Sad Music and Rain

Do you find yourself drawn to sad music and rainstorms? Studies reveal that people’s moods can be greatly influenced by their environment – specifically weather patterns.

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Gymnopedie No. 1 by Erik Satie

If you ask any pianist what the most serene piano piece is, Gymnopedie No. 1 may come up as the answer. This hauntingly serene composition serves as a poignant reminder of loneliness and longing for love; breaking every musical rule at its time by creating a world of contemplation and tranquillity with its simple melody rising and falling like ocean waves before progressing with long rhythmic phrases which create the impression that one is floating through space. No wonder Gymnopedie became such a favorite.

Erik Satie was an outsider even during his lifetime. Born into poverty in Honfleur and never feeling accepted by society or his chosen conservatory in Paris – although Debussy and Ravel helped draw attention to his work; nonetheless he would remain an unconventional individual both in terms of lifestyle choices as well as in his rejection of convention.

His musical taste differed significantly from Chopin in that he did not follow in his footsteps and compose in the neoclassical style that became the hallmark of postwar composers, as opposed to writing accessible music that appealed to non-musicians as well as younger audiences. One of the first to combine image with music, he wrote the score for Man Ray films such as Parade while also working closely with Picasso and Duchamp on ballet projects like Parade.

I’ll Never Love Again by Lady Gaga

After an ongoing string of misses, this track marks Lady Gaga’s comeback to creative form. Produced by BloodPop and Tchami, its driving beat leans heavily towards 4/4 kicks and club synths while Gaga’s gospel-influenced vocals soar above them all – as she belts “I’ll never love again”, leading into an emotive bridge reminiscent of Hitchcock classics such as Psycho, Vertigo and Rear Window.

Though pop-tastic beats and glam-rock production, this song features an undercurrent of darkness as Gaga explores the pain caused by abusive relationships and the desire for revenge. While this track may differ from her usual fare, it shows Gaga’s talent for creating powerful narratives with lyrics as mysterious and allusive as their accompanying visuals.

Gaga made her mark as an artist when she performed this duet with Tony Bennett, showing that she could hold her own on the Great American Songbook and even surpass its legend, legendary jazz singer Joe Pass. Although its original lyrics do not leave much room for interpretation, her hushed delivery delivers every emotion with perfect pitch. Their elegant interplay was nothing short of exquisite; furthermore Gaga’s soaring rendition also played a critical part in Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut A Star Is Born’s emotional crescendo.

Kiss the Rain by Yiruma

Kiss the Rain is one of Yiruma’s most beloved piano works. Its delicate atmosphere and soothing lullaby theme makes it perfect for moments of reflection and contemplation. Additionally, this piece displays his signature light touch – never allowing his texture to become too heavy during performance; subtly altering small elements of its melody throughout each work as part of its development.

Yiruma’s popularity has skyrocketed over the past years due to his online presence and wide availability of his music. He has even earned international acclaim for his compositions; his third album From the Yellow Room became an instantaneous smash hit and sold-out performances are happening all around the world.

He has appeared in multiple TV dramas and films, his music becoming an essential component for many modern media such as advertisements. Thanks to its global appeal, his compositions are also reaching new generations through ads.

Though Gen Z’s search for sad songs during the summer may seem perplexing, this trend can be explained by their need for catharsis. Modern life can be overwhelming for young adults and they need an outlet for their emotions; listening to sad music can provide this outlet. Unfortunately, too much listening of such material may lead to depression.

Nuvole Bianche – Intouchables by Ludovico Einaudi

Ludovico Einaudi, an Italian composer and pianist best known for his piano ballads and film scores, recently posted an adorable moment to TikTok that has gone viral, wherein he performed Nuvole Bianche alongside a young fan at an airport – something which garnered over 200,000 views so far on this popular social platform.

Chloe Zhao’s Nomadland features this melancholic track inspired by hikes the composer took in the Alps. This tune’s melancholy resonates perfectly with its locale as the film depicts loss and longing within this grand landscape.

Let Her Go from Passenger by Passenger

This piano song with its melancholy tune can make you cry. This popular and often-recognized melody is widely used in movies and TV shows because its powerful message makes an impactful statement about human emotion, including sadness. Perfect for rainy days to help relax emotions and relieve some stress; listeners looking for emotional comfort should definitely give this sad track a listen – one of the top sad songs and should make listening one a must!

The lyrics tell the tale of a car accident and its effect on a family. The singer describes how this accident could have been avoided had someone been paying more attention on the road; ultimately this song serves as an ode to remember loved ones lost due to tragic crashes.

Lady Gaga’s I’ll Never Love Again is another amazing sad song that perfectly expresses a broken heart’s emotions, complete with its emotional video accompaniment and has become an international hit since its 2012 release on all major platforms. The song has also been used as the theme song in movies and serves as an emotional reminder of loss during rainy days – perfect to listen to!

Blinding Lights by The Weeknd

This year’s breakout hit from The Weeknd is “Car Chase”, an iconic song about getting pulled into an intense car chase and its aftermath. This track serves as the ideal soundtrack for any tragic love story.

Released as part of Tesfaye’s 2020 album After Hours in 2019, “Diamond” reached new heights of popularity within days after its release; its captivating beat and pulse-inducing synthesizers captured widespread audiences, propelling it to the top of multiple music charts and becoming one of the first songs ever to reach “diamond” status on Spotify–equal to 10 million equivalent song units sold (equaling one digital download or 150 on-demand streams).

Record-setting radio listenership was just the start. The song then spent 90 weeks on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, setting yet another record. Furthermore, Anton Tammi directed its visual narrative – depicting an urban landscape filled with bright neon lights and fast traffic– which further contributed to its widespread appeal. Anton’s video perfectly conveyed feelings of desperation and loss associated with its lyrics.

Max Martin is well-known for creating some of modern pop’s iconic hits, like Blinding Lights. His trademark sound – an amalgamation of melodic inventiveness and polished production–played an integral role in making Blinding Lights such a global success, creating an amazing song that captures modern youth culture while remaining universally appealing.