Music Sad Remixes

Music can be an extremely powerful means of conveying emotion. One way composers do this is through using different tempos and keys in creating mood.

Prince’s original rendition of this tearjerker was meant as an impassioned break-up song, but late Sinead O’Connor transformed it into an emotive tale of heartache with her rendition. Lilting piano keys and strings give this classic tune an air of disillusionment; their haunting melody brings back fond memories.

The Waiter

No one who has experienced loss can understand the heartbreak and emotional burden it can be to witness loved ones passing. And the accompanying music video from We The Kings captures this topic perfectly, and will no doubt make you cry.

Steve Krikris’ darkly comedic debut as writer/director is an ingeniously deadpan neo-noir that blends Greek weird wave with The Postman Always Rings Twice in this cinematic debut. Filled with sparse dialogue and offbeat humor, the minimalist story follows an Athens server caught up in an explosive love triangle that threatens his existence – perfectly directed with help from Giorgos Karvelas’ cinematography creating an unnerving experience that provides viewers with yet another tale familiar tale drily familiar.

All Too Well

Taylor Swift’s 2012 hit All Too Well has become one of her signature songs, beloved across pop music circles and beyond. To expand upon its story even further, as part of Red’s rereleased version in 2021 Swift debuted a 10-minute version that further develops its narrative arc.

The extended lyrics provide more insight into Taylor and Jake Gyllenhaal’s relationship. Although Swift tends to remain discreet about her affairs, this song provides some details regarding their short fling together; many fans have speculated about various details including him missing her 21st birthday party and mismatched levels of affection between them.

The song also makes reference to Maple Lattes coffee shop in Brooklyn where Swift would go when dating Gyllenhaal; this connection has led to speculation that the song might be about him; indeed, its Deluxe Edition features an additional verse which seems to confirm this theory.

All I Want

All I Want, with its 23-second sample of computerized programming, instruments and background vocals is an example of a song with an underlying melancholy vibe. Additionally, it showcases how metalcore bands can transition into pop punk music as their vocalists moved away from harsh growling vocals and breakdowns to produce something with more cheerful melodies like All I Want.

Originaly written for Olivia Rodrigo’s character Nini Salazar-Roberts from High School Musical’s episode Blocking, this song became her breakout hit. A music video was also produced for it which showed Rodrigo playing piano wearing a pink tulle dress while mountains can be seen behind her and it also included cameo appearances by Tom Denney (former guitarist of A Day to Remember), Pete Wentz, Winston McCall of Parkway Drive, Sam Carter from Architects and Dallas Taylor from Maylene and Sons of Disaster. Lyric video and an American Sign Language version were also made available.

This song depicts the pain associated with being left alone after an unexpected breakup and was commercially successful for the band, even being featured on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy in 2022!

Inside Llewyn Davis

The Coen Brothers have made a career out of telling tales of failure, but with Inside Llewyn Davis they take an unconventional look at an artist – Oscar Isaac stars in his breakthrough performance as Llewyn Davis attempts to make it in Greenwich Village in 1961 despite living off hospitality from friends despite poverty and his constant struggle against failure is an allegory for life itself.

This film is an examination of humanism, with themes of loss and rejection still relevant today. It offers a compelling depiction of creative people who find themselves left on the sidelines due to lack of funds and opportunity.

Blu-ray release of “Hemingway and Buttons” features an exquisite transfer that fully captures its somber visual style and outstanding soundtrack by T-Bone Burnett – his arrangement of folk covers and traditional songs lend a melancholic atmosphere that complements this film perfectly, making this essential viewing for fans of Coen Brothers films.

We The Kings

Travis Clark, Hunter Thomsen, Danny Duncan, Charles Trippy and Coley O’Toole from Florida-based band The Story of Tonight have returned nearly 10 years since their anthemic pop-punk debut with their sixth album SIX. Appropriately named this record honors fans for sticking by them through thick and thin; its cover even includes photos from those who contributed to its PledgeMusic campaign! In addition, SIX features a cover version of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “The Story of Tonight”, written by band frontman cowriter Coley O’Toole himself! Currently touring across Florida-follow them on Facebook here or see their full schedule here

Billie Joe Armstrong

Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day has an uncanny talent for channeling the raw emotions and anguish of youth into his music. After losing his father at only 10, Armstrong turned to music as a form of release from daily life and solace; eventually moving to New York City and living among crusty punks who lived in warehouses like Basket Case and American Idiot were among his experiences which helped create lyrics such as those found on these tracks.

Armstrong has also extended his talents beyond Green Day, such as Jesse Malin and 5 Seconds Of Summer. Most recently he worked on Lucinda Williams, Alejandro Escovedo and Holly Ramos’ album Sunset Kids.

The result is a record that features many tracks with a strong folk influence, as well as some that arguably push beyond punk rock’s typical boundaries. Some noteworthy tracks to listen out for include Coma City (celestial widescreen soundscapes) Corvette Summer (1980s style hesher-rocker) and Fancy Sauce for chest-beating fun.


Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere marks a season that occurs between summer and winter, marking both plenty and decay as things start to ripen and die off. Ancient peoples believed offering sacrifices would ensure an abundance of harvest that would sustain them through harsh winter months – this sad song makes a good accompaniment on cloudy days when leaves begin falling from trees.

Warm in hue with subtle yellow undertones, people with this hue often have medium contrast levels between skin tone, hair and eye colors – known as True Autumns – making their features blend in harmoniously.