Pop Smoke Top 20 Songs of 2019

pop smoke top 20 songs

Pop Smoke rose from obscurity to national fame thanks to his deep raspy voice and gritty gangsta rhymes, leading the Brooklyn drill movement as one of its leaders and becoming known for his menacing bangers, working alongside everyone from Travis Scott and Quavo of Migos to Quavo himself.

This track from his debut mixtape showcases a menacing 808, an echoing snare drum, and distant piano chords reminiscent of classic DMX songs. Relentless flows and his trademark style characterize this powerful banger.

1. Welcome To The Party

Bashar Barakah Jackson, better known by his stage name Pop Smoke of Brooklyn bad boy rapper Bashar Barakah Jackson’s new single released April 2019 under this moniker is an ode to his wild lifestyle which involves drugs and gun violence.

This song marked the mainstream introduction of drill music, making the year-end lists for Complex, Pitchfork, and Time in 2019. Additionally, a remix with Nicki Minaj was released as well as a UK version featuring Skepta.

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2. Christopher Walking

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Smoke’s minimal, bass-heavy production on this track was instrumental in his rise to fame. A bold highlight from ‘Meet The Woo 2’ mixtape, it even received support from Migos veteran Quavo who sings on its chorus.

Smoke’s song ‘PTSD’ stands out in his discography with its spoken approach to storytelling and powerful, uplifting lyrics; you can stream or download this track on Wynk Music now!

3. Gatti

Pop Smoke brought his lively Brooklyn drill sound to the hip-hop world and won them over with infectious mixtapes and collaborations, particularly ‘Gatti’ with its intricate production and dynamic flow from him. His career took off quickly.

Bashar Barakah Jackson, better known by his stage name Pop Smoke, rose quickly from obscurity to fame within months, captivating audiences with his deep and raspy voice, gritty rhymes about life on city streets, and hard-hitting trap beats. Unfortunately he was cut down so early by being murdered in a home invasion on February 19, 2020.


Dax sings an emotive ballad about the hard times many individuals go through and encourages those feeling down to rise up and try again. Additionally, this song touches upon themes related to depression which often lead to feelings of suicidality in sufferers.

This rap song describes the difficulties soldiers experience when returning home after having experienced war-related trauma, and can be extremely triggering for those who have also been through similar situations. But help is always available if someone is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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5. Invincible

Smoke’s debut mixtape ‘Meet the Woo’ brought his debut single, Christopher Walking, which immediately got people talking in hip-hop circles. Blending drill and trap with an infectiously festive beat, his voice perfectly complimented by production that shouts party.

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6. Shake The Room

Pop Smoke was an emerging rapper with an unforgettable voice who captured audiences all across his city. His gravelly vocals blended perfectly with experimental production on this song; featuring a chorus that sounds similar to chanting, this single made an impactful statement about hip hop culture itself.

Quavo appears on “Shake The Room,” an explosive track from late Brooklyn rapper Tupac Shakur’s second mixtape ‘Meet The Woo 2″. Directed by designer, OFF-WHITE founder and Louis Vuitton artistic director Virgil Abloh’s visual shows Quavo and other rappers driving through Paris aboard a Ferrari Pista.

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7. Dior

Pop Smoke made his mark in hip-hop with “Dior”, his debut single to reach Billboard charts and prove his talent. The infectious beat and lyrics that perfectly showcased his party lifestyle made this an instant classic.

Pop Smoke’s song production on this track recalls early 2000s bling-era sounds while mixing well with his modern drill style. Twinkling piano keys lead into an uptempo bass-boosted tune reminiscent of early 2000s bling-era sound; it featured on his mixtape ‘Shoot for the Moon, Aim for the Stars’ and became one of his biggest posthumous hits.

Smoke pays a tribute to 50 Cent’s iconic hook from ‘Many Men,’ using his growling voice and steady flows as part of an epic collaboration that also includes Lil Tjay who adds his trademark croaky rhymes for an explosive result.

8. Hawk Em

Pop Smoke’s gang-inspired raps often featured themes of gun violence; this one, however, pays tribute to an exclusive clothing store and shows his high fashion sense in an approachable manner. He flaunts it proudly as well.

Pop Smoke outshone Quavo from Migos on this track from his “Meet the Woo 2″ mixtape ‘Dior”, one of its highlights featuring flawless flow and captivating adlibs.

