The Best Of Justin Bieber’s Pop Music

Justin Bieber began his musical journey by posting videos of himself singing on YouTube, drawing attention from his online fans who responded well to his unique sound and boyish charm. Soon afterwards, Scooter Braun signed him as his manager.

“Boyfriend,” Bieber’s R&B cut that signals his transition towards serious artistry, marks an early indicator. While sweet pop sounds remain present on this track, its gritty production and guest star appearance from Mike Posner are immediately noticeable.

One Time

One Time was the debut song by Canadian boy wonder Justin Bieber to the world. His mother first captured him performing at a theater near his hometown of Stratford, Ontario and uploaded the video onto YouTube; record industry mogul Scooter Braun then saw this and approached Bieber’s mother about signing her son to his record label, Island Def Jam Records.

Bieber made his mark in pop music history as he quickly rose from obscure YouTube performer to global superstar with infectiously catchy hits that reached No.1 on Billboard Hot 100 charts and produced multiple platinum records. Since then, his hits have spread beyond R&B into dance and hip-hop genres, working alongside Drake, Usher and Halsey among others; Bieber himself has evolved from doe-eyed cuddle bunny into rebellious playboy to reflective married man; these changes can also be heard within his sound!

Bieber took time off in 2013 to “find my sound as an adult”, then returned in 2015 with Purpose, his fourth studio album. It showcased a more mature Bieber, with silky vocals nestled into sparse tropical house EDM production and spiritual exploration expressed through lyrics and singles like Ed Sheeran-penned “Lifetime”, an Ed Sheeran song which stood out due to its authenticity and sincerity.

Bieber showcases his impressive vocal range on this beautiful ballad that showcases everything from his falsetto to full-throttle belt with ease. The production may be understated but that only enhances its powerhouse pop song status and showcases why Bieber earned himself the Grammy Award for best dance recording.

Under the Mistletoe

Justin Bieber remains one of the world’s favorite pop idols despite tabloid drama. His doe-eyed innocence and infectious hooks first won hearts worldwide back in 2009. Since then, his global following has only continued to expand while his art has gradually evolved into one that mixes R&B influences alongside dance and hip-hop sounds – this playlist showcases some of his enduring hits from 2009 all the way through his recent reflective work.

Usher gave Justin his breakthrough with this gospel-pop hit and it’s easy to forget just how young he was at the time – yet his unmistakable voice remains what propels this track into pop history, while production by Tricky Stewart showcased Bieber’s growing status as a pop superstar.

Though not as instantly memorable as “Baby” or “One Time,” “Fairway of the Heart” reveals more of the emotional depth that would become characteristic of his music. With an intricate melody and soaring falsetto that lead to romantic themes that would define his career.

After taking some time to “discover my sound as an adult”, Bieber released Purpose in 2015. The record was both critically and commercially successful, winning rave reviews. Notable elements include Bieber’s silky voice blending seamlessly with tropical house beats as he spiritually explored through lyrics; further collaborations include Giveon and Daniel Caesar’s laid-back counterculture charm of “Peaches”, as well as Benny Blanco’s heartbreaking “Ghost.”


Justin Bieber remains an unstoppable force in pop music. His recent album Changes released February 14 and already contains multiple hit singles that may or may not make sense to listeners – who do these songs pertain to? So who are these tracks meant for?

Justin’s career-defining song was one that stripped down production to highlight his incredible vocal ability. With its simple melody and lush vocals paired with piano-driven chorus, this emotionally touching track reached people all over the globe – proof that Justin could stand his ground against high-production pop and dance songs.

Believe was Justin’s follow up to Take Care’s success and was designed to showcase him as an authentic superstar with something different and original to offer his fans. Believe was also an ode to Hailey Baldwin and their deep love relationship, as well as sending a clear message that Hailey should be considered equally as much of a superstar as her husband Justin.

“Cold Water,” released as an essential record by Major Lazer and Danish singer MO, helped cement their relationship in public perception and act as a stepping stone in both artists’ careers; reaching No.1 on Billboard Hot 100 while winning a Grammy award for best dance recording. Following its success, Justin collaborated with such acts as Major Lazer, Danish singer MO, “Peaches,” and “Stay”, further expanding his international audience presence while spanning diverse genres of music while still remaining globally-relevant.


Pop music’s most respected male performers often stray away from traditional pop aesthetics in some way – whether through EDM sounds, rap features, edgier (sometimes controversial) subject matter (as with The Weeknd) or by employing guitar-playing with rock or hip hop aesthetics; France’s DJ Snake and Detroit rapper Maejor both come into play here, helping shape Justin’s third chart-topper of 2016.

“What Do You Mean?” reaching the No. 1 spot of the Billboard Hot 100 was not only a milestone for Justin Bieber but also an indicator of his growing maturity as an artist. Subsequent album releases (Purpose) cemented this growth further and saw Bieber collaborate with some of music industry’s rising talents like EDM superstar Skrillex, electro-pop architect BloodPop and hit machine Benny Blanco – among many more!

This laidback counterculture charmer from Justin’s album with the same name captured the mood and culture with a song that generated some of 2018’s viral hits, proving his talent at writing love songs.

Justin had already proven that he could return to his online-sensation days while simultaneously singing about grownup relationship complexities; and thus this track from Purpose became one of his most celebrated releases of 2020.


Justin Bieber first made waves as a teenage pop heartthrob with infectious, melodic pop tunes that seamlessly integrated R&B influences. Since then, however, he’s broadened his appeal and developed his craft further by venturing into dance production and working alongside artists across genre markets; such as Drake, Kanye West, Usher, Nicki Minaj Rihanna Ed Sheeran Demi Lovato Kid Laroi etc.

Scooter Braun discovered Bieber while watching video footage of him singing at a theater in Ontario in 2007. At 12 years old, his natural talent and charm caught Braun’s attention – leading him to sign Bieber to a recording contract and management deal.

As one of the first major singles from Bieber’s 2021 album Changes, “Changes,” an R&B ballad by Justin Bieber became his most serious anthem yet and signaled a more mature and reflective period for him. Additionally, its evocative video treatment added even further seductive allure.

Following his series of No. 1s on the Hot 100 leading up to the release of his fifth studio album, Purpose, this seductive come-hither sent hearts racing and dancefloors thumping in spring 2016. Additionally, its lyrics encouraged people to be “visionaries for a change”, with crisp synths and urgent beats fuelling its appeal – earning Canadian singer-songwriter four GRAMMY nominations along the way.