The Best Electronic Music Venues in London

Phonox, located in Dalston in East London’s gentrifying East, provides fringe underground electronic music. Though occasionally big artists come through, Phonox is more often than not the place where up and coming musicians make an impressionful performance.

Ministry of Sound

Ministry of Sound has long been at the forefront of mainstreaming electronic music through club nights, record labels and their global radio station. Additionally, their influence can be seen through artists and DJs they work with as they have built an expansive community of creative individuals allowing each to grow together.

Justin Berkmann envisioned MoS as the home for rave music during its early days. Inspired by New York’s Paradise Garage, Berkmann wanted a club in Britain that represented all that was great about electronic music culture – this led him to form the Ministry of Sound from an old bus depot in Elephant & Castle that became its birthplace and eventually home during rave music’s golden age of the 1980s.

Acoustics were at the core of its custom-built system, designed to provide the immersive experience possible. Furthermore, its unusual layout featured no VIP areas or seating to emphasize that this show was truly about music.

As the club gained in popularity, its founders created its own record label to further their musical mission. Compilations albums like the Ministry of Sound Annual and Songs We Love became extremely popular and served as an indicator of what was trending in dance music at that moment in time.

Current artists on their roster include London Grammar, Sigala and Wretch 32 – their unique sound is one key aspect of their success and has led to many DJs including Pete Tong and Paul Oakenfold to launch their careers with them.

Colour Factory

Colour Factory is an interactive pop-up art exhibit centered on color. Comprised of 16 rooms that envelop visitors in vibrant hues and stimulate their senses, visitors can eat food in rooms that fling it around or touch balloons which fill up constantly while pulling open drawers that reveal goodies!

The exhibition strives to connect people to colorful moments in their lives. Created in 2017 by Jordan Ferney and currently on display in Houston and New York City. Following in the tradition of “Instagram Museums”, such as Meow Wolf or Museum of Ice Cream which aim to capture and share online images through their Instagram channels.

Music is at the core of Colour Factory experience; the venue hosts an eclectic range of electronic artists – such as London-based producer and DJ Mechatok who also hosts weekly dance music podcast The Grid – as well as events like Jumbi – an Afro-Caribbean queer night curated by Colour Factory founders that combines album playbacks, instrumental jam sessions, and body movements festival sessions into one event.

Recent news of the venue’s 2024 residency program includes Rinse FM regular Oblig, TAAHLIAH, BADSISTA and Rosa Pistola as well as Londoner OK Williams as part of an exceptional music line-up. Alongside its strong musical program, this East London venue also strives to serve the LGBTQTI / Queer community through equality and inclusivity initiatives with affordable event spaces dedicated to equality / inclusivity – it also hosts musicians alongside workshops, community gatherings and social activism events.


After an uncertain year for London clubbers, one King’s Cross venue has held up well: Egg. With five different rooms and an inviting rooftop terrace, Egg has earned itself a strong reputation among dancers as a venue that hosts hard-hitting marathon dance sessions. Established by Trade head honcho Laurence Malice 17 years ago, Egg has since become an oasis for night-owls; featuring its main room, intimate enclaves and DJs who specialize in techno, house or other electronic genres to provide varied nightly sets for audiences.

Egg is the capital’s premier big-room club and every Friday brings together some of its most celebrated artists. Expect House, Techno, and Drum n’ Bass music – Fabio Grooverider from Radio 1 is often there for their weekly dance night “Play”, joined by Estonian and Lithuanian Drum n’ Bass duo Mean Teeth from Estonia/Lithuania!

Egg showcases emerging artists and young talent, welcoming fresh faces onto its decks in both its basement and terrace rooms. Its bespoke Flipside sound system is put to the test by its energetic young crowd; when chain-swingers prize larynx-shredding raw power riffs and raw power larynx shredders preferring heavy hitting guitar riffs while art-punk eggheads favor subtler lyrics and cheapo keyboards for their performances – yet both styles share one common goal: provoke visceral responses in their audiences.

Orange Yard

Orange Yard is a small club with a dance floor capable of seating 300 guests, featuring simple decor and an exceptional sound system that make it the ideal venue for parties and other celebrations.

The club was created by passionate sound enthusiasts who want to provide an experience where all can enjoy music in its purest form. An exclusive acoustic treatment ensures the highest possible sound quality and most authentic experience, and they are committed to supporting local artists while creating a diverse and welcoming community.

Corsica Studios has made its mark in London’s underground electronic music club scene by serving as an incubator of innovation and an incubator of pioneers of genre. Their eclectic programming ranges from techno to house and experimental, providing an opportunity for established as well as up-and-coming names alike to make themselves heard.

FOLD has long been a fixture of London clubbing scene, with a reputation for pushing the limits of electronic music and welcoming unconventional ideas. Their programming features long sets that encourage DJs to take risks while taking audiences on an exhilarating sonic journey.

London’s underground electronic music clubs offer a window into London culture and nighttime innovation. Ranging from the energetic floors of XOYO to intimate spaces like Orange Yard, each venue presents its own distinct insight into electronic music’s development.

The Pickle Factory stands as one of the premier underground clubbing spaces in London. Boasting sound quality that rivals that of studios, its events focus on music alone – with an incredible D&B Audiotechnik sound system providing pure sounds – drawing crowds of music-loving music enthusiasts who come for its sublime experience.

The Pickle Factory

The Pickle Factory is an intimate club that was once an actual pickle factory, giving it an air of authenticity and character that adds authenticity and depth to its unique ambiance. Furthermore, The Pickle Factory features some of London’s top DJs who provide music throughout the night; making this venue ideal for enjoying an enjoyable social gathering with friends.

This 255sqm space was once home to foodie pop-ups and exhibitions before it was converted into a club space with alternative and esoteric programming, such as mind-boggling arty bands and obscure yet exciting DJ sets from underground heroes.

Fred P set the evening in motion with his signature warm sound, drawing in music lovers who slowly made their way in through the rain-flecked evening and gravitating toward speakers instead of cold weather outside. His all-night set showcased his range of influences; from the looping intensity of “Secrets” to glistening funk and soulfulness in “Desires of the Heart”.

Skee Mask took control for the second part of the night with his vibrant techno sounds, inspiring an energetic dancefloor jam session with new tracks like ‘Dancing’ featuring JP Cooper. Following that set was Ploy b2bing with DEBONAIR for an extended set of post-punk, techno, italo-disco and coldwave sounds.

At the start of 2018, Toby Wareham assumed leadership at The Pickle Factory from GALA co-founder Jonny Edwards and has promised to maintain and expand upon its booking policy while opening up a second room and hosting early evening events such as talks and workshops. These changes are already having a positive effect and its future appears bright for such an important London club.