The 20th Anniversary of Norah Jones’s Album With a Super Deluxe Edition

Norah Jones mesmerizes listeners with her breathtaking vocals on Seven Years. This soulful ballad chronicles past relationships and invokes both nostalgia and loss; its seven-year timeframe signifies significant personal development and transition, an experience relatable to many individuals.

Guitar Chords

Chords are an essential building block of music. While guitar chords can be easily learned, their complexity increases over time as your playing and understanding grow.

Most musical chords consist of three tones; for instance, the C major chord contains the tones C, E and G.

An altered chord, like E7#9, contains the 1st, 4th, flat 7th and sharp 9th notes from its scale – adding tension and drama to your tune! This can add visual intrigue.

Bass Chords

Figured bass notation provides musicians with instructions for playing on any given bass guitar fret. Every bass chord has a distinct sound, necessitating appropriate finger placement to produce its desired result.

Though most bassists opt for single note lines, chords can add variety and texture to your songs. Here are movable bass chord shapes to help expand your repertoire.

Verse 5

Blue Note Records has honored Norah Jones’ landmark album for two decades with a Super Deluxe Edition that contains both its remastered original album as well as 22 never-before-heard tracks – from original demos she submitted to Blue Note and First Session demos, to an unheard rendition of Seven Years from The Allaire Sessions – released over time. Now available on vinyl and CD.

Verse 6

Norah’s soothing, sensual, and hopeful music resonated deeply in the aftermath of September 11. This Super Deluxe Edition contains both remastered version of her original album as well as 22 previously unreleased tracks – from demos sent to Blue Note and Allaire Sessions recordings – giving listeners an inside glimpse at where Norah might have gone creatively had she not signed with Blue Note Records.

Verse 7

Norah relocated to New York City in 1999 to pursue her singing career and quickly found work as pianist at the Blue Note Jazz Club. Her powerful voice and deeply personal songs resonated deeply with listeners during a time when our world was still reeling from September 11. This 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition contains remastered versions of both albums along with 22 never-before-released tracks including First Session demos she created before signing with Blue Note, Allaire Sessions demos she recorded after signing, plus additional tracks not previously released before signing with Blue Note as well as Allaire Sessions tracks she recorded after signing and the Allaire Sessions sessions by all four artists involved.