Pre Wired Bass Guitar Pickups

Bass guitar pickups play a key role in creating its distinct sonic profile, by sensing string vibrations and turning them into electrical current.

Get an array of tones ranging from the warm vintage sound of alnico magnets to the powerful punch of neodymium magnets with active or passive pickups or mixing alnico and ceramic builds, providing players with many tonal choices to explore.

EMG Geezer Butler PHZ Pickup Set

The EMG Geezer Butler PHZ Pickup Set is an essential addition for any bassist seeking to recreate the distinct vintage sound of Black Sabbath. Geezer Butler, an inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, collaborated with EMG in developing this passive pickup set to match his deep bass style perfectly. Equipped with Alnico V pole pieces and custom-wound coils for maximum power cutting through thick mixes while still offering incredible clarity when playing loud. Unlike some bass guitars with such powerful low end, you won’t experience feedback or unwanted, humming noise with this setup – never again!

This solderless bass pickup is easy to install and upgrade your sound with minimal hassle, providing any bassist an effective upgrade option. Boasting zero 60 cycle hum and no microphonics, it provides your bass with clarity needed to be heard over other bands on stage. Our 5-wire Quik-Connect output allows for flexible wiring scheme selection while we’ve provided you with both a 250k volume pot and 250k tone pot along with mono output jack and all required connector wires – everything you need for an upgrade is right here!

EMG P Style Bass Pickup

For bassists who want to add power and depth to their sound, look no further than the EMG P Style Bass Pickup. This hum-cancelling split coil pickup is ideal for rock, blues and other full-range styles, including full-range power music like metal. Featuring high strength ceramic magnets with steel designs for an extremely warm sound as well as an incredible DC resistance rating of 7.1K for maximum midrange clarity and bass output, its impressive sound will take your tone to another level of power and depth.

EMG’s P style bass pickup combines their original passive P-style design with short, squat coils to produce an extremely versatile bass guitar pickup. One of their most popular offerings, it offers both classic and contemporary bass sounds thanks to ceramic magnets and short coils, providing controlled high end response while scooped midrange giving full-range punch with distinct definition.

The GZR-PHZ Geezer Butler Signature Passive Bass Guitar Pickup Set puts you on the fast track to authentic 1970s Black Sabbath tone. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame bassist Geezer Butler collaborated with EMG on this pickup set designed to capture his classic bass tone from early days of Black Sabbath. Alnico V magnets produce rich, fat bass tone perfect for any genre, while its split coil design eliminates 60Hz hum ensuring your sound remains pure without distracting hum.

This set comes equipped with a black cover and mounting hardware for effortless bass installation. Furthermore, its 4-wire Quik-Connect output enables multiple wiring schemes, so that you can find the ideal setup for your bass. Perfect for beginners, intermediate or advanced players seeking to take their tone further!

Area J(tm) Pickup Set

Seymour Duncan offers two pre wired bass guitar pickups that are an ideal choice for jazz or blues players looking to keep their tone clear. The bridge pickup offers powerful low end with clarity and articulate tone, while the neck pickup offers classic high-end response that cuts through any mix. Both pickups also boast reduced magnet-pull wiring with 4-conductor wiring enabling both series and parallel humbucking modes.

RJ Ronquillo is an avid pedal collector. His guitar signal begins here with a Peterson StroboStomp HD tuner, DigiTech Drop pedal, DryBell Unit 67 EQ/boost/comp EQ, King Tone Octaland mini octave pedal, Sabbadius Funky-Vibe Fillmore East edition pedals, Expresso FX Fuzz Bender Mk 1 pedal and Wren and Cuff Small Foot Box of War for overdrive effects before finally flowing through a Two Notes Torpedo Captor X Stereo Reactive Load Box to complete its makeup.

The Area J(tm) pickup set offers a classic early ’60s Jazz Bass tone that boasts plenty of power and expressiveness while providing cleaner responses than typical Marshall rock amps. This pickup set makes an excellent choice for players seeking to stand out in any crowd; whether keeping time with beat or dazing audiences with false harmonics.

The Area J(tm) pair offers more focused attack and power where it matters – in the center of your tone. They boast rich, warm tones with clear highs that open up into deep tight lows; reduced magnet pull and four conductor wire allows both series and parallel humbucking mode; bridge and neck pickups come complete with control plate knobs as well as solderless installation harnesses for seamless set up.

Seymour Duncan Antiquity II Single Coil Pickup

The Antiquity II Single Coil Pickup is a vintage mini humbucker ideal for jazz, west side blues and surf guitar. Offering a broad spectrum of tones to find your sweet spot quickly – the bridge model delivers gritty punchiness while its neck counterpart provides clarity without losing low end tightness. A drop-in replacement for Fender American Standard-sized Jaguar single coil pickups featuring hand-ground Alnico 5 rod magnets as well as custom coil winding using heavy formvar mag wire coil winding techniques plus period-correct bottom gray flatwork. Plus cloth pushback lead wire lead wire leads.

This Antiquity II Vintage single-coil pickup pays tribute to the timeless 1960s instrument tone used by numerous Southern California surf and rock bands of that era. Our Antiquity aging process creates a bright, focused chime with glassy clarity; chords come through crisply while solos shine brightly. Pair this pickup with its matching Jaguar neck pickup for an effective hum-canceling setup or use it in your Fender Precision Bass for classic instrumental sound that transcends surf music into alt-rock/funk territory – period-correct materials include hand-ground Alnico 5 rod magnets as well as period-correct grey bottom flatwork as plain enamel magnet wire etc.

Seymour Duncan Antiquity II Humbucker Pickup

For an authentic vintage Mustang neck pickup that looks as great as it sounds, look no further than Seymour Duncan Antiquity II mini humbuckers. Featuring hand-ground Alnico V magnets with more rough surfaces than those seen on older Duo-SonicTM models for an aged appearance and different winding methods for more open sound, these mini humbuckers are an excellent option when trying to restore newer guitars closer to their original condition or for those owning older Fender guitars that have been altered over time. Popular among guitarists looking to restore newer guitars closer to their original form or owning older Fender guitars modified over time

Antiquity II Jazz Bass bridge and neck pickups pay tribute to the timeless 60s classics, providing players with a rich tone with plenty of midrange punch. The bridge model features bright twangy notes while its companion neck model strikes a balance between single coil clarity and mini humbucker low end tightness for optimal playback.

Combining the Antiquity II Jaguar vintage single-coil bridge and RWRP Antiquity II Jazzmaster neck will allow for superior hum-canceling performance in the middle position. Crafted by our Custom Shop using hand-ground Alnico 5 rod magnets and special coil winding with heavy formvar mag wire for vintage-correct performance in gray flatwork with cloth pushback lead wire for push-back lead wire and lacquered and wax potted finishes, these single-coils deliver optimal hum-cancelling performance!

GearNuts’ Antiquity II Tele bridge pickup is an authentic recreation of those found on surf guitars in the 1960s. Magnets are staggered to mimic their vintage predecessors and feature raised pole pieces reminiscent of original vintage pickups for that authentic vintage vibe. Covers and poles have also been aged to give this vintage-style humbucking an aged appearance which extends well beyond surf sounds into other musical realms such as psychedelic or alt rock sounds.