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Are Musicians Depressed?

Many musicians struggle with mental health, yet remain silent about it due to fear that discussing such struggles could damage their reputation or needing to present an optimistic front. Recent suicides of prominent musicians have brought this issue into focus, with studies indicating that musicians may be three times more likely than the general population […]

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Sad Music 10 Seconds

Sad music can be very moving. These heartbreaking tracks may come from pop, rock or even classical genres – making the emotional impact that much greater. Switching key is an easy and effective way to change the tone and atmosphere of a song. Switching from major to minor keys, for example, makes the melody more

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Why Music Has a Sad Tone

Composers use various notes to evoke specific moods. For instance, composers often employ minor third intervals in melodies for songs with sadder themes, creating an immediate association. Researchers have also discovered the significance of tempo, harmonic progression and timbre as key elements of music. Huron and colleagues conducted a survey in which participants evaluated 44

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