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Music can evoke many different feelings. Sadness and joy are common responses elicited by musical compositions from across cultures.

Research has demonstrated that listening to sad music increases self-referential thoughts, leading to activation in certain DMN regions such as vmPFC and dmPFC regions of the brain. Furthermore, these studies reveal an increase in centrality for these two regions during sad music; suggesting DMN activity during sad music may reflect thoughts related to personal goals and ambitions.

Love & Romance

Music can be an incredibly effective tool to evoke feelings. It can elicit sadness or happiness, or even make us fall in love. Many people keep an attractive DP on their profile to express how they’re feeling to their crush, and this may help. If you are feeling sad, try listening to some soothing and peaceful music: this may help ease your sorrow while inspiring you to keep moving forward in life.

Emotions play an integral part of everyday life, from working to relaxing. A great way to calm yourself when feeling stressed is listening to some relaxing instrumental music online – piano music, soft background music, guitar music and more can be found easily – plus all tracks are royalty free and can be used in videos or DPS clips!

Nostalgic music creates a nostalgic and sentimental mood in any scene that requires it, like older videos or love stories. These tracks usually play slowly and smoothly for maximum soothing. They can be used in wedding videos, romantic films and photo album slideshows for example.


An instrumental birthday song or melody can help make any birthday more memorable and special. There are numerous types of musical birthday themes to choose from, including rock, jazz and classical pieces as well as funny or rap beats. For something more serene and peaceful try smooth jazz music – it is soothing yet relaxing; perfect for background video clips and advertisements!

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Sad music dp is an easy and beautiful way to show someone you care. There are countless songs out there designed to make us tear up, or that can help us through tough times; plus there’s also plenty of soft, relaxing tunes sung in minor keys which is beneficial to mental wellbeing.

Keep in mind that you should never listen to sad music just because it makes you happy; be wary of feeding into any feelings of despair by dwelling on negative aspects of life; for instance if you’re feeling dejected after breaking up with someone special, try listening to songs about breakups rather than fuelling regretful feelings by listening to such tunes.

Experiment 1A used a similar design; participants were presented with six sad and six happy instrumental excerpts from film soundtracks and classical music that could elicit both emotions. All stimuli were matched according to their tempo (measured in beats per minute; these numbers could either match exactly or very closely; there was only ever an difference of up to 4 BPM between any sad-happy pair).

Our results of the present study demonstrated that tempo had a significant main effect on both mind-wandering and meta-awareness, similar to previous research34,35. Furthermore, our data demonstrated that sad music elicited stronger responses than happy music for certain regions in the brain – the vmPFC more so for processing self-referential information while the dmN’s midline core activated more strongly during responses due to its nostalgic properties; finally our word cloud analysis shows thought content to often feature images while more often words were present during happy music listening experiences34,35.


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Romantic music is an art form created by composers to convey emotions of love and romantic desire to an audience, or create an upbeat mood that upholds positive energy. There are various types of romantic music such as acoustic guitar, harp, piano and orchestra that use this genre – commonly seen at weddings and other romantic gatherings where slow, soft music helps couples bond together more strongly than usual.

In this study, we investigated the effects of tempo on mind-wandering and meta-awareness while listening to both happy and sad music. Results demonstrated that slower tempos led to greater amounts of mind-wandering than faster ones; suggesting the DMN plays an essential role in processing emotionally affective music. It was further discovered that sad music evoked mostly past-focused thoughts while happy music caused future-related ones – similar to previous studies which demonstrated the involvement of both vmPFC and dmN in responding in such instances34,37

At both experiment conditions, the most frequently thought content related to emotions and natural elements. This observation aligns with previous evidence suggesting the DMN can play a role in self-referential processing as well as previous observations that visual mental imagery was the predominant modality during restful states40. Furthermore, analysis of participant thought-reports revealed that thoughts occurring during sad music elicited both negative and positive emotion words indicating it can induce varied feelings in listeners.