Top 5 Alternative Indie Love Music Albums For Valentine’s Day

Japanese Breakfast offers an entertaining take on love with its song about two war photographers that celebrates care-free romance.

Brooke Waggoner is renowned for her soulful melodies. As an indie artist, her lyrics speak directly to all kinds of relationships.


Alt-J, hailing from England and whose sound has been likened to Radiohead and early Coldplay, have quickly become one of the biggest breakthrough acts since Radiohead. Exploding onto the scene with their debut album An Awesome Wave (which won the Mercury Prize), Alt-J pushed boundaries further with Their sophomore effort This Is All Yours; their latest effort, The Dream.

The album explores whimsical sounds spanning organ-infused rock, dark electro-pop, orchestral and choral epics and more. Additionally, nods were paid to Shakespeare, modern American novels, foreign films, war photographers, binary codes and Miley Cyrus (see slow-burner “Hunger of the Pine”).

Though their genres vary greatly, they have managed to forge a distinctive sound across them all that remains both familiar and refreshing. Their emotive vocals create an intimacy between listener and performer alike. Furthermore, unlike most modern bands, their songs are designed with purpose – beginning from an initial foundation with layers of acoustic guitar and drumbeats before gradually adding elements until reaching their ultimate form; their musical arguments are powerfully compelling.

Methodical construction allows for dramatic climaxes at the end of each track, giving their music emotional impact and making it so accessible. Their lyrics may seem chaotic at first listen; but these indecipherable warbles give their lyrics an aura of grandeur when combined with hearty whoa-ohs from an audience of fans.

The band’s diverse style has earned them favor with synchronization producers, leading them to appear in numerous movies and TV shows such as Outer Banks, Lovesick and Daybreak on Netflix. Lollapalooza presented them a platform for showcase their music live while their current 28-stop tour is selling fast.


MUNA (pronounced Moona) captured audiences across all ends of the pop spectrum with its debut album About U, captivating audiences from both ends. Their haunting songs of queer intimacy have drawn comparisons to Robyn, Tegan & Sara and Demi Lovato; with Katie Gavin, Josette Maskin, and Naomi McPherson meeting while attending USC.

Their album features romantic songs that are both lighthearted and heartbreaking, each serving as a reflection on modern young adulthood’s difficulties such as sex identity, heartbreak and finding strength within ourselves regardless of what others say about us.

MUNA, composed entirely of queer musicians, writes about intimacy without gender bias or specific pronouns such as “he/him” and “she/her.” Their approach to gender politics makes them standout among alternative music scenes.

Saves the World is MUNA’s latest record and marks an evolution from their earlier synth-driven offerings, which focused on melancholic synth-driven sounds. Instead, Saves the World celebrates queer happiness in an infectiously celebratory style, drawing praise from Harry Styles, Taylor Swift and Phoebe Bridgers among other celebrities. Additionally, the album displays how this band can combine danceable hooks with emotional ballads for maximum impact.

Overall, MUNA’s debut record proves their dominance within alternative indie love music. Their songs are both tender and triumphant with an unconventional spirituality that transcends typical love song tropes; popular tracks such as Silk Chiffon and Home by Now capture romance’s lasting power with an artistic surrealism.

Although MUNA has been making music for nearly a decade, they only recently found true fame due to the success of Silk Chiffon, featuring Phoebe Bridgers as featured vocalist in 2022. This pink-tinged pop anthem dedicated to sapphic love has become the symbol of their growing success and represents what has been an exhausting journey for this Los Angeles-based group as they build their fan base.


Paramore are an American band known for their alternative indie love songs. Established in Franklin, Tennessee in 2004 and led by Hayley Williams (vocals), Taylor York (lead guitar) and Zac Farro (drums), they’ve released six studio albums since 2004.

The band is well-known for their signature blend of emo/pop-punk music, which they’ve perfected over time with an infectious pop sound. Their songs are both catchy and emotionally moving; featuring lyrics dealing with relationship difficulties. Furthermore, they have openly discussed mental health issues and depression; making their music accessible to those interested in alternative indie love songs.

Paramore’s music draws influence from bands such as Blink-182, Death Cab for Cutie, Jimmy Eat World and MewithoutYou; they have also noted some personal influences like New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert and singer Michelle Zauner as key contributors.

Pop and rock blend in their music, garnering widespread popularity both in the US and UK. “Still Into You” is one of the band’s signature tunes with its infectious chorus and mesmerizing guitar solo, celebrating finding someone to make our hearts beat faster – perfect to remind ourselves about loving ourselves as much as our partner(s).

One of the band’s best-loved songs, “Anklebiters”, offers a short but energetic burst of energy laced with ambitious pop-punk guitars and an upbeat rhythm. Its lyrics recount an unrequited romance gone horribly wrong, providing an inspiring listen for those experiencing heartache.

One of the latest songs by Paramore is “This Is Why.” This track showcases their evolving sound as each album unfolds – beginning with an intricate intro before breaking loose with some of the loudest guitar work heard this year. Filled with emotive lyrics and nuance, “This Is Why” should not be missed by fans of the band or music in general; its theme of internal conflict and duality makes this track especially poignant of their style.


Alvvays of Toronto indie rock band Alvvays rose to global acclaim with their 2017 LP Antisocialites, earning them wide critical acclaim and rising up the charts worldwide. For their sophomore effort Blue Rev, which took two years of creation and is set for release this May, Alvvays took their time in crafting it carefully – producing songs which showcase both their imagination and melodic sensibilities – along with exploring themes of adolescence and young adulthood that resonated deeply with fans worldwide.

This record continues the dreamy guitar melodies and funky keys that define their sound, yet with an enhanced mature feel compared to their debut album. Songs on this record provide emotional depth that’s rare among alternative indie love music; critics and fans have both lauded its release; it will also be performed at Meredith Music Festival later this year.

As indie rock music has an inherent theme of anxiety, many bands use different methods to express it. Metal bands may mash away at emotions with heavy guitar chords; punks may sing their troubles away through screaming; singer-songwriters often wear their struggles openly on their sleeves. Toronto indie rock band Alvvays takes an unconventional approach to indie rock; led by vocalist Molly Rankin they ease through millennial young adulthood with dreamy composure.

No matter if it’s about toxic relationships on “In Undertow,” or longing for reciprocation on “Dreams Tonight,” Rankin’s lyrics capture relatable emotions with striking authenticity. Alvvays captures all the anxiety and confusion of modern life without becoming overdramatic or screaming out the lyrics like some pop acts do, without turning their songs into melismas.

Alongside their acoustic folk-influenced pop songs, this band uses cultural and nostalgic references in its lyrics. These references include Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island for their album’s title track as well as referencing a menstrual pad brand during “Belinda Says.” Such references create a sense of familiarity for listeners.

Along with their new single, “Many Mirrors,” the band have also shared a visual for “Many Mirrors.” Featuring two animated characters whose parted ways with fragments of a star, this video will no doubt delight fans of their humor-infused music videos.