Top 5 Albums of 2013 – From Happy to Sad

music sad to happy

Music leaves much room for interpretation. While it might be tempting to assume that major means happy and minor means sad, this may not always be the case.

Studies conducted between 2022-2024 concluded that slow music has an increase in self-referential thinking while fast music increases thoughts on personal goals.

The Pointer Sisters

When combined with an infectious beat and upbeat lyrics, The Pointer Sisters songs can transform any dancefloor into an exuberant celebration. Their sound encompasses numerous genres ranging from soul to disco; throughout their career they have released hit singles which became iconic anthems for both 1970s and 80s culture. Even after Anita passed away recently their legacy lives on. Here are a few of their best tracks sure to get any party started!

The Pointer Sisters were an American soul and R&B group formed by June, Bonnie, Ruth and Anita Pointer in 1969. Raised singing at their father Elton Pointer’s church, the Pointers quickly gained recognition when invited by other groups to perform at local clubs. They quickly rose to fame through their energetic performances and by the late 1960s had established themselves as a must-see act. One of their major breakthroughs came with recording “Yes We Can Can.” Written by Allen Toussaint, this song defied the norm for girl groups at that time by sounding more like traditional R&B music and featuring all three sisters as background singers instead of just one, further distinguishing themselves from their competitors.

Steppin’ was their third album and continued the sisters’ rise to success. Their unique sound combined gospel-infused soul music vocals with polyrhythmic metronome grooves from funk and disco music for maximum crossover appeal – something new audiences and artists embraced wholeheartedly; even breaking down color barriers at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry with Fairytale breaking through and being covered by numerous country acts!

In 1977, The Pointer Sisters released their jazz-funk influenced album Having a Party as their final joint release featuring all four members. Following this album release, Ruth left to start her own family while Anita moved into solo work until later reuniting with other members of the Pointer Sisters in 1989.

The Temptations

The Temptations are one of the world’s best-selling musical groups in history, known for their smooth harmonies and intricate choreography which has won them worldwide popularity with audiences of all ages. Over their storied career they have received multiple Grammys as well as receiving an American Music Award in 1974 for Favorite Soul/Rhythm & Blues Band/Duo/Group.

In 1961, The Temptations were created through the union of two Detroit groups, The Primes and Distants. Under Motown label and with the name Temptations as their moniker, they quickly achieved fame – early members included Paul Williams, Eddie Kendricks, Melvin Franklin and David Ruffin. Following several successful years, their music became regular fare on Ed Sullivan Show where their R&B sound and synchronized dancing proved highly appreciated by his audiences.

During this period, The Temptations’ popularity skyrocketed; they continued to release hit albums and tour successfully. Yet despite this success, their luck soon began to slip away; Ali Woodson died of brain hemorrhage in 1987 while four replacement vocalists continued performing and making records together with four replacements for lead singer Ali.

In 1998, The Temptations released Phoenix Rising featuring new members – such as Terry Weeks as lead singer – which reached the Top 20 and earned them their first Soul Train Music Award for Best R&B/Soul Album as well as featuring their third R&B hit single: “Stay.”

Back to Basics was The Temptations’s first live album in over two decades and featured Melvin Franklin and Dennis Edwards’ return, along with their first #1 R&B hit single: “Sail Away”.

Since their debut, The Temptations have performed at numerous venues around the world and appeared in several televised events such as Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and Christmas in Rockefeller Center. Furthermore, they appeared in three NBC-TV specials and in Ain’t Too Proud on Broadway musical stage production – not forgetting their beloved signature “Temptations Walk”. Today they continue to delight audiences worldwide with their soulful voices and trademarked Temptations Walk around stages all to the delight of their followers!

Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper is best-known for her unique look and string of hits that cemented her place on the pop music landscape, earning her one of only a select few artists an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Tony Award and Hollywood Walk of Fame star). Additionally, she’s sold more than 50 million records worldwide while being honored with induction into both Songwriters Hall of Fame and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Women Who Rock exhibit.

Lauper made waves with her debut album She’s So Unusual released in 1983, which quickly become a classic and mainstream success. According to Spotify, She’s So Unusual “popularized punk and new wave for America, while Lauper’s Patrick Lucas-inspired ensembles gave it feminist edge.”

Girls Just Want to Have Fun is an anthem celebrating female independence and joy; Time After Time is a ballad about longing and leaving. Both songs can be found on the soundtrack for The Goonies (1984 film), becoming part of American culture and popular consciousness.

Lauper made her mark as a songwriter with many hit songs that would become classics in their own right. Lauper transformed Robert Hazard’s new-wave irreverence into Girl’s Just Want to Have Fun; co-wrote self-pleasure jam She Bop; relationship turmoil ballad Time After Time; as well as taking darker approaches with albums like Hat Full of Stars (1993) and Sisters of Avalon (1997).

Lauper was already well known for her musical career when she branched into acting and writing for theater. She made appearances in movies like Mad About You (1991) and Bones (2009-13). Additionally, Lauper wrote for SpongeBob SquarePants’ Broadway production and earned herself an Emmy nomination.

Lauper’s music continued to develop with the 2008 release of her Bring Ya To the Brink album, in collaboration with dance producers such as Axwell and Basement Jaxx, while Memphis Blues became a successful blues album in 2010. Lauper made international headlines when she performed Girls Just Want to Have Fun while waiting for a flight at Aeroparque Jorge Newbery in Buenos Aires in March 2011 while waiting.


Hozier has quickly established himself since making his debut as an Irish singer/songwriter in 2012. His single, “Take Me to Church”, quickly rose in popularity worldwide and his latest album, “Unreal Unearth”, showcases both slow emotional music and upbeat pop, showing Hozier’s incredible range as a musician. Filled with multiple emotions and perspectives this album should not be missed by those who appreciate great music!

Hozier was born March 17, 1990 in Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland to Raine Hozier-Byrne (a visual artist), who in turn was raised by blues drummer father Kevin Byrne (also an accomplished blues drummer). At an early age he taught himself guitar and began writing songs. Hozier played locally as well as at music festivals before eventually releasing his debut EP which often incorporates political or religious themes, further expanding his popularity.

Hozier became internationally-acclaimed following the success of his first two albums and won multiple awards, appearing on various television programs and garnering rave reviews from listeners around the globe. With his unique, captivating voice captivated millions worldwide. Hozier also participates in charitable work by making regular donations and performing at homeless shelters in Ireland; working closely with Home Sweet Home organization providing safe housing solutions to homeless families.

Since early 2019, he has been hard at work creating his new album which will be released later in 2022. While in the meantime he has been sharing teases of it on social media to tantalize fans. One such track, “To Someone from a Warm Climate,” has been described as a beautiful slow-paced track featuring Irish language lyrics about a woman navigating her way between transient relationships.

Hozier has clearly experienced the pain of heartbreak himself, which is evident by this soulful, moving song about losing a lover. One particularly moving line reads, “I scream like a bird after losing you.” Hozier shows tremendous emotional range within this powerful yet poignant song – no doubt one reason he created such an outstanding soulful album!