Pop Music Vs Art Music

Music is an artform that can be both enjoyable and emotional, leaving people feeling either happy or sad while simultaneously telling a tale. People love art music; however, some can become confused between popular and art genres. Complexity Art music tends to be more complex and require greater musical knowledge in order to fully appreciate. […]

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Alternative Indie Music

Alternative indie music is an expansive term, covering everything from rock to folk and electronica. The Beach Boys’ intricate production methods paved the way for modern indie-folk artists like Grizzly Bear. Bob Dylan’s poetic prose and Nick Drake’s beautiful melancholy can also be heard today’s alternative artists. Definition Alternative indie music is an eclectic musical

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Is Electronic Dance Music the Same As EDM?

Electronic dance music (EDM), commonly referred to as EDM, is a genre of dance music that utilizes electronic instruments. Within this genre there are various subgenres such as hardcore techno, trap and future bass. Electronic dance music (EDM) has its roots in disco, a popular club music genre that utilized drum machines and other electronic

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