folk music

What Is Folk Music?

Folk music has endured over time. At one time it was very fashionable; gaining widespread acclaim as workers fled California in search of jobs during the Great Depression. Woody Guthrie sang songs that captured the working class struggles of his era, while Bob Dylan addressed civil rights and equality for all people through his lyrics. […]

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Folk Music Houston

Folk Family Revival, a Houston band that’s been perfecting its act over several years, brings traditional tunes as well as original concepts to various venues around Houston. Rice University’s Houston Folk Music Archive chronicles Houston’s legacy as an incubator of folk music, providing easy navigation through photo galleries, concert posters and contextual anecdotes. A newly

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Why Traditional Music is Important

Traditional music provides an effective link to a community’s ancestral roots while also helping foster cultural diversity, helping its members better comprehend their heritage. Maintaining the authenticity of traditional music in an increasingly globalized world can be challenging, so this blog post examines its value while discussing potential obstacles facing traditional musicians today. It is

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New Orleans Folk Music

Louisiana rural communities have long fostered various forms of traditional country music. Now these traditions are being commercially exploited in various ways. Zydeco, an innovative folk style unique to Louisiana’s folk music tradition, represents cultural co-optation at work in Louisiana’s music culture. It has its roots in British folk ballads, airs and jigs as well

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Folk Music in the 1930s

During the Depression, folk music took on new significance. Renowned folklorist Cecil Sharp believed that traditional songs developed through an evolutionary process similar to natural selection: competing variants would gradually improve with each repetition. Folklorists like John and Alan Lomax continued their work documenting regional folk styles, eventually compiling an Archive of American Folk Song.

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