Music and Memes That Make a Sad Meme

Memes often use music to convey humorous or satirical sentiments, yet sometimes the internet can also bring out our deepest sorrows.

People often turn to music sad meme for comfort during difficult times. Songs with sad lyrics can easily touch our emotions and cause tears to flow, bringing peace.

1. Coldplay – “Fix You”

Coldplay fans likely recognize their classic track, “Fix You.” This emotive tune has become an anthem for people facing difficulty and may have served as inspiration during times of emotional strife or heartbreak for loved ones; others see it as a reminder to always fight for what you believe in and never give up fighting!

Chris Martin wrote “Far Away From Here” originally as a comfort to Gwyneth Paltrow after her father, Bruce Paltrow had passed away. The lyrics reflect on Chris Martin’s own experience and struggle to come through difficult periods; the music features organ chords as its core component and draws influence from R.E.M’s song, “Everyone Hurts”.

Martin performed the song live as the musical guest for actor Pedro Pascal on Saturday Night Live as the musical guest for that episode, captivating audiences with her incredible performance and touching their hearts deeply. Shortly afterwards, her band released an acoustic version of it on YouTube; since then it has been watched over 10 Million times! Clearly a viral hit!

Recently, K-pop group BTS performed an extraordinary cover of “Love Yourself” by Adele on MTV Unplugged and it has gone viral around the globe. Underneath a 25-meter-long blue whale skeleton they performed it to raise money for environmental charity Client Earth while singing several of their classic hits including “Lovers In Japan” and Viva La Vida as part of this breathtaking performance that left audiences spellbound and brought many to tears. It truly was breathtaking to witness.

2. Simple Plan – “Bring Me To Life”

Simple Plan has long been one of the premier Canadian bands, renowned for its powerful songs that reach people emotionally. “Bring Me To Life” stands out as an iconic example, featuring somber piano music and heartbreaking vocals that hit like an anvil to many listeners – it has even inspired memes across social media!

This song first made its debut on Fallen, released in 2003, and since has gone on to top several charts worldwide and sell over 17 million copies worldwide – making this record timeless classic that remains relevant.

The music video for “Hurricane” by Simple Plan depicts its members inside an apartment building where Amy is sleeping peacefully while Paul McCoy performs on another floor of the building. Paul notices her sleepwalking, reaching through a window to wake her up before Amy falls to her death from atop of the building, breaking apart and breaking apart into body parts before eventually falling to her death from being hit by falling debris from above.

This timeless tune has been used in movies, commercials, memes and more since it has such an emotive tone. No wonder its lyrics tell a compelling tale that clearly communicate what feeling this song evokes; no wonder that its presence has inspired so many sad memes over time; its emotive power will only keep this classic track a favorite for content creators on TikTok for many more years!

3. Jason Derulo – “Watcha Say”

Jason Derulo’s “Watcha Say” remains an iconic hit from the 2000s, and has remained a favorite among listeners since its release. Although not originally popular among meme enthusiasts, this heart-wrenching song can elicit feelings that can be used to pair with memes that tell a narrative. With dynamic range and passion that will never go out of fashion, “Watcha Say” remains a timeless classic for both fans and meme enthusiasts.

As the lead single from his debut album, this track became an instant classic for Florida native Danger. Not only did it hit No. 1 of Billboard Hot 100 chart for one week; but also managed to climb UK charts to No. 3. Not only was the song popular as an independent record, but its lyrics provided opportunities to use in commercials and movies as well as being coupled with memes due to being relatable experiences shared by so many.

Derulo’s producer, J.R Rotem, used Imogen Heap’s song “Hide and Seek” for its chorus in Derulo’s track. She did not receive credit, however she stated that J.R Rotem legally acquired a license to use her sample and that she was satisfied with its terms of compensation.

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4. Enya – “Only Time”

Enya is an Irish singer-songwriter best known for her multitracked vocals, keyboards and multiple instruments (piano, guitar, percussion instruments, violin flute and cello). Her music draws influence from various genres including Celtic music, classical church hymns, world folk jazz as well as cinematic films. Additionally, Enya has become an accomplished film composer.

Her 2000 single, “Only Time,” was an international and domestic smash. As a way of paying respect to 9/11 terrorist attacks, earnings from this single were donated to the Uniform Firefighters Association’s Widows and Children Fund.

The song’s soothing melody and lyrics are often seen as acknowledging the uncertainty of life, especially regarding love and death. According to its singer, only time will reveal its answers for these pressing matters.

Her smooth yet subdued voice has earned her numerous honors throughout her career – she has won seven Grammys, four Ivor Novello awards and multiple World Music Awards.

Music videos directed by Laura Marling depicting the seasons changing and reflecting upon time have been released as part of her album A Day Without Rain’s Deluxe version. Also included is a documentary detailing its creation.

Enya’s music has become an irreverent staple in viral videos depicting dramatic or inappropriate scenes, particularly parody clips depicting soap opera-esque drama. Her gentle voice has become part of pop culture through such instances such as Knocked Up’s soap opera-esque scenes; Deadpool 2’s teabagging scene; or generic bubble bath music from Friends; cementing her place as one of our beloved singers even after an extended hiatus from music performance.

5. Celine Dion – “All By Myself”

Celine Dion cannot be left off any list of sad songs without including one of her power ballads as an inclusion. These tunes often play on pre/mid-pubescent tear sniffers’ stereos while Ket sniffing mopey Englitters moan about being mopey; their sadness serves as the perfect soundtrack for drinking Chardonnay and Haagen Daz (or, more accurately in Cambridge 4am depressing Red Bull essay bop) at parties or while driving home alone at night.

This particular song from her 11th English studio album stands in stark contrast to her 1990s R&B work, sounding much more modern and showing off her versatility as a singer by creating something both contemporary and sentimental at once. Plus, its catchiness will surely put a smile on anyone’s face!