The Connection Between Pop Music and Classical Music

Elton John, Rick Wakeman and Quincy Jones are just three influential pop musicians with significant classical musical backgrounds; each have used this expertise to add something extra special to pop music. Although pop and classical music exist separately, they share an intricate musical connection. 1. Harmony and Modulations Harmony in music can bring vibrancy and

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Types of Popular Music

There is a variety of popular music genres. Each has its own specific traits, with more accessible variants appealing to a wider audience. Early 20th-century innovations such as phonograph records and radio broadcasting helped increase music’s popularity, leading to its global dissemination. Now, new technologies facilitate musical styles being spread to even wider audiences worldwide.

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Death Metal and Classical Music

Classical music has long been recognized for its inspirational qualities in metal. Ranging from classical pieces that are centuries old to more contemporary pieces, classical music can provide inspiration and influence within the world of music in myriad ways. Death metal musicians have long included classical elements into their music, from classically trained sopranos to

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