The Without Love Music Video

Musical trends change from generation to generation, but love remains timeless. That is why these evocative music videos, directed by Floria Sigismondi – known for her work with The Runaways and two episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale–are so potency.

Alice Glass of Crystal Castles brings her signature blend of dark magic to this track about true romance’s fleeting nature, with breathy accents floating above syrupy bass lines and broken carnival synths.

Dina Carroll

Dina Carroll rose to stardom as one of Britain’s most acclaimed female recording artists during the late ’90s, thanks to her dynamic dance boogie style that earned her recognition at both IDA and BRIT music awards. Born in Newmarket, Suffolk to Scottish mother and an Afro-American G.I. father – Carroll experienced bullying due to her mixed-race parentage as a child; as such she learned how to conceal certain physical traits and straighten her hair in order to appear Caucasian.

Carroll first made her mark in music industry during the late ’80s when she auditioned for Morgan Khan’s Streetwave label in London. This company specialized in dance music and recruited Carroll as part of Masquer-ade (a group). Their only recorded single – an interpretation of Burt Bacharach’s classic, “Walk On By,” became a modest hit across Europe.

Carroll was eventually dropped by Streetwave but soon signed with Jive/Zomba and relocated to an affordable apartment, meeting Dennis Ingoldsby who co-founded 1st Avenue Management (now 1st Avenue Artist Management). Through this firm she joined Quartz as part of their band lineup; together they released “It’s Too Late”, which became an instantaneous hit both dance and pop charts in Britain.

After the success of her single, Carroll was relaunched as a solo act by A & M Records in England. Her debut album So Close sold 1.5 million copies across both dance and pop charts; six songs reached the top ten popular chart as well.

In 1996, Carroll released Only Human. Her double-sided single of “Escaping/Mind Body Soul” achieved similar chart success, and its follow-up, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Sunset Boulevard version, also reached number 10 on the pop charts. As with her previous project, Nigel Lowis produced Carroll’s next venture as well.

Engelbert Humperdinck

Engelbert Humperdinck has never done a music video until now; his first, featuring “You”, showcases his signature class and finesse. Released today via international magazine PopMatters as an anniversary present to his wife, it features footage from Humperdinck’s recent tour as an elegant yet heartfelt tribute.

The video is a tribute to the singer’s love and commitment to his family and fans in the UK, shot at his home and full of heartwarming moments. His vocal performance is passionate and emotive as he delivers its message with powerful vulnerability – his performance being yet another symbol of his continued affection for them all, in the hopes that this video can inspire others as it has him!

Arnold George Dorsey, more popularly known as Engelbert Humperdinck, was born in Madras (now Chennai) India on 26 November 1936 to Olive and Mervyn Dorsey who were in turn parents to 10 children between them. Shortly after moving with his family to Leicester England he began singing in nightclubs; eventually taking up performing under his stage name and becoming one of England’s premier entertainers. Furthermore he has appeared in multiple movies as well.

Humperdinck became internationally famous with his sensuous ballads that combine darkness with melodic accessibility, earning him both international renown and critical praise. He sold over 100 million albums worldwide and was honored with induction into the Grammies Hall of Fame. Additionally, his music has inspired other prominent artists including Paul Anka, Shirley Bassey, Tony Bennett Ray Charles Liberace.

Humperdinck began touring internationally with The Big Beat Show, a traveling musical variety show, before appearing on popular TV programs such as The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Later, in the 1970s he produced several top-selling albums such as Release Me and A Man Without Love.

In 2017, Humperdinck celebrated 50 years since his first chart successes by issuing two major commemorative disc sets: Engelbert Humperdinck 50 featured his charting singles from Decca Records as well as other songs throughout his career, while Warmest Christmas Wishes included some of his most beloved holiday recordings.


Rapper GloRilla has taken Memphis by storm since her debut in 2015. Her unique vocals have won her many admirers; some even compare her to preachers for their powerful delivery. Her new music video “without love” provides a powerful reflection on past relationships.

The video features shots of her homegirls and family members, along with an energetic beat that will have audiences dancing. The rapper’s deep voice perfectly suits its message about ending toxic relationships; her lyrics can resonate with many women listening. Her song offers great advice about moving on from them.

She is both an excellent rapper and astute businesswoman. Recently she released her debut EP “Anyways, Life’s Great,” featuring three tracks that highlight her diverse musical talent; Hitkidd produced “F.N.F,” while she collaborated with Cardi B on their high-energy duet “Tomorrow 2.”

GloRilla advises listeners in her song to avoid spending time with people who bring out the worst in them, as well as to focus on positive aspects of life instead. It is an invaluable lesson that many need to learn.

While her style echoes other Memphis-bred MCs, GloRilla stands out due to her ability to bridge gender lines. While male peers such as Pooh Shiesty and Big 30 excel at mastering Memphis drawl, GloRilla stands out with her distinct vocal delivery that adds extra appeal.

GloRilla tackles some difficult topics in her new song. She discusses envy within her circle, being betrayed by someone she trusted, and having to abort her baby last year – sensitive topics all. But GloRilla handles each one with grace and humor to show listeners they can conquer any challenge with the proper mindset; serving as an ideal role model for young girls.