ll be visiting some of the top venues across America – don’t miss out!

Ozzy’s Boneyard

Ozzy’s Boneyard SiriusXM channel specializes in hard rock and heavy metal music, offering listeners a chance to keep up with Ozzy Osbourne and other classic metal bands as well as tune in for new hits and classic tracks from all decades ranging from 70s, 80s and 90s music to the latest news in heavy metal.

Ozzy Osbourne developed this SiriusXM satellite radio channel featuring hard rock and glam metal from the 1970s through 1990s spanning decades such as 1980s glam metal by Pantera, Metallica, Slayer Megadeth Hatebreed Machine Head as major influences.

Music can be an invaluable way to motivate and inspire individuals to work out, helping them lose weight and tone up. SiriusXM offers many music channels designed specifically to inspire workouts such as Octane, Alt Nation and others – everything from jazz instrumental songs to fast-paced metal tunes are guaranteed to meet every fitness goal!

SiriusXM is the only subscription-based satellite radio service to provide live sports play-by-play and talk/entertainment programming all in one convenient package. Choose from over 165 audio channels to enjoy your favorite shows and music at your leisure – even stream it on smartphones and tablets! Plus, with exclusive content like celebrity interviews available to subscribers. And you can subscribe online – once registered you’ll gain access to a user-friendly SiriusXM app for quick use and access!

Trunk Nation

Heavy metal fans can tune into Trunk Nation on SiriusXM to hear songs and talk shows by Eddie Trunk, an industry veteran with over 35 years of experience working in music management (launching first hard rock/metal radio show), managing artists, serving as Vice-President at Megaforce Records as well as authoring two books: Essential Hard Rock/Heavy Metal and Eddie Trunk’s Ultimate Metal Countdown).

This channel presents artists of various genres, such as Alice Cooper, Alanis Morissette, Brad Paisley, and 2 Chainz – making it one of the top SiriusXM radio stations. Additionally, there is news and talk programming as well as knowledgeable hosts who show passion for what they play as well as having an amusing sense of humor which interacts with listeners.

Trunk Nation stands out from other channels by covering every genre within metal music, drawing inspiration from blues, rock ‘n roll and psychedelic sounds alike. Additionally, this show provides tributes and interviews with numerous popular musicians; making it highly accessible among young listeners.

SiriusXM recently revamped their lineup of music channels. Many were moved into new categories while some have been discontinued entirely – such as Los Angeles-based KIIS-FM which will leave SiriusXM on June 1 but remains available via iHeartRadio. SiriusXM hopes the rebranding of these music channels will make them more accessible to listeners.