Top 10 Hot 100 Love Songs of All Time

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Love has long been at the core of the Hot 100, from romantic ballads to club bangers. Huge superstars to talented soul singers have contributed hits that prove romance never goes out of style.

A classic wedding song, this country tune will leave your guests swooning. The lyrics feature romantic sentiments about finding someone that complements them perfectly, making this piece surefire to get people talking and singing along at your reception.

1. Can’t Help Falling in Love

Can’t Help Falling in Love is one of the world’s most iconic love songs and a timeless classic. Its beautiful ballad lyrics capture that irresistibly magnetic pull between people that defies logic or reason, touching generations across generations while becoming a staple at weddings, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day celebrations as well as inspiring numerous covers ranging from rock to reggae to pop to punk versions.

Can’t Help Falling in Love was first recorded by Elvis Presley for the soundtrack to Blue Hawaii in 1961. Composed by Hugo Peretti, Luigi Creatore and George David Weiss – which Weiss claims that neither Elvis’ associates or movie producers liked its demo recording but insisted upon recording it anyway for use in the film.

Can’t Help Falling in Love was never one of Elvis Presley’s top hits, yet became his signature song at concerts. Its simple love lyrics and his mixed lower and upper range voices made it particularly beloved among both audiences and himself alike. Even after Elvis had died, Can’t Help Falling in Love remains popular today and has even been covered by several artists, such as Blackmore’s Night’s album Secret Voyage or Twenty One Pilots with Portrait.

2. Love Story

Love Story is an iconic song that serves as a powerful reminder that no matter the hardships we may be going through in life, finding someone who makes us truly happy is always worth the fight. Additionally, this song serves as a call-to-action: share how much they mean to us by telling them exactly how you feel!

From the soundtrack of a timeless film comes this touching love song about finding one’s soulmate. Listening to this track can bring comfort when feeling downhearted or sentimental; everything will work out eventually!

At first listening, this country song may leave you in tears. Its sweet and moving story of a man looking forward to meeting his soulmate may cause all kinds of emotion; making this an essential song to dance to on any wedding night!

Love stories tell the tale of two individuals falling in love and their efforts to overcome obstacles that stand in their path to be together. A classic love story features five elements: exposition (the character’s normal life), inciting incident, rising action/progressive complications and climax. When writing a great love story, start with characters your audience can relate to; these will serve as the backbone for your narrative.

3. I Will Always Love You

I Will Always Love You is one of the greatest love songs of all time, renowned as a timeless classic. Written and initially performed by Dolly Parton in 1974, but its wide popularity did not come until Whitney Houston covered the ballad for her 1992 film The Bodyguard.

Houston’s version of “Give You Something Good” became the biggest country music hit ever, topping Billboard charts for 14 weeks straight and being covered by multiple artists including Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson, LeAnn Rimes and Linda Ronstadt – among many others.

Although its meaning may seem to refer to someone leaving permanently, many misinterpret it as a love song. Instead, this ballad was written as an acknowledgement that Parton knew it was best for both her and Porter Wagoner to move on professionally and personally.

Kristin Chenoweth paid her own personal tributes to Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston by recording and performing I Will Always Love You on her 2019 album For The Girls, while also performing it live during an episode of Glee commemorating Valentine’s Day – honoring both iconic women whose music made it famous.

4. You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman

Song covers often present a competition between artists. One artist may feel their version is inherently better, yet when it comes to Carole King’s classic (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman each cover tells its own unique tale.

Gerry Goffin and Carole King co-wrote “Natural Woman” specifically for Aretha Franklin after receiving a commission from Atlantic Records co-owner and producer Jerry Wexler to create one for Aretha’s next album. After an all-night writing marathon session they created one of Franklin’s signature hits – that became one of her biggest hits ever!

When a woman tells you she loves you because you make her feel like a natural woman, this indicates she feels feminine around you and can express herself freely without embarrassment in your presence. She trusts you with both her body as well as emotional or sexual desires.

5. You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Man

No matter if it’s romantic love or friendship that you’re after, this timeless classic love song never fails to bring emotion. Perfect for wedding receptions that feature young guests!

Carrie Cleveland’s romantic soul sound will put any listener in an romantic state of mind and the instrumental break towards the middle will get everyone up dancing on your dance floor!

This song’s nostalgic lyrics bring back fond memories, making it one of the greatest love songs ever written. Additionally, its message reminds listeners that true love doesn’t always come easy but is always worth fighting for. This track would make an excellent selection for any wedding ceremony!

From sad songs with tearjerking lyrics to modern club hits with love-inspired titles, the Hot 100 features plenty of songs with “love” in them that can bring tears or inspiration and bring romance back into our lives. Check out some of these favorite love tunes that will leave you breathless – from 1950s ballads to contemporary dance tunes; here are our favorites that are sure to leave us all ready for new chapters in love stories everywhere.

6. You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman (Remix)

This love song from an incredible rock band can turn any heartstrings twitchy. Perfect as dance floor tune for couples looking to keep romance alive, or it may even inspire you to start your own rock band if it inspires!

This timeless song from a film about unrequited love has touched millions. The words serve as a reminder that even though relationships may have ended in the past, there’s always hope for new relationships to form in our futures.

Diana Ross and Lionel Richie popularized this tune back in the ’80s, but country duo Dan + Shay have taken it one step further with their emotional rendition. With their raspy voices and guitar-driven beat, Dan + Shay will have you falling for love all over again no matter your relationship status!

If you’re in search of a romantic tune guaranteed to bring joy, look no further than this beautiful ballad from renowned singer/songwriter who brought us hits like “Don’t Say You Love Me” and “You’re My Sunshine.” Its lyrics speak volumes about first love’s impactful ties as well as showing how one mistake can cause everything in your world to unravel quickly.

7. You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Man

If you’re searching for an emotional love song to bring tears to your eyes, turn to Lady Antebellum’s upbeat tune “We Are the Brightest Stars in Each Other’s Sky”. With lyrics about two people feeling they are each other’s brightest stars in life’s sky, adding this track as part of your wedding playlist cannot go amiss!

If your partner makes you feel like the natural woman that you are, this romantic tune is ideal. First released by Labi Siffre in 1971, this top love song reached number 14 before Madness made it even bigger with their ska cover version of this top love tune. This romantic tune tells a heartwarming tale about a man so in love with his woman that he cannot do without her presence in his life.

This song follows a girl as she is moved by her partner’s passionate devotion towards her and cannot believe they would leave her. However, their dedication remains strong as this heartbreaking love song proves. This powerful love ballad shows just how deeply his commitment runs and that they cannot live without each other.