The Best Bass Guitar Jazz Pickups

best bass guitar jazz pickups

Bassists looking for the ideal jazz bass pickups will discover an extensive range of options. Also referred to as J-pickups, these single coil bass single coil pickups tend to be larger than traditional electric guitar pickups and may offer better sound projection.

Aguilar AG 4J-HC hum-canceling pickups provide ample tones and character; their warm sounding modern tone is great for contemporary bassists while providing responsive response; however, these pickups do not lend themselves well to vintage sounds.

1. Aguilar AG 4J-HC Hum-Canceling Pickups

The Aguilar AG 4J-HC Hum-Canceling Pickups are an outstanding set of Jazz Bass pickups, boasting classic vintage tones while adapting well to all types of playing. Their 6mm magnets deliver thicker sound with more midrange and bass frequencies; making these pickups suitable for those seeking something with modern sound yet maintaining some classic Fender vibe.

Aguilar also provides various voicings for these bass guitar pickups to meet every musical taste imaginable – choose the 5% underwind for more of a 1970s sound, or opt for mid-scooped tone for slap and funk! This set makes an affordable upgrade option for Jazz Bassists looking to upgrade their instrument without breaking the bank!

Jazz bass pickups are known for their clarity and definition, enabling them to cut through a mix. Unfortunately, however, these pickups do not perform well with heavier genres like industrial metal and don’t pair well with distortion pedals; instead they excel when performing gentle genres such as jazz, blues, country music, etc.

Nordstrand Audio offers an excellent selection of bass guitar Jazz Bass pickups if you’re in the market for new ones. Their bass amplifiers and preamps are well-regarded, and they also produce pedals. Their extensive inventory features four-string Jazz Bass guitar pickups as well as five-string basses, Mustang, and Music Man styles.

Nordstrand offers an excellent Jazz Bass neck and bridge pickup combo in its JB/HB model, featuring dual coil design similar to traditional Fender Jazz Bass pickups with an added hum-canceling element for reduced 60-cycle hum. This option allows any combination of pickups to be used without worrying about 60-cycle hum problems, making this pickup set ideal for bassists looking to stand out in a mix, while having plenty of power so that their playing can be heard clearly; additionally boosted versions may provide increased gain – perfect if playing heavier genres or genres!

2. Seymour Duncan Jazz Bass Pickups

No matter the genre of music that needs a bass presence, the Fender Jazz Bass guitar pickup can provide that all-important sultry tone to get the job done. First introduced in the 60s and used by top bassists such as Noel Redding, Geddy Lee, Jaco Pastorius among many others, its versatile nature allows you to switch from seductive to downright dirty depending on how you adjust its volume controls.

Are you in search of new jazz bass pickups to upgrade your bass guitar? Look no further than Seymour Duncan. Their Quarter Pounder Jazz Bass pickups provide a fuller, warmer sound than typical Fender single-coil models; plus their hand-ground Alnico 5 rod magnets and custom coil windings provide thick tone suitable for multiple genres.

These pickups are specially made to work with both Fender’s Reissue of ’62 Jazz Bass as well as your original. With easy drop-in replacement installation, this pair features vintage-style cloth-braided wire constructed into reverse wound hum-cancelling pickups for optimal results when used together with bridge pickup.

Jazz Bass pickups with SD pickups are slightly taller than their regular counterparts, so make sure that the guitar’s pickup pocket can accommodate them. If it does not, use a Dremel tool equipped with a 1/8″ routing bit to rout out its bottom section to accommodate them.

The Apollo Jazz Bass pickups are handcrafted in Santa Barbara, California using hand ground alnico 5 rod magnets with Forbon flatwork for smooth performance and vacuum wax potting for noiseless operation. A great upgrade for your 1962 Jazz Bass, these pickups provide classic tone, aggression and articulation of vintage Fender instruments – they even come equipped with black covers! All models feature five string models designed to fit traditional Fender 5-string Jazz basses as well as four string versions available to complete 6-string basses – not to mention these five string models come equipped with black covers!

3. Lindy Fralin Jazz Bass Pickups

If you want to maximize the performance of your Fender jazz bass, these Lindy Fralin pickups can’t be beat. Boasting an authentic vintage tone from the 1960s and hum-canceling capabilities to ensure any unwanted hissing won’t occur, these Lindy Fralin pickups provide the ideal complement.

J-style pickups have many applications and can be utilized across almost every genre of music. Their strengths lie in definition, versatility and clarity but lack some of the grit associated with P-style pickups; as a result they tend to work best with gentle genres such as pop-rock, country music and jazz; but can still produce great sounds when applied in rock or metal music genres.

Lindy Fralin Jazz Bass Pickups have quickly become a favorite in the bass community thanks to their clarity and definition. Crafted with local fiberboard and USA magnets for an authentic tone. Hand wound using our proprietary “sectioning” technique and wax potted against microphonics for greater protection – these jazz bass pickups give your Fender crisp, focused tone perfect for recording sessions!

Bartolini AJR-4J pickups are another superb option for jazz bassists, being made in America and utilized by numerous manufacturers like Fender, Spector, Lakland and Music Man. Their pickups feature Alnico 5 magnets with 42 gauge Heavy Formvar wire for increased articulation – perfect for modern players seeking something with modern edge. Furthermore they’re hum canceling so can even work in basses without an official Fender humbucking bridge! For more information about Bartolini AJR-4J pickups visit their website!

4. Bartolini Jazz Bass Pickups

If you’re searching for jazz bass pickups that provide full and warm classic tones with massive low mids, these pickups may be your perfect match. Furthermore, they offer more top end than the pro-level Bartolini models while including all necessary materials to get them installed and playing quickly.

The original Bartolini design features blade-style pickups with flush-mounted pole pieces for even string response and an overall full sound that works across many styles and genres. Furthermore, these pickups are hum-canceling and will work seamlessly with an onboard preamp found in most basses; additionally they’re available in multiple soapbar shapes so you can find your ideal tone match!

Bartolini also offers the b-axis series of pickups as an exceptional option, which utilize exposed Alnico V magnets to deliver more articulate sounds, making for greater output that’s ideal for modern styles such as metal and fusion.

Bartolini stands apart from other companies producing jazz bass pickups by employing an in-house designed preamp that adds punch and clarity to your tone. Their patent preamp uses magnetic fields that capture vibration from strings for an expansive bass sound with both clear highs and deep, rich lows.

One of the most sought-after models is the BB-82, an extremely versatile set suitable for everything from blues to classic rock with an especially powerful low end. Additionally, upright players who wish to preserve that traditional P bass sound will find this set ideal.

Another popular Bartolini jazz bass pickup set option is the BB-54AP. Similar to its counterpart, this model provides warmer tones with increased top end than its 82B counterpart; making this set perfect for traditional and modern styles alike, including fusion and progressive rock. There has been much discussion online regarding which of their jazz bass pickup sets is superior; each model may suit a certain player differently and it may take time before you find one that sounds best to you; be sure to review comparison videos online before making your decision!