The Best Electronic Music in Queenstown

Modern electronic music has its roots deep within New Zealand. Early post-punk group Danse Macabre featured synthesizers in their lineup and Donna Summer’s Giorgio Moroder Euro-disco music was widely available here.

Synthony in the Park at Auckland’s Domain was an unparalleled mix of dance music and orchestral sound – and was an event which sold-out almost instantly!


Rhino is an electronic Maori music band that blends traditional Maori music with contemporary electronic sounds to produce fierce, heartfelt and genuine performances. Their members have years of experience performing live, using what they learned to craft their unique sound influenced by New Zealand culture and landscape, heavy bass lines and complex drum patterns that incorporate heavy basslines edginess, melodic qualities reminiscent of rock country pop performances; all influences incorporated into their unique sound.

The early 1980s witnessed the advent of synthesizer-driven bands such as Soft Cell, Heaven 17, Cabaret Voltaire and Yazoo; their music inspired artists like David Bowie and Iggy Pop who were exploring exotic rhythms and new methods of making records themselves. At this same time danceable African popu1ar music became widely commercially successful including genres such as mbaqanga (black Sophiatown middle-class swing), itinerant Zulu night-music such as Ladysmith Black Mambazo; and Kwela (with sexually suggestive dance moves).

As soon as major overseas groups toured New Zealand, interest in this emerging music increased exponentially. Body Electric’s 1983 tour included concerts at Auckland’s Mainstreet and A Certain Bar as well as Sweetwaters Festival south of the city, followed by New Order with their “Vienna Era Line-up”, while Tears For Fears added Western Springs into their schedule later that same year.

After Rhinoceros disbanded in 1970, its lineup – John Finley, Danny Weis, Michael Fonfara, Peter Hodgson and Larry Leishman – formed Blackstone. According to Weis, Blackstone attempted “to recapture some of the fun we had” in Rhinoceros but disbanded shortly thereafter; Finley recorded with both The Checkmates and Mohawks; while Weis, Weis, Fonfara et al formed Freedom Fair which released one album before disbandment again in 1972.

Vinyl Underground

Queenstown offers something to satisfy everyone when it comes to music – be it techno beats or live jazz sessions. Queenstown’s diverse musical scene offers something for every musical taste and preference, from sprawling nightclubs and pubs to intimate pubs showcasing Queenstown’s unique culture and gorgeous landscape. Concerts or festivals held against this stunning backdrop provide the best opportunity to experience its rich musical landscape.

Although some critics viewed electronic music as non-musical, its appeal was undeniable. Soft Cell and Heaven 17 quickly captured public imagination, as did bands such as Yazoo, Depeche Mode and Cabaret Voltaire that used modern technology effectively in their compositions. Soon enough, dance clubs began opening across New Zealand.

Early in 1984, The Body Electric made their mark with an instrumental single called ‘Imagination’ reaching number 30 on the chart and their self-titled album also entering it. Ian Morris later remixed their track to create remix version for their remix album release; as The Body Electric performed at Auckland venues like Mon Desir and A Certain Bar before touring around New Zealand and Christchurch for several weeks in February.

VAPERROR (Jeff Cardinal) is an innovative multi-instrumentalist who blends jazz, funk, synthesizers and drum machines into his signature sound for an infectious club experience. His mix is well received among his audience.

NZ DJ (NZDJ) is an up-and-coming electronic music producer with her unique style that draws influence from traditional NZ rock and funk influences. She offers energetic sets with her wide variety of musical genres.

Queenstown’s music scene is flourishing, attracting talented artists who call Queenstown home. Queenstown’s diverse culture can be heard through its music from guitar twang to drum beat. Additionally, New Zealand bands are including traditional Maori instruments such as the taonga puoro into their performances to add local flavor. Queenstown offers music lovers both local and global influences making this destination unmissable!

Queenstown Brewery

Queenstown is an adventurer’s haven, yet its night-time revelers also revel in its vibrant music and culture. Boasting venues ranging from sprawling nightclubs to cozy bars, Queenstown boasts events catering to an eclectic crowd. Concerts and festivals featuring local talent as well as world-renowned performers add even more variety; whether it’s dancing your night away in a lively club or attending an inspiring concert against stunning scenic backgrounds – Queenstown has something special in store.

Cargo Brewery in Queenstown, New Zealand offers an ideal setting to relax with cold beer while listening to music and sip an excellent pint of craft brew. Their design reflects founder Peter Carrington’s love of craft beer by featuring simple furniture which breaks gender norms while still emphasizing its main focus: beers themselves. You can even get personalized glassware!

Searchlight Brewery draws locals and visitors alike into its welcoming ambience. Boasting an active event calendar and offering an exceptional range of beers, this beloved local hangout provides the ideal atmosphere for meeting other beer enthusiasts – glasses clink harmoniously against laughter and live music to create an experience unique to Queenstown.

Searchlight Brewery offers an incredible selection of beers and is also a favored destination for watching sports events. Their outdoor seating overlooking Lake Wakatipu provides beautiful lakeside views – the perfect combination! On sunny days, enjoying both an ice cold beverage and stunning vista can’t be beat!

Though small in scale, this brewery has quickly become an integral part of its local community. Their beers reflect local flavors while their team always remains friendly and upbeat; additionally they offer an impressive variety of food offerings, including vegetarian-friendly choices.

Searchlight Brewery offers night-time adventure. Their calendar of events features activities that enhance an exciting evening’s activities such as moonlit bungee jumping and mountain biking in twilight conditions, or take one of TSS Earnslaw steamship cruises across Lake Wakatipu from here! And for something really scary… check out Fear Factory Queenstown after dark; sure to give you chills!

Nightclubs in Queenstown

Queenstown offers everything you need, whether you want to dance the night away or relax in comfort in a lounge – its vibrant town centre provides something for every taste, including some of New Zealand’s top restaurants where you can sip a glass of local wine, dine on an exquisite meal and spend quality time with your friends.

Music-lovers will find plenty of clubs and bars that feature live performances by talented DJs until 4 am! The atmosphere is friendly, making for an excellent opportunity to dance the night away! Additionally, join a pub crawl to meet other travelers and visit some of the city’s top nightclubs and bars!

Rhinos or Vinyl Underground offer plenty of hip hop influence. Both establishments boast large dance floors and become very busy during winter when Queenstown becomes its premiere apres ski venue. There are also a handful of bars offering relaxed settings with happy hours all night long.

Zephyr Bar has long been renowned for its exceptional DJs and their diverse music selection ranging from deep house, reggae and funk to soul and hip-hop. Plus, their amazing menu and drinks specials keep guests coming back until the early hours!

Queenstown Ice Bar provides an unforgettable drinking experience – it is literally made out of ice! And its interior sculptures are simply mesmerising; don’t miss this unique drinking venue!

Queenstown may not boast as vibrant of a club scene as cities like Auckland or Sydney, but there are still numerous options available to those who are looking for some excitement. Most major bars and clubs provide live music as well as special drink offers; many also hold events such as Latino nights. It may be worthwhile renting a car if your plans include visiting multiple venues during your visit.