Rainbow Kitten Surprise – Seven Chords of Sonic Magnificence

Rainbow Kitten Surprise lives up to its bright name with bright and beautiful soundscapes. Formed in Boone, North Carolina in 2013, Rainbow Kitten Surprise features Sam Melo (lead vocals, keyboards), Darrick Keller (rhythm guitar) and Ethan Goodpaster (lead guitar) alongside Charlie Holt (bass).

Today they rocked an enthusiastic sold-out audience in New Orleans without fear or compromise to show who they truly are.

It’s a great album

Rainbow Kitten Surprise (RKS) is an impressive band with an unforgettable name and incredible sound. Since their formation five years ago, RKS have enjoyed rapid success, selling out some of the largest venues nationwide and taking their music worldwide. Unafraid to express who they truly are musically, RKS blend alt-rock, hip-hop, pop and electronic into an eclectic sound that incorporates stream-of-consciousness lyrics by Sam Melo into each performance.

They’re currently touring for their sold-out debut album and last night was nothing short of breathtaking. Sam’s emotional voice enveloped the entire audience as they became part of her story; even small flaws such as indistinguishable vocals at the start of “polite company” or her occasional mispronunciations added something unique and intriguing. Their latest masterpiece proves RKS are formidable contenders and that their latest masterpiece stands up to previous efforts!

It’s a great time

How To: Friend, Love, Freefall is the band’s major label debut album with vivid hues reflected in their name and sound. From Boone, North Carolina comes this quintet that blends elements of alt-rock, rap and pop with stream-of-consciousness lyrics written by lead singer Sam Melo.

Since starting touring two years ago, this group has seen phenomenal success, selling out some of the largest venues in multiple cities nationwide in just two years. Their fans remain dedicated and supportive; proof that this collective is truly making a difference within its communities.

Rainbow Kitten Surprise delighted a sold out audience at Express LIVE! tonight after having to reschedule their show from October. Despite the delay, RKS took to the stage with unflinching determination, being themselves and drawing fans in by doing what they do best: making music. Fans responded positively; something in the air remained after they left that left an unforgettable feeling of family and happiness for days afterward!