Dance Music Zone

Dance Music Zone is an international platform for commercial dance music industry news, reviews, events and interviews. 120 BPM achieves this by subverting structural markers normally present in this kind of sequence and encouraging its characters to collaborate together – this community facilitated by emotional identification and affect. Getting Started Dance Music Zone is an […]

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Home Studio Furniture – Organizing Your Cables and Wires

An efficient home studio requires proper storage and cable management solutions. A wall-mounted cable organizer or standalone solution like a coat rack are great ways to organize cables and prevent tangles. Branch has produced this stunning standing desk that would be an ideal addition to a home recording studio. While a bit pricey, this sleek

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Acoustic Treatment Near Me

If your house of worship is an echo chamber, dissonant music will reverberate throughout and make sermons difficult to hear, leaving parishioners frustrated and prompting them to search out another church with superior sound quality. NetWell Fabric Panel Acoustic Treatments provide an effective solution to noise problems by absorbing and redirecting reflective surfaces in your

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