The Best Budget Bass Guitar Pickups

best budget bass guitar pickups

Finding the ideal bass guitar pickup can be a daunting task. To make it easier, we’ve put together this list of the top budget bass guitar pickups so that you can make an informed decision.

These pickups are perfect for a variety of genres, such as jazz and blues, metal, and even rock music. Furthermore, they boast great durability and require no technical knowledge to install without issue.


Bass guitar pickups are an integral part of a bass guitar, having a significant effect on sound. Players often opt to replace these when upgrading their instrument for better playability and quality sound.

However, it can be challenging to decide which pickups are ideal for your playing style. That is why it is essential to read reviews and customer feedback before making a purchase.

Bass guitar pickup prices can vary considerably based on the brand, model and materials used to craft them. This is largely due to the extra complexity involved in crafting bass guitars.

Furthermore, the size and number of strings on a bass guitar affect its cost. On average, five-string basses tend to be the least expensive option.

On the other hand, a six-string bass guitar may be more expensive due to its more intricate production techniques that demand higher-grade materials.

Due to this, many people opt to save money on bass guitar pickups and only buy them when they truly need them. This is an effective way to save cash while still getting a high-quality product.

Another option is to purchase cheap bass guitar pickups from lesser-known brands. They usually come with positive reviews and can be had for a lower cost than brand-name products.

Beginners might want to start with a bass pickup that offers plenty of tone control so they can customize their sound. These pickups usually produce bright, full chords and an evenly balanced treble-bass sound.

They feature a significant midrange, which can be helpful when playing high notes. Furthermore, the mids help amplify your bass tone in live settings.

If you need a bass pickup with plenty of power, the DiMarzio DP122 is an excellent option. It features a powerful ceramic magnet for high-gain tones with plenty of low-end definition and midrange growl. You can purchase this pickup in either single-coil or dual-coil versions and in various colors such as black or cream-colored covers.

Pickup style

Selecting the correct pickup is essential if you want to maximize your bass guitar’s sound. There are various types of pickups, some even tailored specifically for certain music genres. No matter if you need a single coil or humbucker, there’s sure to be a pickup that meets your requirements.

The pickup style refers to the coil used by magnetic bass pickups to convert an electric signal from vibrating strings into sound that can be plugged into an amplifier. In a typical magnetic pickup, copper wire is wound around a magnet which causes the string to vibrate; when this occurs, an induced current occurs within this wire and sends through to your amp via pickup.

Different pickup styles offer their own advantages, and single coil pickups tend to be cheaper and brighter while humbuckers use two single-coil pickups together in order to reduce hum and create a thicker sound.

If you’re on a budget and looking to upgrade the sound of your bass, there are plenty of pickups under $100 that can be bought. While these pickups still produce an acceptable sound, they may not be as full and powerful as more expensive models.

J-style pickups are an affordable alternative for bass players looking to upgrade their instruments. They tend to be less expensive than P-style pickups and can be used in both neck and bridge positions. Made with large diameter poles, these pickups produce a warm and punchy sound that fits most standard J-style basses; you can purchase them either in sets or individually.

These pickups are an ideal choice for both beginners and professionals looking to upgrade their bass. They’re easy to install, with a vast array of tones.

If you’re uncertain which pickup style is ideal for you, visiting your local musical instrument store and consulting an expert is a wise idea. They can tell you which pickups are compatible with your bass and suggest the set that works best.

Pickup materials

Pickups are an integral component of any bass guitar, and the materials they’re made from can have an impact on how well they sound. This is especially true for budget-grade instruments since they may not use the same materials as pro-grade guitars.

Bass pickups can be divided into two main categories: magnetic and piezoelectric. Both types of pickups are capable of producing sound, but their characteristics will dictate how it sounds.

Magnetic: Bass pickups of this type are the most common type, and they work by taking the energy transferred by strings when they vibrate and converting it into an electrical signal. Electric basses often employ them to enhance natural resonance, but acoustic basses may also feature them.

Piezo: These are miniature transducers made of crystalline materials that convert pressure or vibration into an electrical signal. Acoustic and upright basses often feature them, while electric basses may include them as auxiliary pickups.

They can be placed under the bridge, on the neck or inside a instrument’s body to capture more vibration from bass instruments, giving it a warmer and softer tone than magnetic pickups alone can offer.

Some pickups can even be combined with other types of pickups, like a microphone, for greater versatility. This is especially useful for players who require more range than an electric bass pickup or who like to use pedals.

When looking for high-quality bass pickups at an affordable price point, Nordstrand and Bartolini are two popular brands that provide excellent sound. Nordstrand’s quality craftsmanship and Bartolini’s superior sound make these options popular choices among bass enthusiasts.

Other brands offer more budget-friendly bass pickups, but their performance is often inferior to that of higher priced counterparts. Therefore, it’s essential to shop around before making a purchase and read reviews to get an accurate assessment of how well a given pickup performs.

Pickups on sale

Pickups on sale offer an affordable way to upgrade your bass without breaking the bank. They come in various styles and configurations, so you can find one that meets your requirements. Both passive and active models are available, making them suitable for both beginner and experienced bassists looking to up their gear game.

The best budget bass guitar pickups are constructed with quality materials and offer a range of tones. Some are humbuckers and some single coils, so you can find one that suits your playing style perfectly.

EMG’s SJB-3 set is an ideal option for bassists looking to explore a variety of genres. Its balanced tone works great with metal, rock and blues as well as more delicate styles like RnB and jazz.

These pickups are designed to fit standard basses and are easy to install. Plus, they include an output jack and battery clip so they’re ready to go right out of the box!

This EMG P-bass pickup is designed to replicate Geezer Butler’s signature sound, yet delivers it in a more modern, quieter, punchier and cleaner manner than most other pickups at this price point. Metal fans who appreciate classic P-bass tones will find this pickup an indispensable must-have.

Seymour Duncan Blackout: For guitarists seeking an intense rock and roll sound, this balanced coil humbucker offers a warm yet aggressive tone.

For bassists seeking a powerful, balanced tone that can handle heavy distortion, this pickup is an ideal choice. Installation is relatively straightforward as well as featuring both volume and tone knobs for convenient control.

Dimarzio DP122 pickups are a go-to choice for many bassists due to their versatility and performance. They deliver a rich, full, and dynamic sound that rivals many more expensive options – making them an excellent value.