Mastering a Song With Electric Guitar Intro

When you’re ready to advance your guitar playing abilities, it is essential that you master a song with an electric guitar intro. Doing this will enable you to hone fingerpicking and pam-muting techniques.

Right Through You by Morissette is an ideal song to start with as it offers simple chords and strumming patterns that even beginner guitarists can learn quickly.

Right Through You

This classic song has been covered by many artists, making it an ideal piece for beginning guitar players as its stomping, fun riff will make you feel like a rock star!

Scorpions’ Right Through You is an iconic rock riff with power chords. It’s ideal to play on an overdrive amplifier; you’re sure to have lots of fun playing this riff!

The riff is played on G and B strings, making it accessible even for beginners. However, if you want to hammer in the strings with greater force, you will need to learn the correct technique.

Another timeless classic from the 70s, this song is perfect for beginning guitar players who want to learn how to play an impressive riff. The main riff is played on two strings while the bridge riff utilizes both strings simultaneously.

In addition to its iconic riff, this song also has palm-muted verses for beginner electric guitarists to practice their skills. After you master the riff, you can progress onto the chorus and bridge sections for even greater challenge.

Finding the exact timing on this riff can be challenging, but it’s well worth the effort if you want to experience all of its full glory. Start by singing along to the recording and then practice until you can nail down the timing on your own.

This song’s riff is identical in both verse and chorus, though its changes occur twice as fast during the latter part. This is because vocals affect chord timing, so once you can ring out those notes at once while playing them along with each other, you’ll be ready to rock this tune!


Red Hot Chili Peppers’ seventh album, Californication, is one of their most enduring songs. This powerful piece delves into the darker side of entertainment while providing a poignant message for listeners.

John Frusciante, the band’s guitarist, created an unforgettable guitar intro to this hit single which remains a huge hit to this day.

Kiedis’ electric guitar played a steady rhythm while singing the lyrics: “psychic spies from China try to steal your mind’s elation”. He says these lyrics were inspired by a woman he saw on the street in New Zealand who was speaking about such individuals.

After the initial verse, the song enters a riff and maintains the same chord progression throughout. Following the second chorus, Frusciante performs a 16-measure solo before returning to the original A minor chord for one final verse.

Kiedis’ fourth verse delves into specific figures and phenomena in pop culture. He refers to the moon landings, conspiracy theories about their fakery, Kurt Cobain (of Nirvana) and David Bowie’s 1976 album Station To Station as examples.

He also brings up Alderaan, Princess Leia’s home planet from Star Wars. The song became an international hit and its album sold more than four million copies worldwide.

Kiedis’ statement in the fifth verse that he plans on destroying himself may seem strangely out-of-place, but it could be indicative of his struggles with substance abuse and how the music industry had attempted to mold him into someone other than who he truly is.

Lonely Day

Metallica’s trademark intro, this riff-heavy number is one of their most beloved live performances and an invaluable learning tool for guitarists just starting out on their instrument.

Furthermore, the song’s solo is widely considered one of the greatest guitar solos ever composed – making it easy to learn and master.

Playing and learning the rhythm part of this song is incredibly straightforward – making it an ideal piece for beginners to pick up an electric guitar and learn their first song.

Playing this song with friends or family can be a lot of fun! Additionally, it helps develop fingerpicking skills – the foundations of playing any musical instrument.

This song is the ideal illustration of how an electric guitar can add a beautiful tone to your music. It also demonstrates how easy it is to craft unique riffs and solos that will captivate you with their simplicity.

Acoustic guitars can also be used to replicate the electric guitar’s sound. However, it may take some practice to achieve a good result.

If you are just starting out playing guitar, why not learn the iconic rock band Lonely Day’s electric guitar version? It has a simple riff that even an absolute beginner can master within minutes.

You can also use a whammy pedal to reproduce the sound of an electric guitar. While you may be able to master some riffs with an acoustic guitar, beginners would likely benefit most from learning on an electric instrument.

This Means War

One of the greatest metal songs ever, This Means War begins with an unforgettable guitar riff that everyone knows and loves. Not only is it one of the most iconic metal melodies ever, but it’s incredibly easy to play too!

It’s an ideal song for beginners to learn on electric guitar, as it is straightforward and doesn’t require too many complicated licks. Therefore, those just beginning their journey should find this song a great starting point in their guitar journey.

This song has an uptempo chorus, captivating vocals and an excellent guitar line that make it one of the greatest rock hits around. It’s ideal for anyone wanting to learn the fundamentals of electric guitar without feeling intimidated to go solo.

Playing this song is easiest if you focus on the riff. Written in a harmonic minor scale, it isn’t as challenging for beginners to master as other riffs are. Furthermore, this one uses an arpeggio instead of full strum which makes it even easier to feel the beat even more closely.

This heavy metal song boasts an epic riff that’s easy to learn on the electric guitar. You can use strums to craft your own unique melody line, but if you want to sound as great as the original, focus on its rhythmic elements too.

This Means War is a romantic comedy-spy thriller with plenty of sexual innuendo, passionate kissing, and action violence (including shooting and some deaths). Parents should watch this movie with their teens to discuss how love triangles work and any messages the film may send.

The Great Escape

This song with electric guitar intro is ideal for beginners, as it contains basic chords you can play along with a basic strumming pattern. Plus, you’ll be able to practice single notes in an off-beat rhythm using this song – great practice material to help develop your chops and enhance guitar playing skills!

The guitar melody is easy to learn and you can even fingerpick it if desired. This song will serve as an excellent starting point when learning the fundamentals of playing guitar, presenting you with plenty of other tunes as your comfort level grows.

Another great thing about this song is its relatively short length, so you can concentrate on just the chords and strumming pattern to hone your guitar playing skills. There’s even a simple intro arpeggio you can use to begin your guitar playing which will come in handy when moving onto more complex songs later on.

This song is an excellent example of minimalism being used to convey emotion. It features a minimalist piano and vocal recording, providing the song with an unique sound from other more complex songs. Furthermore, the piano playing blends perfectly with the melody. This makes this an ideal song to listen to when feeling down or need some uplifted music in your life; its lyrics speak to how chaotic life can be and we should take some time away from it all to clear our heads and relax.