How High Are Guitar Pickups Meant to Move?

Pickup height is one of the primary determinants of tone. Although guitar manufacturers will usually recommend specific settings for pickups, you can customize your sound by changing its height. Most pickups are height adjustable, typically using adjustment screws on either side of their spring to secure them into place. Therefore, it’s perfectly normal for them …

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Is Minecraft Music Sad?

Minecraft is an open world sandbox game with limitless possibilities that allows players to explore and build in. Its music was composed by Daniel Rosenfeld as C418, adding subtle melancholy melodies. To customize your soundtrack in Minecraft, download a resource pack and convert your song(s) to fit the format used by Minecraft. 1. It’s a …

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Acoustic Treatment Near Me

Recording music can be tricky business. Acoustics play an essential part in how well studio or mixing spaces sound – without proper treatments they may become boxy, murky and struggle with low frequencies. Acoustic solutions such as foam sheets, absorption panels, wooden diffusors, and bass traps offer affordable solutions. Soundproofing Soundproofing uses acoustic materials to …

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