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9. 44 Bulldog

Pop Smoke was an extraordinary talent who left us far too soon. He charted on multiple tracks with numerous collaborations over two mixtapes and his posthumous debut album.

Sheff G, Sleepy Hallow and Fresh G’s remix of a Drake track showcases his remarkable ability to rap about violence and power with ease. His iconic guttural bark and intricate drill beat production make this song truly shine.

Pop was determined to turn away from his violent past. He inspired young kids not to join gangs and founded his own nonprofit foundation for youth in need. This song served as an appropriate tribute; it peaked at number nine on the US Billboard charts and appeared as part of Pop’s ‘Meet the Woo 2’ mixtape.

10. Invincible (Remix)

Pop Smoke became one of the faces of Brooklyn’s burgeoning drill scene through his confident delivery and eccentric production style, best illustrated in this track from his “Meet the Woo” mixtape with Quavo co-sign. This track stands as one of the strongest examples of his talents.

Skillet’s remix to Feel Invincible became an instantaneous hit, propelling back up the charts and becoming their first Hot Christian Songs No.1 single. You can stream and download your favorite Pop Smoke songs through Wynk Music; get access to new songs and albums with just one subscription, and easily create personalized playlists for any special event or occasion – so start listening now!

Pop Smoke’s distinctive vocal delivery and New York drill production was an unexpected twist to the mainstream trap scene when he broke through in 2023. His collaboration with Travis Scott on “Gatti” opened many doors for this young rapper.

“Hawk Em” is one of the simpler drill tracks in his discography, yet still packs an intense punch. Combining an expansive bass tone with melodic piano chords for a thrilling banger feel.

1. Welcome To The Party

Pop Smoke only appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 with one song (‘Welcome To The Party’ featuring Nicki Minaj), though several other tracks came close to charting on it. He also charted twice on Bubbling Under Hot 100 charts which provide 25-spot extensions of more prominent charts.

His debut track off his “Meet the Woo” mixtape created shockwaves, garnering him early endorsement by New York rap’s reigning queen MCs and setting him on an unprecedented crossover path to stardom. Though seemingly straightforward in nature, 808 Melo’s production sound refreshing back then; mixing Chicago and UK drill beats for an authentic sound.

At TIDAL’s listening party, DJ Boof wowed guests when he introduced two remixes of this hit record featuring New York-native Nicki Minaj as well as its West Coast version with rapper YG. Both versions received tremendous reactions.

2. Dior

Pop Smoke made his mark early with his debut mixtape, Dior. Boasting drill and trap elements with a distinctive Brooklyn sound, ‘Dior’ became one of the standout tracks on it that propelled him into prominence. Although his career may have been brief, Pop Smoke left behind an influential body of work.

Twinkling piano keys set the scene for this bass-boosted banger that blends New York drill production with early 2000s bling-era influences, with fierce and bold rapping from an invincible rapper who felt invincible himself. It became an instantaneous hit, even garnering Quavo’s endorsement to propel its popularity through charts.

3. Got It On Me

Pop Smoke was adept at working well with his peers, collaborating with Canarsie rapper Nicki Minaj and Bronx heartthrob A Boogie wit da Hoodie among many others. Additionally, his skilled lyrics allowed for fast verses or catchy adlibs at any moment’s notice.

Due to his untimely death, he was not able to release a full-length studio album; however, he managed to drop several singles which displayed his skills and made an impactful statement within hip-hop circles.

“Got It On Me” was one of his biggest hits, thanks to its stylish production and infectious lyrics that propelled it to success. Additionally, this track displayed his talents that would lead him into future projects with greater exposure.

4. Aim For The Moon

Quavo of Migos joins Pop Smoke on “Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon: Track Four,” to boast about life’s pleasures. Quavo can also be heard on two other tracks on this project — “Snitchin” with Future and Tyga and “West Coast S–t” solo.

Pop Smoke’s song demonstrates his incredible versatility as an artist, showing he had aspirations beyond being just another drill rapper. While many of his lyrics focused on violence, he alternates his work with R&B-driven songs like ‘Enjoy Yourself’ and ‘Mood Swings.’ It shows he had ambitions to explore other genres.

The song has proven incredibly popular, taking over the No.1 spot on Billboard 200 once again this week and pushing 21 Savage and Metro Boomin’s Savage Mode II back down into No. 2.

