Play Piano in a Flash Review

To play piano successfully, it’s necessary to master the fundamentals. That means learning chords and melodies as a starting point.

As opposed to traditional piano lessons, chord piano method focuses on learning your favorite tunes first – perfect for anyone looking to gain piano proficiency without taking weekly piano classes!

How it works

Piano in a Flash is a course created specifically to be quick and effective, designed to teach you your favorite songs quickly without needing to master scales first. It is an ideal solution if you don’t want to commit to taking lengthy piano lessons due to time or schedule issues, or simply don’t have enough practice already.

Scott Houston created this course. You may recognize him from US television programs or websites; he’s known for his unique approach to teaching music as the Piano Guy – having taught thousands of students who became pianists themselves!

For absolute beginners, Course 1 covers the essential fundamentals of chords and lead sheets so that you can begin playing your favorite songs quickly. If you already know some chording techniques or chord arrangement methods, Course 2 contains more advanced methods of chording techniques as well as new arrangements to consider.

Piano is one of the easiest instruments to learn how to play, thanks to its standard layout on every keyboard – full-sized pianos or electronic. Once you master basic fundamentals like Middle C (in the center of your keyboard) you can begin building simple chords.

There are also plenty of popular songs you can practice to help make learning an instrument enjoyable, and can prevent boredom or frustration during this process. This makes the experience much more worthwhile and prevents frustration during its learning phase.

Musiah, another similar program to Piano in a Flash, can assist with improving timing when practicing piano by recognizing when you play notes that are too low or high in pitch – this makes Musiah especially helpful for people seeking to read music and eventually perform at professional levels.

What you’ll learn

Are You an Adult Who Dreams of Playing the Piano But Never Thought it Was Possible? This course could be just what’s necessary. Designed to teach beginners how to play their favorite tunes without needing to know sheet music, this method uses a simplified reading music approach which makes learning easy for beginners and comes complete with practice tunes to assist with each new concept introduced in class.

The first course begins with a basic version of Jingle Bells and quickly progresses towards teaching you both hands at once to play both melodies simultaneously. When this has been accomplished, more complex melodies will be introduced – as you move through these courses, you will gain knowledge in playing many popular songs across genres as well as how chords work within music and how you can create your own chord progressions.

By the end of this course, you will be playing your favorite piano tunes and well on your way to becoming a proficient pianist. What’s best about it is that no years or money will have to be wasted taking regular lessons or buying expensive music books – you just get results quickly and effortlessly.

This course is an excellent option for children learning the piano. Scott Houston’s unique teaching method makes learning simpler for young learners, focusing on popular rather than classical music to foster and nourish children’s love for music from an early age.

Start out right with just an electronic keyboard or piano and a willingness to learn. The book provides step-by-step guidance that takes you through the fundamentals of reading music with fun and interactive methods, including how the piano works and its individual parts.

This book comes as both an eBook and audio CD, so it is easy to bring along with you wherever you go or listen while driving. Furthermore, you can use it to teach your children piano so they can have an engaging new hobby while having a blast!

The cost

Learning piano can be costly, but Play Piano in a Flash provides excellent value for money. Their pricing compares favorably with traditional lessons costing up to $30 per lesson plus material costs – offering insane value! All courses require single payments – no subscriptions necessary or offers of monthly installments are needed; plus they include an introduction course, webinar and 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on all their offerings!

Scott Houston has extensive experience in the music industry from playing professionally, teaching and managing a publishing company. As an educator specializing in teaching popular music instead of classical concert pianist, his method emphasizes learning chords rather than reading complex sheet music.

This book makes a wonderful present for children looking to learn piano but who may have been deterred by traditional lessons. It will rekindle their passion for music while helping them to realize their goals without spending an arm and a leg!


Play Piano in a Flash is an excellent solution for anyone seeking to quickly learn to play the piano and advance their playing ability. It is particularly suitable for people who cannot commit to regular piano lessons due to distance or time restrictions; or as an add-on supplementing traditional lessons by providing extra practice opportunities and assistance with more difficult sections of music.

Scott’s teaching methods are certainly enjoyable and engaging; however, they may not appeal to younger pianists due to the videos featuring extensive talking and traditional songs that may not resonate as strongly with young learners. Although slightly more expensive than traditional lessons, their prices remain fair when compared with other online music instruction programs.

Other options like Piano Marvel and Musiah cost more but are less user-friendly; Piano Marvel allows for errors in timing that may prove confusing while Musiah encourages accuracy to ensure music pieces are played to an exceptional standard – though this challenge can prove rewarding over time.