The Best Bass Guitar Amps on Ebay

bass guitar amp ebay

Bass amps differ from guitar amplifiers in that they’re specially tuned to reproduce bass frequencies, so finding one suitable to your needs is of vital importance.

Blackstar Unity series amps are ideal for bass players seeking an amp that can support practice sessions and small gigs alike. Their compact combo design is easy to transport and come packed with an assortment of features.

Ashdown Studio 8

The Studio 8 and 15 models are ideal choices for bassists looking to reduce weight without compromising tone. Both offer Line In inputs, speaker mute switches and headphone outputs – perfect for home practice! Although its single eight-inch speaker can only convey so much low end, the Studio 8 still manages to produce rounded Ashdown tones that project well when played both fingerstyle and pick style playing techniques.

This amplifier comes equipped with a bass port that allows you to pair it with a subwoofer for increased power and depth, making it perfect for small gigs and rehearsals as it offers a balanced tone that can cover various musical genres. Its EQ section offers convenient rotary controls for each frequency in its +/-15dB range; in addition, high-mid and treble controls enable you to customise its tone according to your individual taste and needs.

The amp is equipped with a switchable pre shape EQ that can add drive and harmonic richness, while its five-band EQ offers plenty of customization to meet all players’ needs. Highs are bright and clear while bass has plenty of power to fill large rooms. Plus, using the footswitch (sold separately), rock players will appreciate an additional dose of grit with this amp’s drive feature activated via footswitch!

This bass amp is very lightweight, featuring a frame made of superlight poplar ply and a custom eight-inch speaker designed specifically to fit this amp’s frame. As such, it makes an easy combo amplifier to transport from car trunk to car trunk, with its clean vintage-looking face protected with heavy-duty black tolex and chrome corner protectors to shield it from scratches or bumps over time. When set at noon EQ’s sound warm and articulate with enough headroom for any style of playing – an ideal bass amp choice for travelling bassists!

Blackstar Unity Series

Blackstar Unity Series bass combo amps offer maximum tonal flexibility and feel, from 30 to 500 watts in power range. Their preamp offers three distinct preamp voicings to provide maximum tonal options, and there’s even a response control which emulates three distinct power amp stages for extra tonal variation. As a result, these powerful amps can handle any genre from classic to modern without compromise!

The U30 offers many useful features, such as USB out for digital recording and MP3 input to jam along with your favorite tunes. There’s also a -10dB pad which accommodates active and passive instruments as well as pedal plug-in for additional effects. On its back panel there’s even an XLR + 1/4″ line out, headphone jack, footswitch capability for controlling on-board effects as well as other useful XLR + 1/4″ line outs for direct recording! You can add footswitch control if desired!

Blackstar made waves by revolutionizing the six-string world, but their entry into bass market is relatively recent. This year, UK company unveiled their Unity Pro Bass System — a variety of bass combos designed for multiple applications and styles – making its debut.

Blackstar Unity series bass amps stand out from other models by offering an abundance of controls and features designed to maximize your bass guitar experience. Incorporating classic tube amp sound features, as well as an intuitive user interface that makes controlling this amp easy – plus an LED display showing what the amp is doing!

This bass amp boasts a high-quality speaker that produces a rich, full sound. Its compact design makes it easy to use and its built-in overdrive feature gives you endless sonic options – the ideal combination for bass players looking for an affordable yet powerful amplifier.

If you’re searching for a versatile yet cost-effective bass amp, look no further than Blackstar Unity Series. Boasting responsive EQ controls, built-in overdrive functionality, and three distinct preamp voicings make this amp perfect for bass players of any experience level.

Markbass MB8

Markbass amps are known for being versatile instruments. This one doesn’t disappoint either: powered by a powerful Class D tube preamp and using their most potent output transistor design, this amp serves multiple roles from stand-alone head applications all the way through extension cabinets for their MB58R combos.

This 10″ speaker cabinet boasts 10″ speakers that are perfectly designed for reproducing low frequencies, featuring an updated high-fi tweeter for crisp and clear mids and highs. Made of lightweight Neodymium material, they also reduce vibration significantly and save your back from carrying around a heavy speaker cabinet.

Mix knob is another key element, controlling a continuously variable blend between tube and solid-state preamps. Although this doesn’t offer full tube preamp capabilities (Markbass admits this fact), it still creates an authentic bass guitar sound with distinctive warmth that sets Markbass apart.

With all connections and controls centralized on its front panel – leaving only speaker outs and AC power sockets at its rear – this amp is designed for ease of use in various situations. Pack it up in its padded gig bag complete with speaker cabinet cover to keep it protected while on the road – creating an ideal combination of power and portability, with tone that’ll have audiences wanting more!

Ampeg SVT VR

The Ampeg SVT VR bass amp has become one of the most iconic bass amplifiers ever created, boasting one of the highest sound qualities available and being used by professional bassists worldwide. Producing beautiful musical tones at lower settings while offering thunderous tones at higher volumes; rocker switches provide instant tonal changes for gigging; its simple knobs and switches make using it effortless – the SVT VR is truly made for players!

This all-tube amp, featuring six 6550 power tubes, provides up to 300 watts of power. With its classic design, iconic tube tone, and pleasing midrange growl it has long been considered an industry standard in bass amp design and use by numerous musicians such as John Wolstenholme for both clean and distorted sounds in his recordings.

The SVT-VR is a vintage reissue of the early 1970s Blue-Line SVT head, replicating its signal path, tone and vibe exactly. This 300W beast will deliver all of the bass tone you need for creating dynamic grooves!

Plugin Alliance and Ampeg have joined forces to offer an advanced IR bass amplifier plugin free for all VST, AU, and AAX DSP users. It follows in the footsteps of their critically-acclaimed SVT-VR full version but features only essential functions for seamless use and ease.

The Plugin Alliance SVT-VR Classic Bass Amp plugin delivers incredible tube tone, massive power, and an adaptable mix control to enable seamless integration into any mix. Its FX Rack offers Power Soak for extra saturation as well as INPUT GAIN control to optimize gain staging. Furthermore, filters, noise gates, and three boutique recording chains from Brainworx give you all of the tools to craft your ideal bass tone.