Top 10 Electronic Songs You Don’t Know The Name Of

electronic songs you dont know the name of

Sandstorm by Finnish trance DJ Darude is an iconic tune, featured everywhere from sports broadcasts to Project Runway. With its catchy chorus and inspiring lyrics, this 1999 song has become an essential component of electronic music playlists worldwide.

Swedish producer Avicii was considered one of the finest producers before his untimely death in 2018. His 2011 progressive house track Levels combined jazz and gospel elements into EDM to form an innovative hybrid sound.

Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren is one of the world’s most revered DJs, producers, and remixers. Renowned for his blockbuster radio show A State of Trance as well as six studio albums that have received critical acclaim worldwide, Van Buuren was named a top DJ five times by DJ Mag and has regularly sold out stadiums globally during tours.

Armin is well known as a musician, as well as being a dedicated philanthropist who supports initiatives to counter child trafficking. Beginning his DJ career in the early ’90s and becoming popular through hard work ethic he often performed multiple nights per week at clubs near Leiden in Netherlands where he ultimately became household name.

Armin releases his annual mix album entitled A State of Trance Year Mix as an extension to his A State of Trance radio shows, compiling weeks of editing and mixing into a two-hour compilation featuring the year’s best tracks. Notably, Armin has remixed timeless classics such as Human Resource’s ‘Dominator”, Speedy J’s “Pull Over”, and Cosmic Gate’s “Embargo”, becoming staples at large events due to his set lists featuring these remixes.

Calvin Harris

There have been countless songs that have come to define EDM and its various subgenres, making it easy to identify an EDM hit when you hear one. When songs like Mountain Dew commercial or Project Runway feature them as music videos or appear as track in clubs or parties with Calvin Harris playing “Feel So Close”, you’ll know it’s hit music that ravers love dancing to.

Rihanna and David Guetta’s 2011 track “We Found Love” became one of the most iconic EDM hits ever, receiving over one billion views on YouTube alone. This dance anthem marries electronic sounds with R&B music – becoming an international dance anthem that resonated across cultures.

DJ Snake’s catchy beat and high-energy anthem “Turn Down for What” became one of the biggest hits of the 2020s, garnering over one billion YouTube views and appearing in television shows and commercials across multiple networks. Additionally, this bass-heavy track became a top seller on Beatport’s Raw chart; featuring Lil Jon’s memorable chorus it has quickly become an EDM classic.


When people think of EDM, they likely imagine its signature sounds of synthesizers and pulsing beats. But EDM encompasses much more: it is a vast genre that encompasses classical as well as pop music and continues to expand as more musicians get involved in its development.

While EDM may seem like only party music, it can actually be inspiring and uplifting as well. Indeed, there are numerous EDM songs which explore themes related to love: whether that means finding your true soulmate or still harboring feelings for someone who got away – there are songs which address this theme directly.

Deadmau5, also known by his real name Joel Zimmerman, has long been one of the biggest names in dance music. This year he released his sixth album W:/2016ALBUM/ featuring progressive house and atmospherics; moreover he recently dropped a music video for “Bridged By A Lightwave”, featuring Kiesza. The video takes viewers through an unbelievable virtual mansion experience – check it out now below!

Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding has become one of the most successful British solo artists of her generation. Her debut album Lights debuted atop UK charts and has sold over 850,000 copies; since then she has released three more albums including her most recent release Brightest Blue.

Goulding not only composes her own music but she has also contributed vocals for other artists’ tracks. With a high voice that excels at dramatic ballads and seductive R&B tracks, her talent has allowed her to collaborate with artists like Calvin Harris on dance floor singles while also singing alongside Charli XCX and Tinie Tempah.

Goulding’s haunting vocals shine on her own songs as well, such as “Around U,” which features pulsating synthesizers and an infectious chorus. This hit track has become an essential element in her live performances and the video features her dancing across desert, forest and cityscape settings – an upbeat vibe with an empowering message has made this tune fan favorites, inspiring many followers to pursue their own goals and follow their hearts – contributing greatly to Goulding’s success with multiple platinum records in both countries plus arena tours, book deal and acting career!

Britney Spears

Songs about love can often be heartbreaking; when lyrics and EDM’s signature pulsing beats combine, the result can often be more melancholy and heartbreaking. “Faded”, with its piano intro and teardrop synthesizers that transition into Iselin Solheim singing mournfully at its end, is an excellent example of an emotive but sorrowful EDM track.

Britney Spears is a pop icon known to draw large crowds to concerts and concerts around the world, yet she remains at the center of controversy due to spending thirteen years as part of a conservatorship arrangement, in which financial and legal decisions for an individual are decided upon by third parties instead of themselves–commonly known as guardianships.

Jamie Spears assumed control of both her assets and social media accounts, keeping the paparazzi away. Spears’ team began to notice she seemed more distant. Producers reported: “She wasn’t laughing as often” while one producer found it harder to bring out that spark in the vocal booth.

Skrillex is one of the world’s best-known EDM artists, and his 2012 track “Bangarang” serves as an exemplary representation of his sound. Boasting an infectious beat and memorable lyrics, “Bangarang” became an international success – featuring Spears fans alongside skateboarders as it amassed over 900 Million YouTube views!


When we think of EDM, our minds often go to songs with an intense bass sound and plenty of percussion, yet electronic music encompasses much more. Jazz, rock and even pop can all fall within this genre.

People commonly associate Electronic Dance Music (EDM) with popular DJs such as Martin Garrix and Calvin Harris; however, there exists an entire underground scene consisting of techno and house music artists as well.

Flux Pavilion’s track “Digital Love” is an outstanding example. A melodic dubstep anthem featuring Tracy Chapman’s classic folk rock track as a sample makes this feel-good track impossible to tire of!

“Wake Me Up,” by Avicii, makes our list. Featuring an upbeat chorus and catchy instrumental section, the track remains popular at parties and festivals today. Avicii was an award-winning Swedish DJ who struggled with mental health issues; diagnosed with anxiety and depression as a teenager, and eventually turning to drugs; his success and fame made it difficult for him to deal with them effectively. In a 2014 interview, he stated that success and fame made it harder for him to cope.

Daft Punk

Daft Punk made history in the early 2000s as dance music legends with their innovative blend of disco, funk, and electronic sounds. Their hit songs “One More Time” and “Faded,” featuring singer Lana Del Rey, became Top 40 hits. Daft Punk became synonymous with EDM through their melancholy piano lines, teardrop synthesizers, and haunting vocals; all qualities perfect for EDM audiences.

Bangalter and de Homem-Christo first collaborated as Darlin’ before changing to Daft Punk in Parisian garage rock band format in 2001. Discovery became one of the groundbreaking electronic albums ever created; featuring vintage vocoders and keyboards to craft its signature sound that cannot be duplicated with modern technologies.

The album also introduced a unique analogue feel that distinguished their music from other house tracks of its day. Over time, their sound spread through pop music with hit singles like Digital Love and Something About Us as well as featuring on Disney’s Tron: Legacy movie score. Furthermore, they had a significant influence on musicians such as Kanye West who sampled Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger from them as well as R&B superstar The Weeknd.

Daft Punk made their announcement of their split earlier this year through an indelible video clip from avant-garde film Electroma showing one of their robot alter egos blowing themselves up. Although no details about future plans have been shared publicly yet, they will always be remembered fondly due to their mysterious personas and electrifying live performances.