Top 10 Country Music Love Songs of the 1980s

The 1980s was an era replete with country music hits that set foot tapping and hearts racing. While much of it featured cliched pop elements, some delicate love songs still stand the test of time.

This song’s narrator longs to find someone to truly love her in ways no one ever has before, making this ballad so beautiful it will make you want to hold your loved ones closer still.

Dolly Parton & Eddie Rabbitt – “Islands in the Stream”

This classic song tells the tale of a man who simply can’t stop loving someone and remains one of the most popular country songs of all time, becoming even more so today. This timeless tune serves as a great reminder that our loved ones shouldn’t ever be taken for granted and should always be thankful for what they provide us.

Lee Greenwood wrote and performed this beautiful country tune as a moving and poignant ode to his late wife who passed away due to cancer. This heartfelt song speaks volumes about vowing your devotion until death do you part.

Dolly Parton and Eddie Rabbitt formed an incredible duo on this song from the 80s with its smooth country sound and memorable lyrics that will have you smiling and singing along quickly.

George Jones & Tammy Wynette – “A Country Boy Can Survive”

The 1980s was an unforgettable decade for country artists, when many heartwrenching, tearjerking love songs came from Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton respectively. From Loretta Lynn’s crystal mountain voice to Dolly Parton’s raw emotions on the brink of her divorce, this decade ushered in some iconic country romances that remain relevant today.

Hank Williams Sr.’s timeless classic “Your Cheatin’ Heart” is beloved due to its captivating melodies and poignant storytelling. This song captures the pain associated with betrayal that can last long after relationships end.

Tammy Wynette’s mesmerizing vocals on this timeless hit make it one of the greatest Country music love songs of all time. Its lyrics describe yearning for someone they love as that feeling intensifies the closer they get. The message of unwavering loyalty and devotion makes this ageless classic an ageless favorite; becoming an anthem for rural life while embodying resilience, self-sufficiency, resilience, power of true love that transcends obstacles – this song stands as testament to true love’s ability to endure whatever challenges come its way!

George Jones & Dolly Parton – “Eighteen Wheels & a Dozen Roses”

Dolly Parton and George Jones’ classic country love song is one of the best examples of true love lasting forever. Sung to your partner or even just close friends, this beautiful ballad about truck driving and romance will warm hearts around the room.

Alabama released this classic song in 1983 as a poignant ode to heartache over lost loved ones. The narrator longs for her lover’s return home, yet every time he gets closer, more she longs for him.

Kathy Mattea may have changed direction during the ’80s as she dabbled with pop crossover music, yet this classic tribute to Kathy’s father remains an enduring favorite. Filled with emotion and sure to move any listener deeply.

Dolly Parton & Reba McEntire – “Redneck Girl”

This country classic depicts a Southern girl who embraces her redneck roots without being put off by them, celebrating their beauty while showing pride for their heritage. Though some might view the song as stereotyping them, it actually serves as an anthem for those who respect and value their heritage.

This song is an elegant and nostalgic reminder of an everlasting love story, featuring captivating vocals by its singers that further elevate its melodic qualities and lyrics. Perfect for anyone searching for their soul mate!

This moving country song expresses how hardworking Americans can overcome any challenge that life throws their way. Glorifying old-fashioned values and celebrating working class resilience, this piece makes for a powerful song to listen to on rainy days or whenever you need an uplift!

Loretta Lynn & Rogers – “Islands in the Stream”

Country music’s repertoire of romantic tunes never ceases to charm. From songs about finding your true love or realizing they have always been near, or dealing with unrequited romance, these tracks will have you smiling and bopping along to their tunes.

Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers recently graced a CMT taping, taking to the stage together to perform “Islands in the Stream.” Voted the greatest duet of country music history, you should definitely listen to this masterpiece of two legends!

This song tells the tale of a man looking to declare his affections for an idealized lady all across radio stations despite her not reciprocating them. It’s an entertaining tune perfect for when you need an instant mood lifter.

Dolly Parton & Ricky Van Shelton – “Highwayman”

Country music has long been used to tell love stories through song. These melodic compositions contain powerful words that convey messages about finding one’s soulmate or unrequited love, all set against stunning melodies and lyrics that speak volumes about heartbreak or longing.

The 1980s were an intriguing time for country music, as its genre transitioned between pop crossover and traditional country styles. Artists such as Barbara Mandrell and Vern Gosdin enjoyed success late in life on country radio – showing that music with old-fashioned values could still find an audience.

Dolly Parton’s classic song tells the tale of a truck driver deciding to quit his job so he can spend more time with his wife, highlighting country music’s unique ability for storytelling and quickly becoming a favorite among country music fans.

Dolly Parton made her mark with this hit about a woman declaring her love even if it won’t return; it showcases true, country love. Over the years, it has been covered by various artists.

Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton – “When You Say Nothing at All”

In the ’80s, country music experienced an interesting transition period. Urban Cowboy fads began to decline while country radio veered between pop crossover and more neotraditional sounds. Still, country love songs were among Nashville’s greatest strengths during this time and many classics emerged during this era.

Crystal Gayle’s sensuous vocals give this 1983 hit its timeless quality, as does its message about feeling intense longing for someone new while barely recalling past lovers. Many artists have covered it, with none surpassing Alison Krauss’ version in terms of performance.

Tammy Wynette’s 1984 gem “This Song Means Everything To Me,” an underappreciated gem, tells of finding comfort with someone you love deeply despite their silence; realizing they don’t need to say a thing to let you know they are everything. Additionally, Kathy Mattea recorded it twice with variations, but it remains timeless due to Wynette’s straightforward original.

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill – “I’d Love to Lay You Down”

Find Your True Love or Heartbreaking Unrequited Love? Country music has long been associated with romance. Artists in the ’80s delivered many romantic hits that still move listeners and quicken hearts beat faster today.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s marriage is legendary, yet it wasn’t always smooth sailing. Like everyone else, they struggled through marriage – making their honesty about it all the more relatable in this song about marital difficulties – further cementing its status as a classic love song that proves you don’t need to be perfect to experience romance.