Studio Apartment Decor Ideas

Studio apartments do not feature walls, so using stylish room dividers and furniture placement to separate zones will help prevent cramped feelings in your studio apartment and help prevent your work area, bedroom and living room from merging together into one big mess.

Fill your home studio with decor that reflects your musical taste, for instance if you like rock music hang posters of your favorite bands as decor.


As one of the key studio apartment decor ideas, selecting a color palette that speaks to you is essential. Vivid hues can create an energetic and fun ambiance while whites and muted tones can help to create a relaxing environment. If you need help selecting colors for your space, take inspiration from artwork you admire or photographs of nature as a source.

Once you’ve decided upon a color scheme, be sure to incorporate it throughout each room in your home. Rugs, furniture and paint should all carry out your design theme through your space. Adding texture by mixing up materials used in furnishings as well as adding prints of plants, art or animals will further strengthen it.

If you don’t have enough wall space to hang art on its own, try suspending it from filament wires on the ceiling instead. This home studio decor idea can give your space an instant gallery feel without busting your budget!


Shelves provide the ideal way to showcase your personal style and show off items that inspire you. Whether attached directly to the wall or freestanding, shelves provide the opportunity for beautiful arrangements that add an eye-catching finishing touch to any room. However, getting the balance just right is essential; too many objects on one shelf could become cluttered while too few could leave it looking barren if left too empty. By following a few basic styling rules you can create beautiful shelving displays that speak volumes about you as an individual and tells the tale of your home!

Start with larger elements, like a piece of artwork or vase collection. Fill in any empty spaces with smaller objects of various sizes that add texture and visual interest, while making sure to vary their colors as well as finishes such as matte or glossy to give depth and contrast to your display.

When working with a large amount of space, one option would be to create a single vignette that unifies all your favorite elements. Alternately, you could spread items out over several shelves for visual movement and layering purposes; you could also try creating visual movement using repeated shapes like 3 round shapes in an irregular triangle across multiple shelves to help guide viewers’ eyes around your room.

Be sure to step back every now and then and ask yourself “does this look good?” If the answer is no, consider editing away some items to see how much better your shelf looks with more breathing room – editing is an integral component of successful shelf styling!


Lighting in a home studio is an integral element to its overall space. No matter if your studio is large or small, natural light should play a crucial role in helping reduce shadows and creating an open feel. You may even consider installing a smart lighting system which allows you to control all lights within it via an app, making setting up ideal lighting easier when producing music or videos.

If your space lacks natural lighting, lamps are an effective way to add brightness. Be sure to choose lamps designed for home use with cool color temperatures as warmer bulbs can alter subjects in photos and videos.

Refresh and enhance any room with some musical wall art, from album covers and posters of your favorite musicians, to trinkets that add some personality and warmth.

If your studio apartment’s walls can’t support decor items, try suspending artwork from filament wires on the ceiling. Suspended artwork gives a studio apartment the look of an instant art gallery on an instant ramen budget.


Home studios provide an ideal place for creativity, but it’s essential that they feel inviting and personal as well. This can be accomplished by adding plants, candles and artwork that inspire you. Furthermore, an accent wall or photo collage may further personalise the space.

Though many studios may be small, you can still use decorating tricks to make the space appear larger. One such trick is hanging a long mirror on one of the walls to reflect light and make the room seem larger; another way would be adding large furniture or paintings as focal points; finally hanging some string lights can also provide an easy and affordable solution to improving lighting in your studio space.

If you live in a studio apartment, it can be challenging to divide up the space with room dividers or bookcases. One way of accomplishing this task is by adding a bookshelf filled with plants to form a “living wall.” This option is especially suitable for rental properties as it offers an effortless way to revamp the look without risking damage to landlord’s property.

Plants are an indispensable element of any home studio, as they help purify the air. Furthermore, many have medicinal qualities – the Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) has been said to reduce stress and headaches while Snake Plant (Sanseviera) can ease respiratory ailments.


Home art studios should be more than functional spaces; they should also be inspiring. To make your studio an extension of yourself and your work, hang artwork that expresses your creative aesthetic or reminds you of special memories. If space constraints prevent large pieces, consider using multiple smaller prints arranged together as gallery walls instead.

If you prefer a more minimal look, focus on keeping the space clean and clutter free by opting for bass traps or acoustic foam for sound absorption instead of hanging art on walls. Or suspend art from filament wires suspended on ceiling to give your room a gallery vibe without breaking the bank!

If your walls are limited in space, use a rolling storage cart to hold paint jars or construction paper or display decorative tape rolls – these can easily be moved from desk to table wherever the inspiration strikes! Or make the most of every available inch by embellishing an empty tin can with pleated fabric strips pleated long strips pleated then machine-stitched onto it as an easy DIY home art studio hack!