Rowlf, the Piano Playing Dog on the Muppet Show

piano playing dog on the muppet show

Kermit the Frog and his pals host an entertaining variety show at their theatre, mixing puppetry with celebrity cameos and clever pop culture references to create an exciting spectacle.

Rowlf the Dog is one of the Muppets who often bring joy to audiences. Created initially for Purina Dog Chow commercials, he found his true calling when Jimmy Dean invited him onto The Jimmy Dean Show as his sidekick.

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Rowlf the Dog was one of Jim Henson’s early creations and first came to public notice on The Jimmy Dean Show as Jimmy Dean’s wisecracking sidekick for three seasons on ABC television. Over this time period, he garnered more fan mail than the country singer himself! Subsequently, Rowlf would make appearances in various other TV shows and movies before eventually becoming a staple on The Muppet Show itself.

Rowlf was an iconic member of The Muppet Show for many seasons, performing classic songs as well as solo and duet vocal performances. A constant in At the Dance segments and frequently seen playing Dr. Bob for Veterinarian’s Hospital skits alongside nurses Janice and Miss Piggy – Rowlf is usually an understated presence who tends to stay out of any mischief that may ensue behind-the-scenes of production shows like these.

Rowlf stands as an exception in his ability to remain levelheaded amidst all of the show’s numerous controversy and turmoil, remaining unfazed by any chaos that arises around it. Additionally, his musical talent has seen him perform alongside such luminaries as Ray Charles, Barbra Streisand, and Liberace.

Though Jim Henson usually played Rowlf, other puppeteers have since taken his place. Derek Scott has been the musical associate on The Muppet Show since 1996 and has worked with many showbiz figures during his freelance musicianship career; including playing piano with Barbra Streisand. Additionally, he’s written scores for TV series such as Hunter’s Walk and Parables.

Rowlf has appeared in multiple Muppet films since The Muppets Take Manhattan was released, drawing comparisons to Henson as it is believed he saw himself reflected in Rowlf. Since its introduction, he has become a fan favorite and can be seen every episode of The Muppet Show since it premiered. Additionally, he was one of the main characters featured in Muppets Go Fishin’. Now Rowlf stars in Weezer’s music video for Keep Fishin’ featuring him alongside Weezer himself!

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Rowlf the Dog was one of Jim Henson’s early Muppet creations and reached fame as Jimmy Dean’s sidekick on The Jimmy Dean Show in 1963. Rowlf accumulated more fan mail than Jimmy Dean himself during this period; as an observer of human behavior he often commented upon its intricacies as seen on-screen.

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Derek Scott, a freelance musician and composer, has worked with such artists as Barbra Streisand, Ray Charles, Julie Andrews and Liberace. Scott currently serves as musical associate on ATV Muppet Show as Rowlf the Dog plays piano on 24 different episodes – something Scott is looking forward to for this coming season!

Music video

Rowlf is one of the less known Muppet characters; he’s best known as an irreverent little pup who often can be found playing piano. First appearing in Purina Dog Chow commercials and later serving as country singer Jimmy Dean’s canine sidekick on The Jimmy Dean Show from 1963 to 1966 – receiving more fan mail than his star at that time.

Although he adds to the chaos of Muppets, Kermit remains one of the more levelheaded characters. He rarely makes cutting remarks or exhibits overinflated self-confidence; instead he has an even sense of himself without becoming overwhelmed by all the show’s distractions. He remains an ever-reliable presence who knows exactly what he needs without becoming distraught when things turn chaotic on stage.

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Jim Henson created Rowlf, the piano playing dog featured on The Muppet Show, as an integral character within its comedy sketches. Although important in many regards, he rarely appears off-screen and does not take part in many backstage plots or story lines; nevertheless he still manages to dazzle audiences with his piano skills, becoming a favorite among viewers of the show.


Rowlf the piano-playing dog from The Muppet Show was one of Jim Henson’s first nationally known puppet characters. Ideal Toys produced a hand puppet of him in 1966 and it appeared in numerous commercials prior to appearing on The Muppet Show. Due to Rowlf’s immense popularity as a musician, two piano sheet music books under his name were published: Rowlf’s Very Own First Piano Book and Rowlf’s Very Own Book of Classic Themes.

Rowlf has made numerous television specials and films since his introduction on The Muppet Show as its narrator, including Dog City: Noir in Black; Narration for The Muppets Take Manhattan and A Muppet Family Christmas; Host of Rowlf’s Tavern Children’s series and portrayal of Sherlock Holmes, bar pianist at Western bar, as well as various roles within on-stage productions by Muppet Productions.

The Muppets have long been beloved characters due to their distinctive blend of humor and satire, and are universally loved. Appearing on many late-night talk shows and advertisements – particularly Sesame Street (for which it won four Emmy Awards and 21 nominations during its five year run), The Muppet Show became even more beloved when featured as regulars during Sesame Street performances and ads – they have achieved immense popularity since.

Though The Muppets are typically depicted as humanoid animals, they’re capable of appearing in fantasy sequences as well. Operating their characters involves suspended rigs, internal motors, remote manipulators and computer enhanced or superimposed images; sometimes multiple performers operate one character at once with usually one performer controlling its mouth acting double duty by providing voice narration for that character.

The Muppet Show was first broadcast by ABC from 1981-1983 but later revived on HBO from 1989. After its revival on HBO, it quickly became a hit, leading to several spin-offs such as film The Great Muppet Caper and Broadway musical The Muppets. Disney acquired its franchise and now plans on rereleasing The Muppet Show’s entire run from HBO through Disney+ subscription service.