Top 5 Bass Guitar Apps

Bass guitars are a notoriously hard instrument to learn. However, modern technology can make the process a bit less tedious. One way to do this is through an app.

The Fender Play app is a great option for bassists who want to play popular songs and riffs. It also offers a variety of paths for different styles and levels.

Fret Trainer

This is a free-to-use app for learning notes on the fretboard. It offers a variety of training modes that allow users to learn note names as they move up and down the fretboard. The app also lets users choose the string they want to practice, the range of frets they would like to quiz, and whether they want to play in a left-handed or right-handed mode. It also has a built-in guitar tuner.

This app is a very different way to approach learning the fretboard. It uses a vector-based graphic of the neck, which allows for better separation between strings. It also provides a very nice interface that is much easier on the eyes than those of many other apps. The developer also chose to implement a button-based interface that makes it easy to select the correct fret. This is the most advanced of all the apps on this list and offers several interesting features. One of them is the ability to create a custom octave, which helps to build up fingering patterns and a feel for the chord shapes. Another great feature is the ability to queue up new notes for playing. This can be useful in improvising with other musicians.

It offers a number of different training modes including Locate, Find All, Pace, and Notation. The Locate mode asks users to locate a specific note on the fretboard and identify it by name. This mode is a little odd because it removes cheats such as memorizing shapes and instead teaches players to recognize the position of a note on the fretboard without having to reference other notes for context. This can be a difficult concept to grasp but is important for understanding scales, melodies, and duplicating soloing ideas across the fretboard.

The Find All mode asks players to select all of the instances of a certain note in a specific range of frets. This can be helpful for identifying weak areas of the fretboard and determining which positions are most difficult to find. It also teaches players to avoid shortcuts such as assuming that the next note on a particular string is always two frets lower than the previous one.


If you’re a guitarist, then you know that practice backing tracks are an essential tool for developing your chords, scales, and rhythm. However, it can be difficult to find a great backing track that matches the style of your guitar. To avoid this problem, you can use a professional app service that provides an audio player and custom backing tracks designed by top guitarists. These apps are easy to use and will make your practicing more enjoyable.

One of the best examples is Positive Grid’s Spark, which has built-in backing tracks and a number of other features that help you become a better guitarist. This includes an audio clip recorder, a fretboard layout, a metronome, and more. These features are a huge improvement over traditional backing tracks, and they can also be used with any guitar amplifier. If you’re serious about your playing, then it’s worth investing in this type of app.

Another good option is Jam Track Central, a guitar learning platform that offers artist-specific courses. These are usually focused on a particular style of guitar, such as blues or rock, and offer detailed feedback from the artist. The courses range from 9-12 modules, and each one is structured to build upon the previous one. The lessons include a video tutorial and a set of backing tracks in various tempos to help you improve your skills.

The lessons on JTC are available for a variety of genres, from blues and jazz to heavy metal. Many of them are designed by virtuosic solo-guitarists, and they’re a great way to improve your technique. The platform also includes a Bootcamp feature, which allows you to have your performances critiqued by the artists.

You can also use backing tracks to learn scales and arpeggios. Practice your scales using different tempos to develop your speed and accuracy. Also, try to experiment with different tonal qualities of the different scales. This will help you understand how the different scales sound over backing tracks and will give you more confidence when improvising. It’s also a great way to get familiar with the chord shapes and voicings of each scale.


If you want to learn bass guitar in a fun and interactive way, Yousician is the app for you. It is a new popular app that uses the principle of gamification to teach music skills. It uses your device’s microphone to read your playing, and provides feedback on accuracy and timing. It also tracks your progress over time.

The user interface is simple and easy to use. The bass tabs show you where to place your fingers on the fretboard of your instrument, and the numbers indicate which notes to play. Each note is also color-coded to show you which finger to play it. You can adjust the tempo of each song based on your skill level. The app also has a practice mode that allows you to customize the song you are practicing and the type of feedback you want to receive.

Yousician is compatible with most major mobile devices. All you need is a bass guitar and a smartphone or computer with an audio interface. The app will recognize your bass guitar by its sound and give you feedback on your performance. It is a great tool for people who have never played an instrument before, and it can be used as a supplement to regular lessons.

The Yousician app features a number of songs in different genres, from classic hits to contemporary music. The app also has a song search feature, which lets you look for specific songs. It also includes a tutorials section, which offers video tutorials on new skills.

Besides being an excellent way to improve your bass guitar skills, Yousician is also a great option for people who are learning music from a distance. Its unique algorithm can analyze your playing style and provide you with instant feedback on your accuracy and timing. Moreover, it can also identify your mistakes and help you improve them.

Yousician is available on most major platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows. Its free trial version is a great way to try out the program and see if it’s for you. The app also has a paid subscription that lets you access additional songs and features.


The company behind the innovative wearable metronome, Soundbrenner, has been hard at work on a new product. Their latest product, the Core, is a 4-in-1 device that features a watch, metronome, decibel meter and tuner. It is controlled either from the watch itself or from the app that is included. The device is currently available in three models.

While the device is a great addition to any musician’s toolkit, it can be even more useful if you pair it with an app. The free app — simply titled “The Metronome” — can be used to configure and control the Soundbrenner Pulse’s vibrations and light display, and can also help you practice your musical skills in an effective manner. The app can also help you keep track of your practice sessions and ensure that you are on time for rehearsals and gigs.

Unlike traditional click-based metronomes, the Soundbrenner Core uses a vibration to indicate tempo. The vibrating pulse is delivered to the user’s hand or other body parts, and is meant to replace the need for a click while performing. It engages the haptic sense and activates multiple sensory pathways in the brain to give the user an immersive experience. This makes the device more than just a simple tempo indicator, and is a powerful learning tool for musicians of all genres.

The app can be used to set the tempo for any song or beat, and can also store preloaded songs and set lists that can be quickly retrieved during performances. It can also be used as a tuner, with the option to link up to other devices to feed timing to multiple musicians. It can even be used as a countdown timer, a stopwatch and an alarm clock.

The product comes with a well-written manual that covers every aspect of the device, including how to connect it to your smartphone and download the app. It is also backed up by an excellent support team that will address any issues you may have. The company has a 30 day return policy, and if you don’t like the device or can’t use it for any reason, they will send you a refund.