Top 5 Disney Love Songs

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Disney offers something for every one when it comes to romance – from timeless classics like ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight?’ to modern hits such as ‘Never Knew I Needed!’. There truly is something here for everyone!

This song’s beautiful piano and lyrics make it ideal for couples looking for an emotive first dance. It serves as a reminder that true love can transcend barriers – even between two robots!

‘Some Day My Prince Will Come’

Nothing quite captures the joy and anticipation of childhood romance like an iconic Disney movie song does, like this touching number from “Pan’s Labyrinth”. We all experience those initial feelings of affection when we are children – this iconic tune by Disney serves as a sweet reminder.

The Library of Congress recognized this song’s cultural, historical, and aesthetic significance and inducted it into the National Recording Registry in 2009. This classic love song from Disney still strikes an emotional chord within us today.

Though not taken from a princess movie, this song perfectly captures the romantic and intense feeling of true love. With lyrics like ‘love will find a way’ it reminds star crossed lovers not to give up hope and believe that they’ll achieve their fairy tale ending. With its beautiful melody and stunning princess-like vocals it would make the ideal song choice for your big day celebrations!

‘Beauty And The Beast’

Disney movies often present nuanced views of love through emotive lyrics that convey more information than what the characters themselves know about their emotions.

Beauty and the Beast stands out among romance films by showing how Belle overcame her initial revulsion to Beast’s hideous physical traits to focus on his kindness instead, seeing past what appears to be an ugly exterior to find a good person hiding beneath his exterior persona shaped by his cruel family.

One of the film’s most stirring scenes comes when Beast says to Belle: if you ever think about leaving me, remember, I have a beard and a heart of gold.” His words illustrate his personal growth to find kindness inside himself through Belle. It serves as an unforgettable conclusion to this romantic comedy film and one that every viewer will never forget.

‘Best Of Friends’

If you have ever watched a Disney movie, chances are good that one of its characters has captured your heart. That is because these movies teach us lessons about love, friendship and family life.

Released in 1981, ‘Best of Friends’ tells the tale of Tod, a young fox cub, and Copper, an adult hound dog, who manage to become great friends despite their natural tendencies and social expectations to be enemies. This song emphasizes the joys and strength of friendship through all times – even difficult ones!

Shamsie’s previous novel Home Fire was an atmospheric work inspired by Antigone. While Best of Friends doesn’t feature some of its more striking imagery, it still explores women of colour’s lives without offering easy solutions or glossing over difficult ethical questions; while remaining aware of its own context.

‘I See The Light’

‘I See The Light’ from Tangled is the ideal Disney song to set the mood for romantic movie dates or just enjoying quality time with someone special. Featuring Rapunzel and Flynn Rider watching paper lanterns fill up the sky, this dreamy duet is sure to put anyone in an intimate romantic state of mind.

This song is filled with symbolism and thematic content, adding depth and resonance to the film. Light symbolizes illumination, hope, the end of isolation as well as new possibilities and the transformative power of connection.

With its catchy melody and stunning princess-like vocals, this modern pop song from The Lion King makes for an ideal Disney first dance option. Celebrating true love’s strength in times of hardship with lyrics like ‘love will find a way’ – this truly magical tune can create unforgettable memories on your big day.

‘Never Knew I Needed’

One of the main draws to Disney movies is their stunning soundtracks. Be it Elton John’s timeless “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”, or Aladdin’s unforgettable “A Whole New World”, there’s no denying their power and impact.

Disney offers many piano-driven love songs that would make an excellent accompaniment for your special event, including “Never Knew I Needed” from The Princess and the Frog featuring RnB/hip hop artist Ne-Yo that perfectly encapsulate WALL-E and EVE’s budding romance in this song of true affection between two robots – something even robots understand.

Choose something more upbeat like “Touch The Sky,” from 2012’s Scottish fairytale Mulan. Featuring Stevie Wonder’s distinct musical style, it is the ideal song to show that you aren’t afraid to take risks for those you love.

‘It Only Takes A Moment’

This gentle song proves that not all Disney love songs need to be high-octane ballads. With its soothing melody and mesmerizing lyrics, this timeless classic makes you feel as if Cupid himself has whispered it directly into your ear!

This song from Disney’s modern renaissance shows us love can be found anywhere – not just princess movies. The gentle tune will transport you to either an idyllic fantasy land or nostalgic 1950s feel – whatever suits your mood best!

No song from Tangled captures romance quite like this one by Mandy Moore and Flynn Rider’s duet vocals – with its delicate arrangement, soothing production values, and touching lyrics by both performers – could rival this beautiful duet from Tangled. Plus, its message to keep finding romance no matter your age is sure to bring comforting relief!

‘Love Is An Open Door’

Original to the film Pinocchio, this emotive song tells the tale of an imaginary puppet longing to become real boy. Since its introduction into popular culture and winning multiple awards for best song, this iconic classic remains relevant today and could make for an inspiring first dance song on your special day.

Frozen hit theaters worldwide in 2013, and this romantic duet between Princess Anna and Prince Hans was no exception. This scene proved that true love does indeed exist and is meant to be.

This delightful song is ideal for couples looking for an emotional first dance at their wedding ceremony and it makes an excellent Disney first dance choice, offering a more soothing tempo than other songs on this list.

‘Two Caterpillars’

Bambi is a wonderful movie about an adorable deer named Bambi who longs to be loved and cared for by his mother, which perfectly captures how love never dies! Its beautiful lyrics “love is a song that never ends, one simple theme repeating, like the voice of a heavenly choir” will leave your guests laughing!

Dos Oruguitas’ from Disney’s Encanto film is another worthy selection. Written and performed by Colombian singer Sebastian Yatra for 2021 animated feature film, its Spanish-language track translates to “Two Caterpillars”.

This song about two caterpillars spending their time together but ultimately parting ways teaches that even though parting may be painful, moving forward and finding your own future are necessary – making this an excellent message to share in a wedding first dance!

‘True To Your Heart’

There are many romantic Disney songs, but few match this one for its ability to capture the sense of adventure, excitement and wonder that come with new love so perfectly.

This beautiful duet between Aladdin and Jasmine is full of magic and romance – an ideal selection for couples hoping to add some magic and mystery to their big day!

Released in 1942, this movie remains an invaluable family classic. The song ‘So This Is Love’ perfectly captures the feeling of falling in love at first sight with its soft yet mellow rhythm, making it ideal for slow dancing. Additionally, its vintage vibe makes it an elegant choice for wedding ceremonies featuring vintage themes. Plus its timeless harmonies are great to listen to while the vocal performances by Angela Lansbury and Bing Crosby make listening even more pleasurable and touching; their lyrics offer powerful messages about romance!

‘Touch The Sky’

From the 2006 film ‘Touch The Sky, this beautiful song tells a poignant tale of true surrender. Featuring guest appearance by rapper Lupe Fiasco and produced by Just Blaze; Jay-Z and Ice T have sampled this track too!

This magical song will set the perfect atmosphere for your big day! Composed for Pinocchio and featuring his timeless tale of becoming human, this tune can set an unforgettable scene on any special occasion.