Buying a Ukulele

Ukuleles offer plenty of choices. Their sizes, wood types, and prices vary widely. Ukuleles have long been associated with Hawaiian music, perhaps more as the result of extensive advertising than anything else. Their musical notes create an uplifting and delightful sound which leaves people feeling optimistic. They’re also ideal for layering acoustic guitar tracks in

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Buying a Banjo 4 String

If you intend to play Jazz, opt for a 17 or 19 fret Four-String banjo with plectrum tuning – these instruments are known as Tenor or Plectrum banjos. Resonators can help your banjo project a sound that competes in terms of volume with other instruments like drums. Most used Four-String banjos come set up for

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Buying Guitar Cables Can Make a Big Difference in Your Tone

High-quality guitar cables can make an immense difference to your tone. By employing superior materials and construction techniques, these cables ensure that your signal reaches its destination with minimum noise interference. They’re built to withstand the demands of gigging musicians, such as coiling and uncoiling or being stepped on. Choose from various lengths and connector

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