The Many Styles of Ukulele Music

The ukulele is an extremely versatile instrument that can be played in numerous styles of music – country, jazz and pop among them.

Are you looking to bring some excitement and vibrancy into your ukulele playing? Check out Train’s song “Hey, Soul Sister.” You can use this chord chart as part of their video performance!


Reggae music may have originated in Jamaica, but has quickly become an international sensation. Renowned for its syncopated rhythms, strong social messages, and emotive lyrics, reggae has inspired countless genres of music worldwide and been recognized by UNESCO as a cultural and musical heritage of humanity.

Reggae music stands out from its peers with its distinct rhythm, using snare drums and an offbeat-aligning classic “beat,” often known as the skank beat – one of its most distinguishing traits and unique qualities.

Reggae music features its trademark rhythm with staccato chords and other instruments to express various emotions while maintaining its classic style and groove.

Reggae music stands out among genres in another way by its link with the Rastafarian movement of Africa, which originated in Jamaica but advocates a return home. Reggae music was especially well received there and offered moral support to African freedom fighters fighting their fight for freedom.

Reggae music tends to feature songs about black nationalism and anti-racism; however, its scope goes far beyond this theme; some of the most upbeat and fun tunes come from this genre.

Train’s “Hey Soul Sister” is an upbeat pop-rock song about finding someone to bring happiness into your life. Its easy ukulele arrangements offer fun relaxation opportunities.

Try some easy ukulele songs with reggae-influenced rhythms as well. One Love” from The Beatles is an ideal song to learn on, with only three chords changing between verse and chorus that make it easy to sing along to.

Are you in search of an upbeat, fast-paced tune to play on your ukulele? Look no further than Adele’s “Counting Stars.” It is an easy song to learn with its rapid tempo and will open up new ways for you to strum the instrument – though its rhythm might take more practice to master!


There are numerous Latin songs that you can learn on ukulele, and they’re all great fun to learn! If you want to impress your friends or make an impression at an upcoming party, try learning one of these delightful Spanish tunes and playing one on your ukulele.

Fingerstyle practice will become much simpler with this song since there are only four easy chords. Furthermore, learning this tune won’t strain your vocal cords either and allows you to show off your talent and impress all your friends with an impressive vocal performance!

This song is one of the easiest songs to learn on the ukulele and features an instantly catchy melody! Additionally, its numerous elements make it ideal for Spanish fans looking to add this fun tune into their repertoire.

This song has been covered by many well-known musicians, such as Enrique Iglesias and Shakira. Learning it on the ukulele can be loads of fun – you could even translate it to Spanish!

Play this song easily on ukulele with regular practice, downloading or streaming its backing tracks to aid in this endeavour.

Another fun song to learn and play on the ukulele is this one, featuring an incredible guitar riff and repeated phrases. Perfect for practicing fingerstyle, and easy enough for anyone to pick up easily – give it a go today!

This song’s lyrics may seem unusual at first, so be sure to practice before playing it live. They refer to Burning Man, an annual festival held in Reno Nevada that involves dancing around a fire – it truly makes for an incredible sight!

This song was featured as Harry Styles’ audition piece on X Factor, so watch this video below to watch him perform it with an ukulele!


Blues music emerged in the United States around 1860 and encompasses spirituals, work songs, field hollers, shouts and chants from African American cultures as well as field hollers and shouts from field workers. Over time it influenced other forms of popular music such as jazz, rhythm and blues and rock ‘n’ roll.

Blues music usually follows a 12-bar structure and employs a call-and-response format, employing blues scale, specific chord progressions and melodic use of flatted thirds, fifths or sevenths (blue notes) which suggest mournfulness.

American blues is an influential musical form with deep historical roots in Africa and represents millions of Africans enslaved between 1500-1850 as part of the slave trade. Many came from West African nations such as Senegal, Gambia, Cote D’Ivoire Nigeria Mali Guinea-Bissau who brought their musical culture with them when forced into America as slaves or plantation workers.

Blues music has long provided musical and emotional inspiration for other forms of musical expression such as jazz, country, folk music, rock ‘n’ roll and hip-hop. Yet its long tradition continues to change as artists and audiences innovate new sounds and approaches.

Blues music is often distinguished by the use of bent notes – notes with different frequency or pitch than usual in a song’s scale – adding an air of freedom or emotion to its melody as well as accentuating certain words or phrases in lyrics. Bent notes can add flair and drama, providing another hallmark characteristic.

Blues music stands out from its competitors by its distinctive rhythmic groove. This effect can be achieved through using walking bass, shuffles and other patterns to achieve what can only be described as a trance-like state.

W.C. Handy of Black bandleader fame wrote and released the earliest known recorded blues composition, written in 1912. This classic became an instantaneous hit and led to many Tin Pan Alley songs being labeled as blues songs.

These songs chronicled the journeys made by millions of African-Americans as they left southern plantations homes for cities such as Chicago, Detroit and other northern hubs in search of employment opportunities. Today these songs continue to be performed around the world by musicians of all kinds.


If you’re searching for an excellent song to learn on your ukulele, consider Train’s classic hit “Hey Soul Sister.” Its memorable pop melody will impress anyone who hears it!

While not an overly difficult song to learn, this piece still takes time and practice to master, providing hours of entertainment for friends and family alike. There are only four chords required; however if learning on a ukulele you should include barre chords as part of your learning experience.

The lyrics of this song are clever; they reference Burning Man festival that takes place annually in Nevada desert. Pat Monahan and Amund Bjorklund wrote the lyrics along with Espen Lind from Train band.

One of the band’s most successful songs ever released, this single has sold more than a million copies worldwide and become their best-selling single ever!

It was even the number-one song in multiple countries, including Japan and the U.S. Furthermore, this track earned them a Grammy Award nomination!

This catchy tune has quickly become a favorite among ukulele players and especially young people, thanks to its infectious melody that will get everyone up and dancing to its beat!

Although some music fans might view dance music as being “lowbrow,” others see it as an art form in its own right. Dance music’s charm lies in its ability to attract listeners from a range of musical genres while engaging with an expansive audience.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that pop music is commercially driven genre. Artists work with record labels in order to promote their songs; therefore it’s advisable to remember this when listening to new tracks.

Pop is unlike other genres in that it embodies numerous distinctive characteristics that distinguish it from mere catchy tunes. Pop’s ability to capture listeners, its association with popular culture and its popularity among teens and pre-teens all make it one of the most successful and recognisable forms of music today.