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R&B music has long provided a window into African-American culture through its stirring lyrics, often touching upon topics like racism, oppression, relationships and economics. R&B also serves as an outlet for artists to express themselves as well as release personal frustrations through expression of personal struggles through song. Here are some popular RnB songs youtube:

“Makin’ Good Love” is a sensuous lullaby that captures perfectly what the genre would sound like during its most prominent periods during the late nineties and early twenty-first century.


EscapeTracks is an R&B music festival held virtually on YouTube and open to all artists, free to attend. The goal is to both promote underrated artists as well as popular ones while also offering an educational experience to its attendees – and has garnered wide media attention, including an article by Forbes.

Journey’s seventh studio album, Escape (stylized as E5C4P3 on its album cover), was released in July 1981 and became their highest-charting American Billboard 200 chart entry ever. This release marked their debut featuring keyboardist Jonathan Cain who replaced founding member Gregg Rolie; additionally, Escape achieved Diamond status upon reaching 10 million sales in America by 2021.

Naija first achieved prominence in 2016 when she and Chris Sails, her now ex-husband, launched a YouTube channel dedicated to their young children that quickly garnered millions of views. Shortly thereafter their marriage ended, and Naija ventured solo as a singer with the release of “Medicine”, which became a hit on charts and helped launch her self-titled EP. Since then she has performed at several major festivals as well as being an integral guest on various television shows.

Stereohearts R&B

R&B music consists of rhythmic melodies with silky, soulful voices combining rhythmic grooves. Lyrically, its songs explore love and sexuality; its songs have become cultural touchstones worldwide and often touch upon themes related to racism, oppression, relationships, economics etc. R&B also incorporates elements from funk disco pop music making this one of the most versatile genres ever.

Hip-hop has fully embraced the digital era as no other genre, with artists using streaming and online distribution platforms to reach directly out to their target audiences. Hip-hop’s rise has drastically altered industry dynamics; some analysts fearing its dominance may derail R&B; but its demise is far from inevitable; rather it has evolved and found new ways to thrive within its current surroundings.

Reviving R&B music requires new talent who understand both tradition and contemporary sounds, like Anderson.Paak who brings classic sounds with modern production techniques into one satisfying listen. His sultry yet grooveful music harkens back to Stevie Wonder and Earth Wind & Fire as well as Erykah Badu and D’Angelo who received Grammy nods for their Grammy nominated neo-soul sounds.

But the biggest change in R&B today has been an expansion in audience size and growth rate, thanks to social media. Young fans are discovering new artists faster than ever, leading them to discover an increasingly diverse crop of vocalists – many who may not even identify as R&B singers but instead use their talents as vehicles for activism or personal expression.

R&B has seen significant evolution within contemporary music by forging connections between itself and rock, electronic, and pop musicians. Artists such as Tame Impala, Kehlani, CHVRCHES and Phantogram have all successfully utilized R&B into their sound while younger talents such as Daniel Caesar, Ella Mai and H.E.R have seen great success on urban adult contemporary radio, which caters to older listeners than mainstream radio.

R&B Channel

Soul and R&B music fans will be pleased to know that it remains alive and flourishing today, evidenced by artists like Rihanna and Ariana Grande’s successes as well as numerous YouTube channels dedicated to these styles of music.

Not only are some channels dedicated to soul and R&B music, they also offer educational programming on its history and culture. Their talk shows highlight key figures within R&B as well as its influence on other genres of music. Furthermore, these channels explore its lyrical themes which often address issues related to racism, oppression, relationships, economics etc.

The 2000s R&B scene was an era of creative experimentation and rhythmic evolution, as artists blended traditional soul with contemporary sounds such as hip-hop and pop influences while maintaining emotional storytelling elements that remain contemporary today. This approach produced music that both modernized and timeless music genres – inspiring contemporary R&B artists today.

Today’s R&B Channel brings together top R&B artists of various genres for an enjoyable listening experience. You can discover new hits by artists like Jessie Reyez and Ari Lenox as well as classic soul from legends such as Luther Vandross and Patti LaBelle, plus contemporary hip-hop from 2 Chainz, Tee Grizzley, and Drake – as well as contemporary R&B from artists like 2 Chainz Tee Grizzley and Drake!

As well as showing the latest hits, this channel also showcases exclusive interviews with some of today’s hottest R&B artists. Interview series with singer-songwriters reveal their secrets of success such as motivation and inspiration. Plus there’s even a podcast with multi-platinum producer TANK and Grammy award winning singer/songwriter/record executive J Valentine!

R&B Channel is an excellent way to discover new music from up-and-coming soul and r&b artists, offering a diverse array of genres and tempos that appeal to a broad range of listeners. Additionally, iconic soul artists and producers host radio shows and talkshows with insightful commentary and insight.

R&B Music

R&B music has deep roots in African American culture and history, yet its modern form draws from multiple genres. While its song forms date back to antecedent song forms such as jazz or rock music, its development was driven by many factors ranging from social issues and trends in urban culture and entertainment; such as The Great Migration that allowed African American families to bring their musical heritage with them as they settled into urban centers allowing new generations of artists to develop the genre further.

Modern R&B music features an advanced production style, employing studio effects and multi-layered vocals to produce a rich, lush sound. It often includes hip hop rhythms and dance influences for added spice; its tempos range from slow soulful numbers to energetic dance beats; its lyrics often deal with romantic relationships, self-empowerment, and personal growth – which has made R&B an increasingly popular genre among young listeners due to its emotive lyrics and relatable themes.

Hip hop and dance music have both seen an explosion in popularity recently, driving R&B into mainstream consciousness. Many rappers have incorporated R&B elements into their music; some, like Frank Ocean or Janelle Monae have made entire albums that showcase it. Furthermore, many 90s trends made a comeback this year – for instance Ty Dolla $ign and dvsn (Daniel Daley and Nineteen85) sampled Silk’s “Freak Me” for their track “Memories”.

R&B’s meteoric rise can be largely attributed to its appeal across generations and cultural boundaries, touching everyone from across generations and cultures with its soulful melodies and lyrics. R&B has proven popular due to its inclusivity; unlike pop music it doesn’t need to cater to specific target audiences; anyone can connect to its melodies and lyrics!

R&B stands out among other genres by enabling musicians to express themselves emotionally through vocal tones. This allows fans to connect more closely with R&B music and form lasting bonds with it.