Top 5 Easy Guitar Chords For Beginners

It is an uplifting worship song about God’s unfailing love for us and is ideal for beginners as it only uses open chords G, Em, and D in its slow tempo, giving ample time for changing chords.

It has a simple strumming pattern of D-DUDU and makes for an ideal accompaniment when playing with other musicians or at home.

G Major

Top worship songs often feature straightforward chord progressions that are easy to learn. No matter if you play with an ensemble or solo acoustically, these songs provide you with the chance to practice G major chord knowledge in practical applications!

These chord forms are vibrant and will bring life and energy to anthemic or driving songs. Plus, they require minimal fretboard movement.

C Major

Released by Leeland in 2014, this song by them quickly became a favorite worship song that talks about love for Jesus. Its soothing yet uplifted tempo makes everyone happy to listen to it; all it requires are some basic chords and strumming pattern to complete.

The chords involved are similar to what have been seen in other songs so far; the challenge lies in switching chords quickly.

D Major

Amazing Love is a well-known worship song with easy chords, making it accessible for worship teams or solo players alike. Due to the song’s fast chord switching at a medium tempo, practicing smooth transitions will help ensure its successful playing.

This beautiful song spreads the love of God. Perfect for beginners, use a capo to make the playing easier!

E Major

Released in 2014, this song celebrates God with love and affection. One of the easier worship songs for beginners to learn, only basic chords (G, C and Em) are needed in order to replicate its recorded version. A capo is required on the sixth fret for maximum fidelity to its recorded counterpart.

Hillsong’s “Star of Grace” song is an ideal way for beginners to practice navigating smooth chord transitions. Using five chords but no capo, this beginner-friendly tune provides ample practice opportunities.

Am Major

Delirious’ uplifting worship song features a simple strumming pattern of DU-DUU-DU, making it ideal for beginning guitarists. Furthermore, only five chords are necessary.

This song is ideal for playing when you need something slower and quieter in worship. Additionally, it allows you to practice transitions from F-C to G-A and vice versa – you could even use a capo with this tune!

F Major

Cornerstone was released as an easy worship song back in 2012, using only open chords. You may prefer playing without using a capo, as long as you follow its simple strumming pattern of D-DUDU which leads directly into each new chord.

Beginner worshippers will find this song ideal, as its smooth chord transitions provide easy practice of switching chords quickly resulting in faster finger movement and improved overall playability.

G Minor

G minor is known for its vibrant chord forms that add life and energy to songs with anthemic lyrics, making it a popular key choice for worship music.

Pioneering rock bands have used this scale to evoke feelings of resentment, discontent, and anxiety. Additionally, it’s often employed during jazz and blues improvisations – an invaluable asset when creating songs with emotional depth.

C Minor

C minor is an emotive key signature that can produce beautiful melodies and chord progressions with an emotional resonance. While typically associated with sadness, this key can also be used for all sorts of genres of music composition.

C minor chords typically feature a triad, composed of its root (C), minor third (Eb), and perfect fifth (G). An alternative option for C minor chords is a C minor seventh chord which features an extended interval between its third and fifth notes.

D Minor

Delirious’ song is an ideal option for those wishing to learn modern contemporary worship songs, with easy chords that are straightforward. Additionally, its strumming pattern makes learning it straightforward.

This song is ideal for beginners as it only requires four easy chords to learn. Additionally, its slow tempo provides ample time for transition between chords.

E Minor

It is a perfect song for beginners as it only contains basic chords such as G, C and Em. Additionally, its slow tempo gives guitarists plenty of time to switch chords.

It is an inspiring worship song about redemption and faith, easy to learn with an easy strumming pattern requiring no capo.