Rock Music Events Near Me

rock music events near me

Rock music is known for its electric drumbeats and jaw-dropping guitar riffs – so if you want to experience its electric energy first-hand, make sure you book your Rock Music tickets now!

Find a Rock concert in your area and enjoy an enjoyable night of entertainment with friends! Check out renowned venues or emerging artists – these events will make an impressionful statement about themselves! Find one and attend it today – don’t miss out!

Pop Rock

Pop rock music combines elements from both rock and pop genres, often featuring electric guitars with catchy lyrics that appeal to a broad audience. Due to its widespread appeal, other genres have emerged that blend elements from pop rock such as rock, rap, country Latin dance.

“Pop” refers to any genre that enjoys widespread appeal, with roots dating back to Scott Joplin’s ragtime, which blended African folk music with European classical forms, before transitioning into jazz through various instruments and improvisation. Rock music later evolved out of rock and roll which borrowed elements from rhythm and blues, blues, country, folk as well as being defined by electric guitars with heavy drum beats while exploring themes such as love, betrayal and politics.

Rock is an umbrella genre encompassing punk rock, grunge, alternative and soft rock subgenres. Each of these genres have enjoyed great success over time – producing chart-topping songs like Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, Hotel California by Eagles and Imagine by John Lennon among many more. However, music industry trends change all the time so staying informed of new styles is necessary if one hopes to remain relevant in music today.

Pop Punk

Pop punk music has an extremely cyclical nature: It goes from being an international phenomenon one era to disintegrating altogether the next – then reappearing with different forms and sounds altogether. We all remember its popularity during the 2000s heyday, with Green Day, Blink-182 and New Found Glory dominating MTV airwaves as well as Hot Topic becoming an essential resource for band merch.

Travis Barker of Blink-182 and other music industry icons like him are at the forefront of its revival. By supporting younger acts with their music, Barker gives credibility to them while broadening the genre’s audience reach.

Cultural shifts have also helped pop punk to make a comeback, with artists of color becoming more recognized within its ranks. Whether this trend stems from Black Lives Matter activism or increased interest in emo rap music is irrelevant: what matters is that pop punk has expanded and become more diverse; an improvement over its last mainstream era when permanent adolescence was glorified and glorified as something desirable.

Soft Rock

Soft Rock was first created as an antidote to the more extreme sounds of late ’60s rock music, specifically singer/songwriter, pop and rock genres like Bread, the Carpenters and Chicago. These artists used simple melodies with lush production while remaining true to their singer/songwriter roots while drawing upon contemporary adult contemporary synthesized sounds as part of their sound palettes. Though Soft Rock eventually gave way to synthesized adult contemporary sounds of adult contemporary in later decades; many fans still hold fond memories of its arrival.

Though Soft Rock may seem bland and uninspiring, there are true masters of the genre. Steely Dan, with roots in both Pop and Rock music yet an emotional edge reminiscent of classical composition, excelled at creating its signature sound on Yellow River in 1975 – their only million seller ever! Simon & Garfunkel were adept at mixing New York flavor folk-styles with pop influences into Bridge Over Troubled Waters by way of Bridge Over Troubled Waters; additionally Boz Scaggs expanded their sound further by adopting this genre; while Crosby Stills & Nash could play both Rock – while taking an emotional tone when discussing issues like drug abuse – to name just three notable artists of Soft Rock today.

Rock music is a diverse genre that spans various subgenres. From Classic Soft Rock to New Wave and Punk, there are events galore across the nation where fans of all kinds of rock can come together and celebrate this style of music. So whether you prefer hard rocking out onstage, or prefer hearing soothing tunes in concert venues near you. Check out this list for rock concerts near you now.

New Wave

New wave is an influential musical genre which originated during the 1970s and 1980s as a reaction against mainstream rock music’s stagnant sound, drawing inspiration from punk, disco and electronic genres as well as technology. New wave also embraced visual aesthetics to further its message.

New Wave bands were known for wearing fashionable clothes and writing lyrics with eccentric or quirky wordplay, drawing on elements such as irony and humor to increase popularity for their music. This musical movement served as an early precursor of many of today’s indie rock genres that are so widely celebrated today.

Duran Duran, The Cars, and Devo were the cornerstone of synthpop at that time; their music videos became iconic of this genre.

New wave is difficult to define as it encompassed an expansive variety of musical genres and styles – from power pop bands like XTC and Elvis Costello, synth rockers such as Gary Numan and even revivalists such as the Specials.

Early 2000s saw a revival of New Wave. Bands such as Interpol and the Killers took inspiration from this genre; today bands like Franz Ferdinand and Yeah Yeah Yeahs continue this revival by channeling its sounds in their music – this proves that new wave remains relevant and popular today.

Irving Plaza

At Union Square’s Irving Plaza is an event space steeped in rock-and-roll history that has earned itself a spot on Complex City Guide’s “50 Best Concert Venues in America.” Boasting unique 19th-century charm and an upscale lounge space, this ballroom-style music hall has seen some of today’s biggest names grace its stage.

Visitors enter through a classic lobby and ascend one flight of stairs to reach the main room, a 3,300-square-foot clear span ballroom featuring polished hardwood floors, full service bar, crystal chandeliers and an intimate atmosphere that guarantees an unforgettable live experience for up to 1,025 music fans.

Irving Plaza boasts an eclectic lineup that ranges from up-and-coming artists to legendary legends, making this venue’s commitment to excellence evident through its flawless acoustics and passionate staff. If you want to connect with emerging stars or witness an unforgettable performance, Irving Plaza is your destination of choice.

Irving Plaza is easily accessible by subway & bus, making it accessible from any part of New York. Parking at nearby garages may be available; it is best to reserve spaces before heading over. Also, using TicketSmarter you can avoid waiting in line by purchasing your Irving Plaza tickets directly online – meaning less stress for you during show time!

Bowery Ballroom

Bowery Ballroom in Manhattan provides an incredible venue for live rock bands. Offering seating throughout the room to ensure everyone can fully appreciate each performance, it features artists of various genres as well as bars to help patrons remain relaxed without interfering with performers’ shows.

Once inside this iconic venue, you will feel part of its magical aura. Many legendary performances have taken place here; each has left an indelible mark on music lovers worldwide.

The Bowery Ballroom is an intimate concert space capable of accommodating up to 600 people, featuring three floors featuring bar service, mahogany paneling and 24-foot ceilings. State-of-the-art audio/video equipment also ensures music fans experience superior live performances here.

Bowery Ballroom staff strives to ensure every concertgoer enjoys an enjoyable experience at their venue, offering drinks and snacks to keep audiences satisfied, as well as offering an excellent view from their balcony seating, allowing audiences to avoid moshing pits. Furthermore, this venue is easily reachable via public transportation with ample parking provided; tickets are affordable with no hidden fees, making advance purchases the optimal solution to avoiding long lines at ticket office booths.