Movies With Heavy Metal Music

movies with heavy metal music

Directors have long found metal’s debauched energy and scary theatrics perfect for cinematic adaptation, from B-horror flicks like Black Roses to iconic mockumentaries such as This Is Spinal Tap; movies featuring heavy metal music have long become part of movie legend.

Metal’s versatility makes it the ideal genre for films of any kind – be they comedies, horror or dramas. Metal movies cover it all.

Black Roses

Hard Rock Zombies and John Fasano’s own feature debut Rock’n’Roll Nightmare (1987), Black Roses deftly explores the Satanic associations and occult imagery inherent in heavy metal music, as well as how a backlash against it could create moral panic and ultimately censorship.

Since their discovery, black roses have long been associated with mysticism and supernatural forces. Additionally, these flowers often symbolized death, disgrace and tragic romance in various cultures and traditions – yet can also represent elegance and sophistication when appropriate; their dual symbolism adds depth and dimension to their lasting allure and cultural significance.

In Red Bud, a local high school band decides to stage a concert. Residents, particularly adults, are skeptical, while youngsters seem unconcerned and entranced by their performance of extravagant music, visuals and devilish persona. Soon thereafter, local teens start behaving strangely, leading their parents to become concerned.

Black Roses’ music may be credited to an imaginary band, but the actors and producers conducted extensive research into the actual bands they were portraying. Former King Kobra frontman Sal Vivano plays Damian in this movie while Mark Free (original bassist for Black Roses) makes appearances throughout.

Black Roses may be classified as horror film, but its focus on issues of censorship and moral panic gives the story an intriguing edge. Furthermore, it raises important questions regarding popular culture’s effect on young people as well as media’s ability to shape behavior and beliefs.

Robert Johnson is legendary among Delta blues guitarists for allegedly striking a deal with Old Scratch to tune his guitar in exchange for his soul, giving Johnson extraordinary musical talent in return. Black Roses takes this legend as its basis and uses it as its plot device.

Days Of The Bagnold Summer

After his summer holiday plans fall through, an arrogant metalhead kid with an affinity for Metallica finds himself forced to stay home with his librarian mother in this subtly humorous coming-of-age comedy by writer/director Simon Bird. Debuting at Locarno Film Festival last year, Days Of The Bagnold Summer is now making its way across UK cinemas with Altitude Films distributing it.

BAFTA-winning actress Monica Dolan and Glasgow rock band Belle & Sebastian star in this eccentric tale about the troubled relationship between an eager teenage metalhead and his strict single mum Sue, an overbearing librarian. Daniel desperately wishes he could escape home but finds himself stuck with Sue despite all her suggestions of shoe shopping trips and trips to diners – eventually her patience wears thin when trying to help him come out of his shell.

Come-of-Age movies typically depict teenage protagonists eagerly looking forward to breaking free and beginning their lives, frolicking with friends, exploring new horizons and intensifying romantic pursuits. However, in Daniel (Earl Cave – son of Nick Cave), plans for him to spend this summer with his dad in Florida were scrapped, forcing him to spend six weeks instead with his annoying librarian mother instead.

Days Of The Bagnold Summer defies its grim premise with an entertaining and heartwarming script that belies its British-Canadian origins, featuring some impressive supporting performances by Rob Brydon, Tamsin Greig and Alice Lowe among many others.

Fans of the Inbetweeners series will recognize many similarities to its characters and themes in this movie, particularly Daniel’s relationship with his mother – though unlike Rudge Park Comprehensive boys Daniel won’t unleash an over the top tirade like in Rudge Park Comprehensive; rather his mother is shown as an understanding but frustrated parent trying to maximize time together with Daniel. It’s an insightful, cleverly-scripted flick about how teens and their mothers can fight without completely losing each other in sight.

Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Bill and Ted, two high school friends with dreams of creating a rock band, fail history class and are facing military school in Alaska unless something extraordinary occurs. But Bill and Ted receive help from Rufus (George Carlin of Future Days fame), sent from beyond to help pass their presentation. Rufus gives them an impossible mission requiring that they write a song that unifies all humans with one purpose – something Bill and Ted achieve but with hilarious results!

As the film continues, the guys enlist historical figures to aid them in their effort. When they arrive at a mall, Joan of Arc seizes an aerobics class; Ghengis Khan runs amok in a sporting goods store; Billy the Kid turns out to be an unattractive flirt; while Sigmund Freud becomes evident as an offensive perv.

Rufus’ time machine (a telephone booth that turns into a spaceship) enables them to travel back through time. They begin in 1960s London where Jimi Hendrix can be found, before moving on to 18th century Salzburg for Mozart, and finally modern day San Dimas where they enlist Ling Lun.

One of the great strengths of this movie is that it never takes itself seriously, with an irreverent tone and characters who seem completely harmless toward one another. Furthermore, its music provides plenty of entertainment, featuring rock anthems and metal ballads from the 1980s.

Though arguably not a classic, the film holds its place among cult films. Reeves and Winter give exceptional performances, as does an outstanding supporting cast.

Mondo Records and Rusted Wave Records are teaming up to release this film’s soundtrack on vinyl. This LP comes complete with a holographic jacket printed on 18-point silver board, an inner Circuits of Time directory sleeve, and artwork by Matty Ryan Tobin – featuring music by Extreme Bricklin Tora Tora Power Tool tracks, among many more!

Lords Of Chaos

Lords Of Chaos is an essential viewing for heavy metal fans. Based on a book, this biographical tale follows Norwegian black metal pioneers Mayhem from their founding to their disbandment; with emphasis placed on Oystein Aarseth (Rory Culkin) and Varg Vikernes (Emory Cohen) at its core; their power struggle becomes the focus of attention as we witness how Satanic panic became accepted within extreme metal bands. It’s an engaging yet dark journey that captures this period perfectly.

The movie Mayhem is an intense drama that showcases the macabre competition between its members, depicted through one-upmanship competitions between them. However, the story aims to humanize its protagonists, showing their weaknesses and flaws; and also delves into what motivates people to push limits beyond commonly accepted norms; something important considering many of its main characters are unbalanced psychopaths who spiral out of control quickly.

Though its story is engaging, the movie fails to fulfill its promise of de-mythologizing black metal movement. Unfortunately, much of its focus remains rooted in metal’s inherent drama; much like any shock-value film it is more concerned with shocking its audience than with telling an engaging narrative. Still a fun experience though and worth checking out!

Jonas Akerlund, who was part of Bathory from 1983 – 1984, makes for an effective director in this type of movie. He shows his abilities by creating an engaging narrative that works alongside its music; however, some aspects of its visual aspect fall short and sometimes predictable characters’ actions might let it down.

Lords Of Chaos is an absolute must for fans of extreme metal music and even those who may not normally gravitate toward extreme metal should find some entertainment from it. While the plot may not always work perfectly, Lords Of Chaos offers an enjoyable two-hour viewing experience both theatrically and online and was even featured at Sundance Festival this year.