Top 10 Love Songs of All Time

love music top 10

No matter where you stand in life, a good love song can bring out those romantic feelings in everyone. Even if romance is not your thing, listening to those cheesy tunes may give your day some extra positivity!

But before criticizing feel-good love songs, take note that there are far fewer of them compared to Sad Girl Songs(tm)… songs about unrequited, lost or broken love.

1. Take My Breath Away by Beyonce

Love songs don’t just touch our hearts around Valentine’s Day — they can evoke emotion all year-long. From pop icons like Taylor Swift and Rihanna to country legends such as George Strait, love is an evergreen theme in music of every genre.

Few songs have the power to mesmerize a room quite as powerfully as this Etta James classic, which remains one of the top 100 love songs today and has been covered by such artists as Bette Midler and Michael Bolton.

Bareilles delivers this romantic song from her album Little Voice to top 100 love song status, declaring her undying devotion in this bold ballad which emphasizes self-love. Nominated for a Grammy, this romantic number earned Bareilles praise and appreciation from fans worldwide.

2. Just Like Heaven by The Cure

This Cure song perfectly captures the elusive feeling of young love. Serving as an album closer, “Nineteen,” features few lyrics that allow listeners to focus without too much contemplation – unlike some previous pieces from them which had written more indirectly about sexuality.

No matter how cynical or single you may be, listening to great love songs can do wonders for your emotions and libido. From country hits celebrating your significant other to modern LGBTQ+ anthems from artists like MUNA and King Princess that celebrate what’s special between partners, music can have an amazing effect on our hearts – or should I say our libidos. So crank up those classic love tunes and watch romantic movie playlists – you won’t regret it!

3. I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning by Florence + The Machine

Florence + the Machine’s mesmerizing musical depictions of love, death and rebirth have long captivated listeners. She has drawn comparisons to Tom Waits, Nick Cave and Bjork, painting an emotionally moving picture with their haunting songs that vividly convey romantic feelings.

Her album ‘Lungs’ is an exquisite Autumn/Winter folk collection with shades of darkness and depresseiveness that resonates beautifully in autumn/wintertime. Featuring harps, choirs, drums, elevator shafts stamping and strange electronic wailing this unique work stands out among others you may have ever heard. No matter if it is love or heartbreak that brings people together – great love songs always touch deep down inside and here are some timeless ones from throughout history:

4. Take It Easy by The Beatles

Coldplay’s heartwarming tune “Yellow” from its 2000 album Parachutes remains one of America’s favorite songs, having over two billion plays on Spotify alone. Its poetic lyrics celebrate love, devotion, and loyalty and make this timeless tune an essential addition to any reception playlist.

This beautiful ballad has become a timeless classic since its release in 1992, drawing listeners in around the globe with its powerful vocals and stirring arrangement that have an enormously romantic resonance – so much so that Sofia Richie walked down her aisle while listening to it on her wedding day! Make this your wedding song must-have.

5. Slow Jam by Dan + Shay

No matter where they stand in life, everyone loves a good love song. Cynics may disagree but there’s no denying the power of feel-good love ballads to lift our mood and send us dancing around our rooms like Joseph Gordon-Levitt did in 500 Days of Summer (just don’t try dancing while doing dishes or eating!).

Dan + Shay have once again proven themselves masters at writing heart-pounding country tunes, such as this romantic number by Dan + Shay that will set your pulse racing. Listen here.

6. I’m Yours by George Strait

No one can ever go wrong with a classic country love song like this timeless hit from the King of Country. This melodious tune captures perfectly what true love means.

As Drake mentioned this powerful ballad in his hit single HYFR, its inclusion would be impossible to ignore. This heart-wrenching tune tells a heartwarming tale about a woman falling for a soldier.

No matter how cynical or single you may be, great love songs always manage to warm the cockles of our hearts (if only temporarily due to serotonin levels). These timeless tunes will have you swooning all night long. So grab an acoustic guitar, pour yourself a glass of wine, and turn up these romantic hits – they may set the atmosphere for your big day and could even lead you right down to finding that special someone!

7. I’m Yours by Lady Antebellum

Lady Antebellum’s upbeat love song from Georgia trio Lady Antebellum hits all the right notes for modern weddings while staying true to country roots. Charlie Kelley and Hillary Scott’s vocals come together beautifully on this track, creating lovely harmonies in unison for an infectious sound.

Queen are one of the world’s most legendary rock bands. And this iconic love song from their 1978 album The Game by Queen is ideal for couples who realize their love is all they need to survive and flourish together.

Google Trends helped us determine the most beloved love songs across each state, from romantic ballads of yesteryear to contemporary club hits; all are sure to set hearts racing across America! For your big day celebrations or just everyday romanticism – here are the ideal love songs that will help set the scene perfectly.

8. I’m Yours by Queen

Love songs have long been a part of popular music. From romantic ballads of the 1950s to club bangers released today, love’s rollercoaster ride can inspire some of the top hits in the Hot 100 chart.

This romantic song from Billboard Hot 100 chart-topper En Vogue makes a wonderful addition to your wedding playlist. Boasting an emotive slow waltz tempo and heartfelt lyrics that will have guests blushing, this romantic number will leave your guests delighted!

This popular R&B song from PJ Morton and JoJo will have your guests singing along! Featuring an endearing tale about beginning to fall in love, this tune should set the mood during any reception.

9. Love Me Tender by Bryan Adams

If you’re in search of an upbeat love song with some extra zest, look no further than this classic from singer-songwriter Carole King. Her upbeat track would make an excellent accompaniment for cocktail hour or dinner courses at any wedding reception.

From Songs About Jane, this heart-throbbing melody is an instant romantic classic. Its lyrics reflect real love that endures through both good times and difficult ones.

Though pop music tends to shy away from love songs these days, that doesn’t mean there aren’t still plenty of great new and old hits to set the perfect atmosphere for your big day. These beautiful tunes can also double up nicely as great tracks to use at karaoke night – so don’t forget your lyrical power!

10. Forever My Love by Savage Garden

Love songs have the power to stir our emotions deeply and soften hearts like nothing else can. From this band’s 1997 album, “Titanium,” their single peaked at number one worldwide charts and helped avoid becoming one-hit wonders; co-written by Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones this sweeping romantic ballad serves as an affirmation of undying and endless affection.

This acoustic, modern rock love song is sure to leave an impressionful first impression with anyone, especially their significant other. With sweet lyrics and stunning acoustic guitar playing in the background, this beautiful love tune will have them tapping their feet and hearts soaring – not to mention being an instant hit among your extended family members who enjoy dancing!