The Piano Guys Have Taken YouTube by Storm

Piano Guys were established when piano shop owner Paul Anderson asked pianist Jon Schmidt and cellist Steven Sharp Nelson from his stringed instrument store to perform videos for him that could be posted to YouTube. Since then, their YouTube presence has skyrocketed due to their mix of classical music with popular hits.

Their captivating covers are shot in stunning locations, from the edge of a Utah canyon to a flatbed train and even an ice cave!

How to play like the piano guys

The Piano Guys have taken YouTube by storm. Comprised of Jon Schmidt on piano and Steven Sharp Nelson on cello, this duo has amassed an impressive collection of musical mashups ranging from classics to current hits; and while many musicians have become widely-renowned for elaborate video content creation, The Piano Guys remain true to their passion for music.

Their creative videos depict grand pianos being placed in unusual settings, such as Utah desert, on top of trains, in an ice cave and more. What distinguishes The Piano Guys is their ability to form emotional connections with their audiences as evidenced by their ever-expanding fan base.

Playing the piano can be one of the most romantic experiences you will ever have, with its soothing yet invigorating sound energizing and inspiring listeners at any point in time – whether for dinner with loved ones or social gatherings with friends. Therefore, no wonder so many consider the piano to be one of the sexiest instruments around!

The Piano Guys began in 2011 when Paul Anderson, founder of a musical instrument store, hired Schmidt as video director to promote his store. Their popularity quickly spread around the globe – from China’s Great Wall and Iguazu Falls near Argentina/Brazil border, to Jordanian Petra.

The Piano Guys have amassed more than 2.5 billion views on YouTube and 12 albums, drawing an ever-expanding fan base with their distinctive style of music that has inspired new generations of musicians. Furthermore, their reach continues to expand through various media venues – providing a remarkable example of how talented musicians can use their skills and influence others through various means.

How to sound like the piano guys

The Piano Guys have earned millions of fans around the globe with their breathtaking music and incredible YouTube videos, turning classical pieces into popular tunes, while mixing in catchy mashups like Mozart meets Michael Jackson for unique tunes like Mozart meets Michael Jackson (mashup). Furthermore, their videos have been shot in some truly incredible settings from Grand Canyon to Great Wall of China (which makes for some pretty incredible footage!).

Since 2012, The Piano Guys have gained widespread fame with their stirring audio/visual compositions that engage millions of viewers online. Their videos show them playing pianos in locations like Utah’s desert landscape, on top of an 800 foot cliff edge or within an ice cave.

How to play the piano like the piano guys

Piano players possess an unparalleled talent to showcase the beauty of their instrument and garner an enthusiastic fan base. YouTube stars like The Piano Guys have taken this craft further by turning it into their careers with flair and creativity that is unparalleled in modern music. From playing simple piano covers to creating elaborate videos with elaborate sets, these musicians have amassed followers through social media that other musicians only dream about having.

The Piano Guys are an international hit duo comprised of pianist Jon Schmidt and cellist Steven Sharp Nelson who first gained recognition through their YouTube channel which features videos mash-ups of classic themes with popular songs. As their popularity spread, live performances followed as did albums containing new material released over time.

Their videos have shown them performing on various stages, from cliffs and trains to the Great Wall of China. Their creativity knows no bounds and they never fear taking risks with their performances. Furthermore, they’ve brought their talents to some of the most iconic locations like Iguazu Falls in Argentina and Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil – providing audiences with memorable entertainment!

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