The Best Music Channel on Sirius XM

The Rockin’ Xmas Channel plays contemporary holiday hits from Mariah Carey, Michael Buble, Kelly Clarkson, Pentatonix, Rod Stewart and Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Pop Mix Bright retail music solution will add vibrancy and drive customer engagement while simultaneously motivating employees. Plus, this channel is completely DJ- and commercial interruption-free!

Other channels such as Our Time – Talk for Women and Planet Dance provide mainstream dance music programming, while Prime Country and Electric Area offer more country and electric genre content respectively.

Classics Rewind

Atmospheric joyride celebrating the beauty, romance and power of classical masterpieces is alive in this visual and auditory experience. From Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata to Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries; every piece is enhanced by vivid visuals created by Martin Goldsmith himself for this musical adventure which includes commentary by Itzhak Perlman, Joshua Bell and Stewart Copeland from Police.

Classic Vinyl is a Sirius XM Radio channel dedicated to classic rock from the 70s and 80s, as well as New Wave and Hip-Hop songs of various genres such as New Order’s hit songs from that era. Many classic Beatles’ tunes have also been played on this channel.

Classic Vinyl has become one of the most beloved Sirius XM channels among classic rock fans and remains one of its most-watched channels. Along with music, Classic Vinyl also provides commentary from musicians from that era as well as movie clips and news footage from that era. Classic Vinyl enjoys a significant following among classical music enthusiasts as one of its top channels.

Classic Rewind on Sirius XM Channel 25 offers you a great way to revisit some of your beloved classics or discover something brand new that you might just as soon love as much as before!

If you love 80s music, The 80s on 8 will become one of your go-to channels on SiriusXM. From Madonna and Michael Jackson to Backstreet Boys and everything in between, The 80s on 8 is sure to please any 80s fan. As one of Sirius xm’s most favored music channels, The 80s on 8 remains immensely popular with listeners worldwide – it’s clear why so many tune in.

The Beatles are iconic pop musicians, and have been showcased on many popular channels like Classics Rewind. On Classics Rewind you can hear everything from their greatest hits to lesser known tracks by this band.

Classics Rewind is an entertaining, nostalgic station that takes listeners back to the golden age of pop music. The show boasts a devoted following and can be heard both satellite-wise and online – you can stream or listen via your computer, laptop or mobile device! Plus it offers an expansive catalog that’s regularly updated.

The 80s on 8

The 80s on 8 is a SiriusXM Radio channel dedicated to the music of the 1980s, featuring a countdown of the top 500 songs of that decade as well as songs by iconic artists from that era such as Madonna, Prince, Wham!, Huey Lewis & the News, Hall & Oates Cyndi Lauper Journey Van Halen among many more. Available year-round it can be heard both through satellite receivers as well as app.

Alongside its core pop music programming, the channel also hosts specials and tributes throughout the year, such as a countdown of best songs of 2018, tributes to John Lennon & Yoko Ono and classic soul/Motown holiday hits station. For fans of that era looking for an alternative radio listening experience this channel provides great options!

Pop2K became part of SiriusXM in 2008 as part of their channel merger initiative and has quickly become one of their most-watched channels since. Prior to that, The Big 80s had been on channel 8 since 2000/2001. Today it remains popular and continues its reign on SiriusXM.

SiriusXM’s most successful channel ever since it debuted is Howard 100 and 101; their success even outshone SiriusXM’s flagship channels Howard 100 and 101! Furthermore, Howard 100 remains a highly-listened to channel on SiriusXM today.

In October 2023, MTV will rebrand to MTV 80s with a new logo and playlist; continuing to play all the ’80s hit music that listeners have come to love; plus featuring original MTV VJs who helped launch music video culture in America.

Other XM channels that specialize in pop music include The Beat, which features current hit singles popular among young people. There is also an XM classics channel and contemporary country channel which play contemporary hits. Furthermore, SiriusXM and DirecTV listings include uncensored channels with profane content known as xL channels, identified with an “xL” rating on SiriusXM receivers or listings.

The 90s on 9

Sirius XM Radio’s commercial-free 1990s channel can be heard on channel 9 as well as Dish Network at 6009. This channel showcases some of the best R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock and Dance music from that decade as well as songs featured in popular movies, TV shows and music videos from the decade – often including parodies of popular movies, TV shows or songs during that decade; station IDs often reflect popular movies/TV shows/songs during that era – often including humorous spoofs parodies of those from movies/TV shows/songs popular during that decade – often parodies of these movies/TV shows/songs that were popular during that decade; logo features a CD instead of zero reflecting their popularity during that period – an appropriate symbolism symbolically depicting their popularity during that period of time!

SiriusXM Radio features classic hit channels as well as specialty channels dedicated to certain genres or topics, like Howard Stern’s Howard 100 and 101 channels – two channels dedicated solely to his show! Howard is one of America’s most beloved radio personalities, making his shows a staple on satellite radio.

SiriusXM Country, which plays contemporary country music, is another specialty channel worth noting. It boasts some of the biggest artists from this genre of music and makes an ideal choice for fans who wish to stay up-to-date with recent and classic country hits.

SiriusXM also features several specialty channels dedicated to music from The Beatles. These channels offer rare recordings, interviews and live performances by the legendary foursome; making this channel essential listening for fans of their music.

The ’90s on 9 is part of an expansive XM music channel family that also includes Top 20, KISS-XM, and BackSpin. Formerly called Pop2K before becoming part of the hit radio lineup in 2009, this channel counted down some of the greatest ’90s hits, from boy bands and girl groups, grunge music, to popular chart hits of that decade – plus all its biggest hits!

The 1960s on 9

The 1960s on 9 is a pop music channel on Sirius XM radio that showcases songs from the ’60s and ’70s, featuring hits by artists such as Aretha Franklin, the Beatles, Rolling Stones as well as Motown and surf rock artists. It is a favorite choice among those who appreciate classic pop.

The 1960s on 9 is part of SiriusXM’s Decades channel lineup and attempts to recreate the feel of 1960s radio with DJs, classic PAMS jingles and period slang. Available on satellite channels 73 and 10, as well as via SiriusXM App and SiriusXM App for listeners who remember bootcut jeans, StarTAC phones, dial-up Internet or just dialing in an old FM transmitter, it has proven an immensely popular station among listeners who fondly remember bootcut jeans jeans, StarTAC phones or dial-up Internet.

SiriusXM announced several updates to their network on Wednesday, including new programming and 30 exclusive business stations. Many of these channels offer 100% DJ and interruption-free music for businesses that rely on commercials; among them are bright pop hits, modern pop music, mellow rock as well as classic rock and alternative rock as well as contemporary country.

Some of the new channels feature well-known celebrities and personalities as hosts, such as Howard Stern’s Howard 100 and 101 shows, The Highway’s revamp, and Life with John Mayer (Ch 14) launching on November 22.

Other changes include channel rebranding and removal; for instance, Pop2K has now been rebranded 50s Gold and moved to channel 5, while 60s on 9 has moved to channel 10. Additionally, Jazz Lounge was eliminated and Energie2 was introduced as part of this change.

Acoustic Christmas, an acoustic holiday channel available on satellite channel 6 from December 1 through 26th, offers renditions of popular holiday songs by artists like Jack Johnson, Sia, Train, Norah Jones Jason Mraz The Lumineers and more – plus music from Chip Davis of Mannheim Steamroller!