Songs Like Sad Girlz Luv Money

Amaarae and Kali Uchis make an unlikely duo on “Sad Girlz Luv Money.” From Amaarae’s 2020 debut project The Angel You Don’t Know, this track sees both artists cooing about dollars and pleasure over an irresistibly seductive beat. Remi Laudat directs an elegant video featuring Amaarae alongside other women.

1. “I Want It All” by Rihanna

Rihanna has pursued pop music dominance with an almost single-minded drive, already amassing 20 Billboard Hot 100 hits–more than any solo artist ever–including “Talk That Talk”, which rose quickly to the top.

This track’s poignant message of love and devotion is heart-wrenchingly moving, touching people emotionally from joyously alive to longingly remembering past experiences. This song leaves an indelible mark on everyone who experience it.

Kali Uchis and Amaarae’s breathy vocals combine perfectly on this TikTok hit. Boasting West-African influences evident through Daniel Obasi of Lagos stylist Daniel Obasi Designs outfits designed by Remi Laudat as part of their vision, Remi Laudat envisions an exciting world where manifestation takes place alongside women who show courage by doing it fearlessly.

2. “Drugs N Hella Melodies” by Don Toliver

This song captures the journey toward finding fulfillment and happiness within relationships, exploring different approaches people take in order to do so and how this can sometimes lead them down troubling paths.

“Drugs N Hella Melodies” is Don Toliver’s debut single from his forthcoming L.O.A.D album. Featuring his girlfriend Kali Uchis as its focus, their relationship makes for one of the highlights of this video.

Don Toliver (Caleb Zackery Toliver), is an American rapper and singer. Born and raised in Alief in West Houston’s working-class neighborhoods, he started recording music as soon as he could. Influences from Luther Vandross, Marvin Gaye, N.E.R.D, among others helped shape his musical style, which incorporates elements of both rap and melodic trap.

Beginning his career in 2017, Toliver launched Playa Familia alongside his friend Yungjosh93. The mixtape took inspiration from contemporary sung-rap artists Trippie Redd and Future while featuring Toliver’s 03 Greedo style rapping alongside Jeremih crooning from Yungjosh93. By 2019 Toliver had achieved massive success with “No Idea,” appearing on Billboard Emerging Artists chart as well as TikTok, leading him to sign an exclusive deal with Cactus Jack Records label.

Toliver followed this up by releasing his sophomore project, Heaven or Hell. This album featured full versions of tracks released throughout the year as single snippets; this project demonstrated Toliver’s ability to write and perform both contemporary trap and R&B songs equally well, positioning him as a leader within Houston hip-hop scene.

Toliver’s Gemini sign can be seen reflected in his work, which oscillates between pleasure and pain, mania and melancholy. His music has an eclectic style resembling both Marvin Gaye and rapping that balance out modern rap’s highs and lows; with millions of streams already and an increasing list of collaborators it’s clear Toliver has an exciting future ahead.

3. “Dreams” by Rihanna

Rihanna and her team collaborated with artists worldwide to showcase an ad for Budweiser that celebrates creativity worldwide. It will run in over 85 countries, embodying Rihanna’s song’s message: ‘It all begins and ends with what you make’ – take a look below!

Rihanna’s song serves as an inspirational message of never giving up on your dreams and remembering that success may take longer than you expect, but will pay off in the end. Born in Saint Michael, Barbados she has since gone on to become a multi-platinum singer/entrepreneur despite facing hardships along her journey, with one street named after her now being dedicated to her in Saint Michael and she being one of the world’s most influential women.

Since 2011, she has evolved her sound from pop and dubstep to R&B and rock. Most recently, Anti was released with an array of sounds designed to reach out to audiences from different genres.

Rihanna delivered a thrilling performance at Madison Square Garden last night that left fans gasping in delight. From fireworks and an impressive arsenal of guns, to her signature blend of bubbly dance music to harder rock material from Rated R, it was truly spectacular.

TikTok sensation Amaarae has made waves with a genre-defying anthem that will have you singing every lyric. Amaarae has created her own sound by mixing Afro-pop with western influences – think Vivienne Westwood meets Daniel Obasi! Remi Laudat’s visual for this tantalizing track centers around manifestation – from her bold feminism and sense of style in outfits to futuristic cityscapes – leaving you wanting more of Amaarae!

4. “Dirty Money” by Beyonce

Diddy- Dirty Money’s 2010 album Last Train to Paris contains this record that perfectly illustrates what it’s like being a woman in hip-hop. Beyonce shines here as her lyrics show off her lyrical prowess while using a sample from Curtis Mayfield’s classic, “I Need Love.” Additionally, actress Gossip Girl stars Skylar Grey is also listed as co-writer on this track.

In this ode to female hustle, an upbeat TikTok anthem is created. Starring an eclectic cast and outfits designed by Lagos-based designer Daniel Obasi, this visual speaks volumes about manifestation and female empowerment.

The song features an infectious beat accompanied by brief keys glimmers and breathy and poised vocals from its duo artist, along with breathy yet poised vocals from Amaarae and her duo partner H.E.R. Their lyrics coo about dollars and pleasure alike as if the two artists are constantly searching for both. A TikTok anthem with both sexy and empowering elements, “Sad Girls Luv Money” marks another landmark in Amaarae’s career; her debut full-length project will drop this month while she has already collaborated with various talented artists such as Teyana Taylor and H.E.R.