Play Piano With Me Barney

Barney and his friends gain an education about pianos while Mr. Boyd and Bingo work on a player piano together – this episode can be found as a bonus feature on Barney Songs DVD release.

Stella travels the globe, sharing stories with her friends. Stella was officially known as Miss Etta Kette, appearing in two episodes.

Barney’s Birthday

Barney & Friends host an unforgettable birthday bash for him, using classroom materials and lots of imagination. Along the way they learn about different birthday customs from around the world; plus one little girl discovers that gifts don’t play an integral part in celebrating her special day!

Everyday is exciting with Barney, but today marks an extra special event – it’s his birthday! His friends plan an extra-special celebration featuring games, decorations and of course cake to mark this momentous event. However, after Kathy gives up her beloved teddy bear as an offer of appreciation she realizes that presents don’t count for much at all!

This episode brings together all of the children’s cast from season 1 (minus Tosha who joined after filming had taken place). Furthermore, this marks the first time Baby Bop appears as herself rather than changing into a doll as was done in Waiting For Santa and Barney Goes to School.

The VHS release of this episode stands out amongst others by offering an alternative closing credits sequence than what can be found on both theatrical and DVD releases. Instead of including Min’s Filipino explanation for what “Feliz Cumpleanos” means and Tina’s interpretation thereof, this version skips directly to the cake scene and starts directly.

This episode also marked the first appearance of a full-size Barney & Friends logo, which would become standard practice moving forward in all episodes. Furthermore, this episode marked the last one using the 1991-1993 Connecticut Public Television logo before it was changed in 1995; thus making this episode’s VHS release known as Barney’s Birthday when released September 2, 1992.

Barney’s Talent Show

Barney hosts a talent show featuring hula dancing, mimes and magic tricks; preschoolers overcome stage fright to perform for Barney. This home video marks the first time neither BJ nor Baby Bop appear as main characters; additionally Stephen becomes a main player, and Ashley and Alissa make appearances only once during its duration.

This episode revolves around family and marriage. Robin faces deportation unless she finds work in her field, so she takes up work as a news anchor at a 4 AM news station as roommates with Ted, initially fighting over their living habits until they decide to separate and sleep separately; Barney attempts to bring them closer by encouraging more interaction; eventually they decide to remain together, with Robin discovering her true feelings towards Barney and vice versa.

Lily and Marshall are uncertain about having children, so after seeing four of their doppelgangers (Lesbian Robin, Moustache Marshall, Stripper Lily and Mexican Wrestler Ted), they leave it up to fate’s wisdom – eventually discovering that Lily is pregnant!

Barney attempts to help Robin find true happiness by introducing them to Nora, one of Robin’s coworkers who turns out to be lesbian. Even so, her friends try their best to make Nora happy by setting up dates with her and giving expensive presents.

Barney announces his intent to settle down and marry. The gang expresses their approval but are initially wary about his plan to retire as an entertainer in favor of becoming a rock star; eventually they agree to help support this goal by raising funds for a new song that Barney plans on writing himself.

This episode marked the final chapter of Season 4, debuting on March 26, 1996 and being the only episode with its own original ending. Bob Lavallee served as production designer, helping extend back part of treehouse steps for better camera shots as well as drawing plans and designing backdrop, fence, and small tree positioned to disguise seams in back corner.

Barney’s Big Surprise

Barney’s Big Surprise first premiered as a touring stage show in 1996 and was notable as it marked the first time children who would not appear on Barney television wouldn’t appear. Additionally, this marked Clarence the Goose, Count von Bingen and Professor’s final appearances before they passed on from this world in 1997 and 1998 (re-released respectively). VHS release of Barney’s Big Surprise took place both times; VHS releases were initially made available for sale then and later reissued again in 2000.

Beginning the show is Barney plush doll seated on a stool as smoke fills the stage, as an announcer informs guests that this stage show is meant to celebrate everyone’s imagination. After clearing away, colorful displays appear on screen while “Barney Theme Song” plays and Barney comes onto stage singing and skipping greeting audience members while singing his theme song before noticing so many smiling faces in attendance that he cannot see them all and therefore singing “If You’re Happy and You Know It”.

After Barney greets the crowd, Professor Tinkerputt calls and requests he visit Baby Bop and BJ at the theatre for Professor Tinkerputt’s birthday party. Barney asks them if they want to come, which makes the kids excited; when they board The Barney Mobile they sing their signature driving medley as they travel towards their venue; once there they decorate their treehouse for this celebration with decorations before performing a dance routine with dinosaurs while cheers of appreciation come pouring from audience members.

Once the children are finished, Barney leads them in singing the “Barney Theme Song,” as their costumes change to those from season three of their show. Barney then takes them back into the auditorium where they meet other guests.

Barney, Baby Bop and BJ’s son BJ enchant everyone at the show with songs and dancing performed by him and their child friends. But the real surprise comes when Professor shows BJ his big birthday present: an enormous cake that grows ever-larger as everyone helps BJ blow out his candles, quite an achievement given its size!

Barney’s Park

Mary Studer Schwartz raised funds for Barney’s Park, a popular outdoor destination in Paso Robles, California that brings children of all ages together for playtime. With attractions like an interactive children’s museum, corn maze, petting zoo and pumpkin cannon available, it serves as the perfect setting for birthday celebrations and city events such as holiday parades.

The park takes its name from its main character: a two hundred million-year-old purple Tyrannosaurus Rex that came alive thanks to children’s imaginations. It offers children an enjoyable place to play and promotes physical exercise for healthy lifestyles. Situated at Union Road and Highway 46 East near Unionville, Pennsylvania; this free park has become immensely popular since opening in 2002.

Barney’s Park is Paso Robles’ top attraction, earning more than $200,000 annually from admissions and other activities. It receives support from both local businesses and individuals – such as Rotary Club of Paso Robles which funds educational and community projects – while being managed by Paso Robles Recreation Department and open daily from dawn until dusk for public enjoyment.

A Day in the Park with Barney is a charming stage show designed to introduce young children to their beloved purple dinosaur, Barney. One of its first-of-its-kind productions, it featured several timeless kid songs and proved immensely popular among audiences of all ages; touring performances were conducted throughout Boston, Philadelphia and other major cities.

Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone in Universal Studios Florida hosted it until it was moved to DreamWorks Destinations on January 15, 2023. Initially, this show was sold as souvenir book in Barney Shop; later that same year it was rechristened A Holiday in the Park with Barney featuring an appearance by costumed Frosty the Snowman.