pop music

Pop Music of the 00s

By the late 1990s, mainstream tastes tended toward pop music. Boy bands like ‘N Sync and East 17 emerged – manufactured acts assembled specifically for their looks that were then aggressively promoted towards young audiences. Alicia Keys stood out as an exciting alternative with her hip-hop flair and old school piano chops, setting herself apart

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What Is Popular Music?

Popular music refers to any form of music that is widely appreciated within society, from rock to rap and country genres. Popular music can be heard all across the globe and enjoyed by millions. Popular music began its journey to fame in America when lax copyright laws allowed song publishing to flourish in an area

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Pop Music 60s and 70s

Comparing contemporary pop music to that from the 60s and 70s reveals more diversity: British Invasion rock to San Francisco psych, Greenwich Village folk and Detroit Motown were just some of the genres present then. Singer-songwriters strive to convey something, whether that be love, politics, or their psychedelic visions. The Beatles The Beatles made an

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How to Write Pop Music

A great pop song features a catchy melody with an irresistibly catchy hook, in addition to having an easy structure and danceability. Songwriters typically write songs and then let them sit for some time, which enables them to assess it with fresh ears and adjust any necessary changes to it. Songwriting Songwriting is an artistic

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Pop Music Vs Rap Music

Rapping is a type of music characterized by spoken lyrics over musical beats, often for artistic, commercial, political or even personal gain. Additionally, rapping may contain boasts or insults directed against rivals. Critics have frequently decried its violence and sexual content, yet many use it to raise issues that go ignored in mainstream culture. Differences

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