5. Shake The Room

Pop Smoke’s short career may have been cut too short, yet he managed to leave an indelible mark on hip-hop with two mixtapes within one year – something no other artist was able to accomplish before his untimely demise in what appears to be an arranged home invasion in Brooklyn.

Lil Tjay and Fivio Foreign were two other rising voices within his city he collaborated with, alongside making videos with them and working well with artists from all across the nation such as Quavo on this 808Melo banger.

This song was accompanied by a visual directed by Virgil Abloh of Off-White that depicted late rapper Tupac Shakur visiting Paris and flaunting his lavish lifestyle among friends. The single quickly rose to number 93 on Billboard Hot 100 chart just weeks after its release.

6. War

Pop Smoke made a lasting impact with his two full mixtape releases: 2019 debut ‘Dior’ and 2021 sequel Meet The Woo 2 released shortly before his tragic passing.

Meet The Woo 2’s standout track ‘War’ features late Brooklyn rapper Smoke rapping about his Crip affiliations over cinematic production. Smoke’s low-pitched rhymes combined with Tjay’s higher pitched croon work make an exciting combination that leaves listeners breathless.

Pop Smoke quickly established himself as a natural collaborator with other rappers. As his unique voice helped distinguish him within an ensemble cast including Travis Scott, Sheck Wes and Don Toliver on the “Jackboys” album, his presence stood out amongst all.

7. Christopher Walking

Not every rapper can make waves through streaming and sales alone; when their song makes the Billboard Hot 100 chart it can be even bigger news. Pop Smoke made waves when his catchy tune “Christopher Walking” hit Billboard Hot 100; its catchy violin-sounding beat coupled with deep and melodic vocals showcased Pop Smoke as one to watch out for in hip-hop circles around the globe.

Travis Scott quickly joined Smoke in celebrating his Brooklyn rapper friend by featuring him as a guest star on JackBoys compilation track “Gatti.” Together they rap about living an extravagant lifestyle with designer suits covering every inch. Smoke even outperformed Scott in terms of visual performance – and was truly exceptional from Smoke’s 2019 mixtape “Meet the Woo 2.” This track stands as an amazing feat.


PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a mental health condition marked by symptoms related to experiencing trauma. These responses include depersonalization and derealization as well as negative thoughts or emotions triggered by that experience.

Bashar Barakah Jackson, more popularly known by his stage name of Pop Smoke in Brooklyn drill music circles was one of the fastest-rising rappers of his era. Since releasing his debut mixtape ‘Meet the Woo’ in 2019 and its follow up ‘Meet the Woo 2’ two years later – both known for being influential voices within their city – Pop Smoke quickly made himself a formidable force within it.

Nicki Minaj and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie quickly took note of him and featured him on their tracks; Travis Scott later asked him to feature as one of the artists for “GATTI,” one of their JACKBOYS compilation packages; its combination of twinkling piano chords and echoing snares resulted in an infectious melody that sounds simple today yet was groundbreaking at its release date.

9. Gatti

Travis Scott continues his holiday gifts by unveiling the music video for Gatti, featuring Brooklyn breakout star Pop Smoke as his collaborator and shot of luxury cars (including a Bugatti Chiron), race cars and vibrant hues reminiscent of blacklight visuals.

Fleet of Bugattis take over McDonald’s drive-thru parking lot to add further urban charm. Lyrically, Scott mentions both his new ride and Kylie Jenner. This track marks both artists’ collaboration as well as Scott’s Cactus Jack Records crew release, including Sheck Wes and Don Toliver.

10. Shake The Room (Remix)

Pop Smoke’s short career saw him place several singles onto the Billboard charts. While never reaching the heights of other drill rappers, these hits show an artist with tremendous potential.

Pop Smoke’s music began to gain traction after “Dior,” with him even appearing on the cover of a music magazine due to this hit track’s success; other tracks had fallen just shy of top 40 status; this particular track, however, managed to push Pop Smoke further up the charts than before.

Travis Scott quickly recognized Smoke’s charisma and invited him to appear on his ‘JACKBOYS’ compilation track ‘Gatti.’ The result was an infectious track showcasing Smoke’s signature vocal delivery and New York rap sensibilities; Quavo also co-signed making this an instant fan favorite!