Love Story by Taylor Swift Guitar Chords

Love Story by Taylor Swift is an ideal song to learn on guitar or ukulele, starting out in D as its base key but easily transposed to suit any vocal range or pitch.

This song is easy to learn, so you can practice on your own! Below we have provided its chords and strumming pattern.


Brown Eyed Girl is one of the world’s most beloved love songs and can easily be played on an acoustic guitar. All it requires are four easy open chords – G, C, D and Em – strung down every beat for an easy strumming pattern with simple downstrums for every beat. For added flair use different chord voicings or arpeggiations techniques to create more complex music.

Roxette’s 1987 rock love song is an emotional love story with only three chords–A, D and E–to play easily with your fingertips in comfortable positions. If high notes become difficult for you to sing comfortably, use a capo to transpose the key and find one you feel most at ease singing in. Transposing is a fantastic technique for learning new songs!


Taylor Swift’s Love Story is an extremely popular romantic song that uses some interesting chord voicings, from arpeggiated ones to simple ones you can strum on an acoustic guitar without needing additional effects. Not only is this a fantastic song for working on strumming patterns and developing alternate chord progressions like add9 chords and minor 7ths but it can also introduce alternate harmonic progressions such as add9s and minor 7th chords for additional learning!

Although this song is slightly more dramatic and electric guitar-driven than her earlier material like Fearless, it still provides all the elements necessary for an excellent acoustic guitarist experience. Easy to pick up and strum along to, its simple chords should be familiar to beginners while its capo option makes finger picking easier – as well as transposability capabilities to allow movement between keys!


Love Story by Taylor Swift was released in 2008. The lyrics of this song explore finding someone special to love, falling in love, heartbreak and being alone; all relatable topics for young adults who may be just starting dating or going through a breakup; hence making this song such a hit among teens and young adults.

This song’s chord progression is straightforward and simple for guitarists of any experience level to play on guitar, featuring mostly open chords with only minor barre chords present. The tempo of this tune is 118 beats per minute, so using a capo on the 7th fret may help ensure singing along remains within your range while keeping chord progression within its boundaries.

If the high notes of this song are straining your voice, try transposing it to one that better matches your singing range with a capo. It can easily and quickly be accomplished this way!


Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” song is an ideal choice for beginners and intermediate guitarists looking to learn guitar. This track centers around finding someone special and becoming lost in the moment; its chord progression is simple enough for even beginner guitarists or ukulele players to master; we have also included a strumming pattern tutorial video to support you throughout this learning experience.

If you’re having difficulty singing the higher notes in this song without straining your voice, try transposing it to a lower key; this should make singing and playing simultaneously easier for you.

To assist in practicing this song, we suggest downloading the Guitar Tunio app – it offers an extensive chord library as well as an accurate guitar and ukulele tuner! Grab it now to begin and start making music! Happy playing!