R&B Music Quiz

R&B music genre combines elements of rhythm and blues, pop, soul, funk and hip hop – making it one of the most beloved forms of musical play for both kids and adults!

Take a walk down memory lane and “rock with us” while experiencing some of the best 2000s R&B (and Hip-Hop) hits from Boyz II Men, Mariah Carey and many others! This quiz will test your knowledge.


R&B music quiz is an entertaining way to test your knowledge of rhythm and blues artists, their songs, and hit albums. Play solo or with friends to see how well you know about your favorite R&B singers and bands; guess the band/song questions will keep you engaged for hours!

Rihanna, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson and Lauryn Hill are among the best-known R&B artists today, and music quiz questions covering them from early hits to more recent work will test your knowledge of R&B music! Some questions even cover music videos!

The iPhone and iPad versions of R&B Music Quiz include over 600 questions organized into several levels that increase in difficulty over time. You also have various customization options available to you such as changing background color and setting a timer; plus you can even filter questions by genre such as 90s R&B or 2000s R&B!

This mobile app’s questions have been written by an expert with years of radio experience playing classic soul, r&b, and pop songs – someone who has played them over an extended period. Questions are presented quickly so you’ll be able to take the quiz without losing time!

Discover countless fun facts when taking our R&B music quiz! The r&B trivia game covers every decade from classic soul era through contemporary R&B; there are also questions related to hip hop which make this perfect for anyone interested in experiencing different styles.

R&B music quiz is an engaging, easy-to-play quiz perfect for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. Downloading it from iTunes will only take seconds; simply press the GET button on its listing before being asked for an Apple ID and password before tapping GET again to download and open. Once it’s downloaded you can simply tap open to enjoy playing!


If you love rhythm and blues (R&B), this quiz is the perfect opportunity to put your knowledge of classic and contemporary artists to the test. From soothing songs that will ease heartbreaks to energetic songs celebrating love and friendship, R&B music offers something for every mood! Take this test now to test yourself!

R&B music has quickly emerged as one of the most dynamic genres in musical history, thanks to a combination of lyrics and beats that creates its distinctive sound. Influences from hip-hop, soul, and disco are among those that influence its style – this gives R&B its distinct flavor while simultaneously feeling familiar yet modern at the same time. R&B artists are increasingly becoming household names around the globe due to this immense popularity in America alone.

R&B songs that touch our emotions often provide an emotional response in their listeners, such as Britney Spears’ song “September”, an upbeat yet nostalgic ballad about lost love with its catchy melody and funky chord progression reminiscent of funk music. R&B genre boasts an expansive roster of singers and songwriters to help fans discover their favorites and find music suitable for every part of life.

R&B music transcends its artists and songs; understanding its background and impact is equally vital. R&B helped pave the way to equality for black Americans living in America and gave rise to artists such as Aretha Franklin. She made “Respect” a pop hit as well as an important statement for civil rights.

There are countless music games online, but few offer as much fun or ease as the R&B Music Quiz. This free quiz lets you test your knowledge of R&B musicians from around the world; whether your taste leans toward Beyonce, Rihanna, or Justin Timberlake fans, this fast and entertaining quiz offers something for all fans to enjoy – plus, while playing you might learn some fun facts about your favorites!


R&B music can express all the different feelings we experience throughout life – from heartbreaks to celebrating happy times with loved ones, this genre’s songs have something for everyone. So whether you want to test your knowledge or just revisit old memories, our online quiz is an ideal way of doing both.

This quiz tests your knowledge of R&B music from every era of its history. From soulful vocalists such as Sam Cooke and Etta James to contemporary artists like Chris Brown and The Weekend, this test promises to put your R&B knowledge through its paces! With multiple answer, picture or true or false questions spanning every decade in R&B history – be prepared to be challenged!

As a genre that blends elements from several early 20th-century Black American musical art forms, rhythm and blues (R&B) emerged after World War II within black communities. At first, R&B songs focused more on social injustice and freedom struggles; later however they evolved to feature love songs that focused more on relationships than social injustices.

Over the decades, this genre has inspired numerous offshoots and crossovers, such as soul, rock and roll, ska, disco and funk music styles. Though originally associated with African American culture, R&B music has since become one of the world’s most prevalent styles of music.

In the early 1950s, R&B crossed over into rock and roll through records like Motown which promoted artists like Little Richard, Fats Domino and Bo Diddley as both singers and rock performers. By 1980s funk and disco had major influences in shaping this genre while elements from dance and hip hop also combined with R&B to produce its modern form.

R&B music has quickly become the most beloved form of American entertainment, thanks to its easy listening style that conjures memories of good times with friends and family. While studies show that personality plays an influential role when choosing musical tastes, external factors also have their say in this matter.


An R&B music quiz is an engaging way to test your knowledge. You can play alone or with others, setting time limits per question so as to focus on those most difficult for you. From knowing who sang Proud Mary to when D’Angelo was born – this quiz will put your knowledge of your favorite R&B artists to the test!

There is an incredible diversity of R&B songs to be found, from old school classics we all remember fondly to contemporary slow jams that are now on the charts. R&B music transports us back to an era of bandana crop tops and leather flared pants; heartbreak and happiness both find expression within its songs’ melodies; so whether you prefer Boyz II Men, Mariah Carey, R Kelly or any other artist this quiz will let you test how well your knowledge of R&B! Take our R&B trivia quiz today and test how well your knowledge!

This free R&B trivia quiz game boasts 100+ levels and is packed with entertaining facts about some of your favorite artists! Learn some things you may have never known before, like which year Mary J Blige was born or which city Usher hails from; make this R&B trivia quiz the ideal way to spend your free time!

R&B music combines elements of rhythm and blues with hip hop, pop, and soul music. First popularized in the US in the early 1980s and quickly becoming global in the 1990s. Our free r&b music quiz game provides a great way to learn more about your favorite artists and songs from around the world – you could even compete against players all around the globe! So give it a try now – you won’t regret it! Plus don’t forget to share this game with all your R&B friends so everyone can enjoy!