Sad Music to Say Goodbye To

sad music goodbye

Sad music can provide comfort during difficult times. Studies have demonstrated that mournful music holds high aesthetic value.

No matter who it is that you’re saying goodbye to, these songs can help ease the transition. Lauded for their lyrics and melodies, these tunes have been widely appreciated as comforting musical support during a difficult time.

David Matthews Band – “Say Goodbye”

LeRoi Moore offers an extended flute solo during this timeless song – one of the most romantic and sensuous tracks from their catalog.

DMB’s most beloved crowd pleaser despite its somewhat morbid lyrics is this song; you can hear it at nearly every full band show. Matthews often misplaces lyrics during this tune but it is easy to overlook as it’s such an enjoyable tune.

This song has been part of our setlist for more than two decades and remains relevant today. Played often at the end of tours, this tune serves as a powerful reminder to cherish all the precious moments and people that life brings our way.

Unfortunately, this song wasn’t included on the original sleeve, but it remains a great reminder to live our lives to their fullest. This track serves as a fitting way to bring in the new year with gusto; always popular among listeners.

DMB fans know their studio albums may not be their finest work, but this song stands out. It encapsulates all aspects of DMB’s fun yet serious music into one memorable tune that makes an excellent way to say farewell to 2014. An upbeat tune with interesting guitar chord voicings and an exquisite soprano sax part during its post-bridge chorus make this track must-listen!

Clint Black – “A Better Man”

Black’s 1989 debut single, “A Better Man”, was an emotional yet optimistic song about heartache and moving on, taking an unconventional approach to break-up songs by emphasizing its positive aspects and suggesting something good might emerge from them. It became an immediate hit and cemented Black’s career success. VMP is proud to present the first-ever vinyl reissue of this triple platinum album on Brown Galaxy vinyl with lacquers cut by Barry Grint at AIR Mastering for maximum audiophile experience.

James Lewis – “Dad”

Pop music’s repertoire of goodbye songs runs the gamut from upbeat “outta here” anthems to slower and simmering “see you laters.” From old-school country classics by Smokey and the Bandit and Semisonic and Green Day to orchestral farewells by Porter Robinson or ODESZA or poignant ballads by Sarah McLachlan or Sam Smith – there is sure to be one to fit every musical taste out there.

Rihanna’s underrated hit “Goodbye Song” is the ideal farewell song when saying goodbye. The lyrics are melancholic yet romantic while its music is stunning – making this essential addition to any playlist.

This song tells the tale of a man leaving one city for another. Before leaving, he wants his love to know that she will always remember all their good times together and always cherish his memory. A great way to say farewell. A song everyone should include on their playlist when saying goodbye.

It’s unclear whether this song is about death or separation, but it certainly feels like an aching goodbye song. The melody is haunting yet beautiful, while its lyrics will bring tears to your eyes. In it, the singer asks his friend to remember him when birds sing and flowers bloom.

Fans of Lost will recognize this song, played at the end of each episode as an emotional farewell to your favorite characters. Although its music may be saddening and bittersweet, it serves as the ideal finale to an excellent show.

James Brandon Lewis is an accomplished jazz saxophonist who was honored with a Rising Star–Tenor Saxophonist accolade in the 2020 DownBeat Critics Poll. As well as solo work, James Brandon Lewis has played with numerous groups and co-founded a poetry and jazz ensemble. Additionally, James Brandon Lewis keeps busy by teaching classes as well as organizing community initiatives. Occasionally he volunteers at a soup kitchen.