The Best Electronic Music in Oakland

While “noise music” might conjure images of white dudes assaulting their audiences with feedback, there are plenty of artists working within this genre who don’t fit this mold – Oakland-based artists include eco-feminist noise duo Earthbound, bilingual lo-fi pop singer Kohinoorgasm and loop pedal alchemist Spellling to name just a few.

Acid House

Acid House was one of the earliest forms of electronic music to combine music, technology and danceable beats into an enjoyable form of electronica music. Although Acid House first made an impactful splash on rave scenes around 1988, its roots can already be seen 10 years earlier when hip-hop and reggae fans adopted its eclectic sounds, dance floor driven rhythms and mind altering drugs as part of a lifestyle choice – this spirit continued into Summer of Love II in 1969.

Chicago was home to the birth of hip-hop. Producer Marshall Jefferson collaborated with Earl “Spanky” Smith Jr. and Herbert “Herb J” Jackson — known collectively as Phuture — to produce an iconic record that would define their genre. They used Roland TB-303 bass synthesizers to produce its iconic sound.

This sound spread quickly across the United States and soon was being heard in European dance clubs, especially popular with gay community members and other subcultures in Britain. Additionally, promoters of free festivals and parties who were familiar with reggae/dub sound systems saw it as making sense.

By the time Frankie Knuckles released “Your Love” in 1987, Acid House had become an international sensation. Its combination of acid synthesizers with 4 to the floor beat and classic disco bass lines was enough to revolutionize its scene and be received like no other record could.

Acid house was one of the primary influences in the creation of trance, techno and hardhouse music in its later years; furthermore it paved the way for other forms of electronic music such as trip hop and dubstep to take hold today. Today it remains a cornerstone of electronic music scene.

Classic elements of acid house remain, though it can be challenging to recreate its sound exactly. Some producers have succeeded, while others have fallen short – Tiesto and MoTi’s “Back to the Acid” employs big room production techniques that detract from its original intent, and Danny Howard’s track boasts robotic vocals unsuited for genre. On a more hopeful note is an album by mysterious producer known as TB Arthur that utilizes Roland 303s to craft dark and atmospheric singles.


Lorin Ashton, better known as Bassnectar, has made a name for himself through a career mixing dubstep, drum and bass and other electronic genres. His signature sound fuses hip hop and metal influences with thunderous bass to produce something truly original; fans of his sound are known as “bassheads.” Performing at over 150 events each year and his albums making him one of the most influential bass musicians today.

American DJ and activist Brian Hickey hosts charitable and educational events for his audience. He has organized community cleanups, voter registration drives, and other service projects as well as donated tens of thousands of dollars for those in need in California – such as raising money for charities such as AIDS Research Foundation and National Parks Trust.

Producer has garnered great popularity with festival attendees and his live performances are energetic and captivating. His production method involves unique effects and layering techniques to create an immersive dance experience, inspiring a generation of producers along with amassed an extensive following on social media. He has played at notable venues like Red Rocks Amphitheatre and Bill Graham Civic Auditorium among others.

Bassnectar boasts a dedicated following, composed of both mainstream listeners and counterculture rebels alike. Many fans wear peace dyed dreadlocks and quirky pinecone necklaces while dancing; while some even twirl their eyebrows while moving.

Bassnectar has also established himself as an accomplished touring musician and festival organizer, selling out Wildstyle at Daylight Beach Club at Mandalay Bay within days. The two-day show will take place October 6-7th.

He maintains an intimate and honest connection to his audience through music that often addresses emotional or sincere themes. His musical influences range from metal to classical and are evident in his songs; bass music is particularly beloved. Collaboration is highly valued. His latest album, Unlimited, showcases this diversity. With each new record release he masterfully incorporates new styles and genres into his work.


SBSM stands for SmartBody SmartMind, an innovative program. This online self-paced course helps people learn to work with their bodies and nervous systems for healing purposes – be that chronic health conditions or early/developmental trauma. While it can be intense at times, starting slow is advised so as to take it at your own pace.

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Piano Rain

Rain’s sound has long inspired music, from popular Billboard hits to classical composers. Chopin’s Raindrop Prelude from 1800 used piano keystroke techniques that emulate raindrop sounds to produce this piece, often described as soothing and peaceful, helping reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Eden Rain’s mother and father introduced her to music and art at an early age; her mother taught piano and drum lessons while her father imparted taste in music and an appreciation of art; among her early influences were artists like Dream Theater and Daft Punk.

While she initially intended to become a poet, she soon found out she was more skilled at songwriting and more adept at writing lyrics than drawing pictures. Thus she pursued her ambition of becoming a musician – becoming both a singer-songwriter and performer in due time.

Piano Rain provides soothing instrumental tracks featuring piano and nature scenes designed to aid sleep and reduce heart rate. Their carefully orchestrated rhythms help slow your heart rate, lower blood pressure, and decrease cortisol – the hormone responsible for stress and anxiety.